April 06, 2007

YamaBu & YaoKawa

I've modified the navigation bar a little. I wanted to have a little list of the most useful links for Ya3 fans and especially for people who are new in the fandom. =] I'd like to point your attention to a new site called Singin' for You owned by Mitsukai. ^__^
She posted about it at the Ya3 LJ comm, and I think it's a great idea. In her own words, her aim is to "gather every (Ya-Ya-yah) livestage performed since 2003 in one place for anyone to download". It's a big task, though, so she's asking for contributors. =) I've already offered to help, and I'm working on a similar kind of site for SC performances called Never Stop the Music (still under construction), so probably I'll take down the download links from the videos section and direct you to Mitsukai's site or to that new site of mine I've just mentioned when I upload a livestage or an SC performance. =] It will be much neater, ne?
On another note, Zansanhane has posted scans of the May issues of Duet, Potato, and Wink Up at LJH. ^___^ It's a pity she's watermarking them now, but I always feel very thankful to the people who scan mags to share them with the rest of us. =] Also, the girls at Hadaka no Johnny's, Ina, Meloenchen, and Ricci, will probably post these same scans later without a watermark. I truly adore them. ^^BBB
Anyway, May issues are so much love! ^.^* Is it me or has JE finally realized that Shoon belongs with Yabu and Hikaru with Taiyô? ;-) All the May issues (Popolo included) with the exception of Myojo, which had solo pics of each member, have paired them up this way. I'm so stupidly happy. XD
These are from Duet. I'm still wondering what on earth Shoon and Yabu are doing with those chess pieces. ?__?
These two are from Wink Up. So pretty! ^___^ I wish Yabu had his fringe though.
And these are the best. ^^BBB They are from Potato. Shoon looks like a young professor with the tie and wool jacket, the light on the pic is great, and... really, this doesn't need words. ^^
Click on the links below to see/download the rest of the photographs. =]
Okay, and now on with your comments as I promised. ^__^
Alice (aka Kiera), left a comment with a link to a Yamabu fic she's written. It's very sweet, and it reminds me a little of a fic Kichi wrote not long ago, as the idea is similar. =) I'll go and leave a comment as soon as I can, Alice! Thanks for the link. ^^BBB
Mai-chan and Sue comment on how anxious they are to know who is debuting. Aren't we all? God, so am I. T__T The wait is killing me. And yet, the fact that JE has been promoting the new timeslot for the Ya-Ya-yah show on 4 huge television screens no less at Shibuya, one for each member, gives me hope. ;-) Isn't it a bit too much just for a change in the timeslot? ^^
Mina tells me how much she loves watching Ya-Ya-yah in HQ. So do I. Everytime I find an HQ Ya3 file on a clubbox I feel as if I'd found a treasure. Some of my HQ files are actually very precious to me because it took me days -literally- to download them. They had been uploaded ages ago, and with clubbox when a file hasn't been downloaded for a long time, it's very difficult to download them, because the download rate is very low.
Alei finds it strange that the Taiwanese edition of Wink Up used (it's no longer in print), different pics from the ones in the Japanese edition. Yeah, I wonder about that too, but oh, well, more pics for us to collect, ne? ;-) And Mitsukai comments on how many scans she must have missed thinking they were the same ones. ... Well, ever since I found out there was a Taiwanese edition, everytime I come across pics which are not tagged (ie. Wink Up, Potato, etc), I save them even though I think I might already have them, just in case! XD Hairband says she likes the Taiwanese edition pics... so do I! =D They're in general much cuter, aren't they?
Yui left a comment telling me that the May issue of Myojo included an extra booklet in which fangirls ask questions to several johnny's, and someone asked Shoon about his nickname 'Mayo'. I had been wondering forever about that too! He replied that he himself doesn't know the reason, just that, one day in 6th grade of Primary School, his friends started calling him Mayo. Mystery solved! =] Thanks so much, Yui-chan!! ^^BBB Now I want to know why exactly they call him Corn-kun too. ;-)
Yuki tells me how much she loves Shoon's hairstyles, that she's been thinking of trying one on herself, and asks me if I'd ever tried one myself. Um, no, I haven't. ^^ I don't think it would suit me, but I too love Shoon's hairstyles. He has such beautiful hair, doesn't he?
She also comments on the Tokyo Friend Park show in which Shoon and the rest of the Satomi Hakkenden cast appeared. I'm so glad you liked it. ^___^ Yeah, Shoon was unbelievably cute there, even for himself! =] If somebody doesn't like Shoon after watching TFP then there's something wrong with them. XD
Ved wants to know where can she download the full 2007.01.14 SC. Have you tried Himitsu? Or if you can use clubbox perhaps I can find one that has it. If you can't find it anywhere I'll upload it for you, though it will take some time. ^^
An anonymous reader comments on how she misses Kusano. I'm really curious to know what exactly he is doing and if we'll see more of him in the new Ya3 show now that he's back in JE.
And another anonymous reader wants to know how to download from Mofile. Well, first I'll tell you that the download speed seems to be horribly slow for Western Internet users, but if you want to give it a try, you'll need to get yourself an account at http://www.mofile.com/en/, and then enter the pick-up code provided by the person who uploaded the file you want. Files expire, so you need to hurry and download before it does.
Thanks also to K-chan, Kins, Geri, keifuXueda, Rin, Gladys, Theo-chan, Chookie, FatalBlue, and Glix, for your comments. ^___^
P.D. para Sue: He visto por uno de tus comentarios que hablas español; ¿de dónde eres? =]


Sue said...

Gracias por los scans!! estan geniales ^o^ y hay Ya-ya-yah love *O*.

Decidí escribir en español proque mi ingles no es tan bueno, me sirve mas apra entender que para escribir xDD Soy de Chile y tu?

alei said...

omg~~~~ wowoow ~~~ <3 Thank u so much for sharing those scans !!! Taiyo is so hot in them XD And Hikaru's hair in the Wink Up issue looks so... soft ?! hahah ~~
thanks again <3

Geri said...

hi from Japan :]

WAAA SO CUTE <3 thank God JE finally realized the OTPs, ne? XD i think Shoon and Yabu are fighting with the chess pieces like they're swords >] kawaii!! (^^) i was looking for the May Duet and Potato yesterday at Tsutaya but they only had the April Duet, and no Potato. so maybe when i get the chance to go to Kinokuniya i'll get them :D

i dunno, Yabu's hair does look kinda funny without the fringe, but at the same time it kinda looks cute ^^ i swear, these magazines get better and better all the time~ now if only i could find some Ya3 posters x]

as always, thanks for the scans and such (^__^) <3

chookie said...

i really like Yabu's clothes in those scans, he just looks so good. Like hte Potato outfit was really nice with his boots and the wonk up ones were adorable, even though i prefer yabu with a fringe and again i like his shirt thing, i think i have a eak spot for those shirt thing being over another shirt...so Taiyo and Yabu look really good to me ><

rin said...

as always, thanks for sharing these pics.

it's nice to see them in different sort of pairings, of course. But something I'd really like to see is more Taiyou/Shoon pictures. ^^

Maya said...

I love how Yabu and Shoon are so close these days x3
maybe theres something "funny" going on between those two! xDDDD

liching said...

Is me again..since you said it's ok with my poor English..hope you won't feel strange with my strange English ^^

I am quite curious that which country you come from? And do you know Chinese? Well I come from Malaysia, do you know where is it? hehe....

wah~~you know I was very excited by the megazine pictures or not? Especially the one Shoon with Yabu...it seemed so peaceful and full with 'love' in the amophere..erm...you know what am I talking about??

besides,I found one interesting thing..What I know is many Chinese Ya3 fans don't like Shoon..(this what make me so upset..)

yet I found here got many Shoon's fans..really make me wanna cry (is touching,not sad)..and ppl here like to read 'Yamabu' fan fics..well Chinese Shoon's fans like YabuxShoon fanfics..including me ^^ do you know what is the different of them? and how to describe the pairing of YabuxShoon? I also have written some YabuxShoon fan fics...well of course are in Chinese~if you know Chinese, you can come to my blog to take a look ^^

glitx said...

Thanks for all the scans!!
Thanks to ZANSANHANE as well :D

Ame_no_okami said...

Hahaha Shoon and Yabu are 'sword' fighting! Hahaha Well that's what it looks like to me. XD hee hee

ミツカイ said...

Thank you for mentioning Singin' for You! It's very much appreciated. And I think Never Stop the Music (Love the name, btw) is a great idea as well. :D

Hikaru&Taiyo look so cute together! As with Yabu&Shoon. And Yabu&Shoon make me giggle. I love how they're sword-fighting with the chess pieces. XD

Thank you for the scans!