July 28, 2007


I hate Gogobox. T___T It took like a million years to download last Saturday's show. Ah, but it was worth the while. =] So many cute and funny moments! I've made a little clip with some highlights from the show:
1) Shoon mentioned once that he'd like to have a namakemon for a pet. No, that's not a kind of pokemon. LOL The English word is "sloth", one of those mammals that live in the trees and move veeeery slowly. There are different species of sloths, and I hope it's not the one that appears in the clip that Shoon would like to have, because it's the ugliest and creepiest one! XD Still you can hear him saying "meccha kawaii" (how cute!), so perhaps he wouldn't mind having one of that particular species? O__o Eek!
2) The puppy Yabu fell in love with. ^.^* A Yorkshire terrier. He didn't seem very enthusiastic about the other puppies they saw (and some were adorable), but for some reason he was all awww with that one. =]
3) A very cute little girl with an equally cute puppy.
4) Taiyô being cute with a cute puppy - he's just a big kid. LOL
5) A piglet that sort of climbed to the palm of Shoon's hand and sniffed his leather bracelet curiously. Don't know why, but I'm happy he's wearing that bracelet again. It's so... Shoon. I just love watching Shoon with kids and animals. He's so sweet and patient with them!
6) Ferrets! I didn't know they were such calm pets! And apparently they don't mind being held and swung from side to side. O___O That bit was so funny! And again don't miss Shoon looking tenderly at his ferret. ;-) Gotta love him!
On a side note... I'll never understand why petshops are allowed to sell exotic animals. It's just wrong and cruel. =(