April 17, 2007

07.04.14 livestage

I swear I'll answer your comments on the next entry. ^^ However, I didn't want to make you wait to watch last weekend's great live stage. =) Taiyô is more and more impressive and more and more confident, Massu is confused - can't distinguish a baseball bat from the microphone LOL - and crazy fangirls pat Shoon like maniacs. XD No Shige nor Tegoshi this time.
You can watch the full livestage and download the video and its mp3 rip at Mitsukai's site, Singin' for You. =] Enjoy!


Sue said...

Esta presentacion estuvo muy buena!! cada vez que veo cuando se meten al publico me da mucha envidia!! >_< veo como las tipas toman a Hikaru de la mano!!!! que daría yo por hacer eso T_T

Anonymous said...

hahaha...look at Hikaru!one of the fangirl was holding his hand and he pulled back!~~...bwahahahahahaha

K-chan said...

lol their 2007.04.15 Haru·Natsu·Aki·Fuyu performance...Yabu was marching so cutely when he sang his solo line xD