March 22, 2007


The live stage from 2007.03.18 should be remembered as something almost historical: 4 of the 5 NEWS members that used to be regulars in the Ya3 show from the start, back when they were K.K.Kitty and Massu was just labelled as a "junior", reappeared together after a year of forced hiatus. It was really beautiful, and it brought back so many memories. ;__; It also made me miss Kusano, realize what an amazing voice Tegoshi has, and... well, I never saw our guys so solemn. ^^ It was awesome.
I've uploaded it to MediaFire (you can find the links at the videos section), but they're undergoing maintenance just now, so check back later if they're still not working. ^^U
I also updated the mp3 section with several mp3 rips from the latest Ya3 shows (thanks keifuXueda for the one you sent me! ^__^) Since MediaFire is not working today I uploaded them to SendSpace. I'll reupload them to MediaFire when I have the time.
And as I promised I've uploaded more of the clippings scans Yuantim sent to me. [Thanks as always, Yuantim. ^^BBB You're the best] They are scans from 2004.08 Wink Up (Japanese edition). I've also uploaded to the same folder (set) a few scans I found during one of my Google hunts for pics. They seem to be promotion for the Stand by Me play Ya-Ya-yah starred in, and they apparently belong to the same magazine. Unfortunately Taiyô's pic is missing. ^^U Click here to download them.


keifuXueda said...

haha and no problem!! =] I'm just trying to give back to you all that you've done for me and everyone else who visits your page! =D (i'm still not even close to repaying you though ^^;;) haha
TEGO DOES HAVE AN AMAZING VOICE~! i TOTALLY agree! xD I fell in LOVE with his voice after listening to him sing miso soup live on SC...xD i liked it before, but then it seemed to click...especially in Hoshi wo Mezashite~! xD

Yuki said...

Awww Massu looks sooo cute! But wow! Tegoshi looks really mature there and I loved his singing at the end! Though I prefer Massu's voice more, there's this like... something thats really attractive lol.

Thank you so much for the great pictures! Shoon looks adorable there, I'm tempted to do one of shoon's hair styles cause they always look so good.... Have you ever tried one?

mai-chan said...

wahhh!! i wanna watch all of these so baddddddddddddd ToT

i've missed all of ur update for 1 month now
huh! my dial up is really suck!!
cant even stream the vid file >*<

as soon as i come back to my college, i'll grab em all ^o^

thx a lot!!

Anonymous said...

I miss Kusano too!!! (T_T) *cry*
I miss that stupid and a liitle bit (or very) pervert... But even if he was a little bit (then I meen very)pervert, he always made you laugh.... KUSANO!!!!!!!!!!!!