September 10, 2007

catching up

My stupid Internet provider had some technical problem all Friday and Saturday, and my computer's been acting up again, so I've been going through a downloading/uploading marathon yesterday and today. @__@ I had an entry ready for Friday, but now it'll have to wait because I want to comment on yesterday's Shokura, the latest livestage (2007.09.01), and I also wanted to share with you all the latest scans Zansanhane has scanned.

So... the latest livestage first. I found the choice of songs a bit random, but all in all it was a nice livestage in which everybody got to sing; even the JJE guys. =] I loved the bit in which Shoon rolled over Taiyô's back. =D Their dancing in that part was really good as well.

If you can't download from Clubbox, I've posted Mediafire links, as always, for the video and an mp3 rip, as well as a Dailymotion clip at Mitsukai's site Singin' For You. =]

Yesterday's Shônen Club was quite enjoyable. The first time I watched Ya-Ya-yah performing the new song, Baby Babe, the song seemed a bit flat to me, like the first time they performed To the Freedom. However, after rewatching it a few times I must say that other than the catchy chorus line, it has quite a few subtle, pretty turns here and there that allow Yabu and Hikaru to show off vocally.

To be honest I enjoyed much more their performance of SMAP's Kansha shite in the theme medley, short though it was. I just love that kind of cute, jolly songs for some reason. But above all I loved watching Taiyô and Shoon during this performance, because they are finally looking so much more relaxed on stage, they look like they're truly enjoying themselves. They're no longer the shy, contained backdancers they'd been in the last couple of years. Shoon's lovable, childish side is coming to the surface again, and Taiyô has improved so much in such a short period of time!

Oh, and... first time I've seen Shoon wearing the sleeves of his jacket sort of rolled up. I don't like rolled up sleeves in jackets 'cause it reminds me of the 80s, but since Shoon didn't exactly roll up his and we get to see those sexy forearms of his I guess I won't complain. XD;;;

If you want you can download these clips and mp3 rips of them at my SC clips site, Never Stop the Music, by the way. =]
I made a short video with different moments I liked from the rest of the show, but just now I've noticed I forgot to include some bits from the Takki Project segment in which Yabu, Yûta, and Miyata talked. T__T Ah, silly me. Yabu talked about his sister, who apparently was the one who encouraged him to enter JE, and about his mother taking him to the audition. And Yûta and Miyata were both so cute! ^___^ I have the feeling we're not going to see any more of the boys talking, and I wanted to see at least Hikaru, and Shoon with Reon. T__T No fair!
Speaking of Hikaru... How cute and funny was he when he and Yabu made their entrance for the O-tegami itadakimasu segment? ^^BBB I still think this segment is kind of boring, but I won't complain this time because Yabu looked absolutely gorgeous in that school uniform. XD The letter Nakamaru read was from two girls who wanted to know what Yabu and Hikaru thought was better: the suit type uniform, or the Prussian type uniform. In Japanese these are called respectively "burezaa" (blazer) and "gakuran". Nakamaru made a joke mispronouncing "burezaa" as "burazaa", which sounds similar to "burajaa" (bra); a really bad joke, but Yabu's reaction was really funny. XD The other bits in this video are from the Junior League segment, in which they played a song guessing game.
It will never cease to amaze me how some of these guys can guess a song just by listening to one or two notes! O__O ABC's Kawai in particular is unbelievable. Anyway, I included a bit in which Taiyô jumped from his sit to answer because, what the hell, it was a TOKIO song, and he's a big TOKIO fan and of course he had to know! XD He looked so determined he even pushed Yabu. LOL And it was really cute how in the end he had to hum a bit of the tune to himself to rememver the title, ha, ha. The last bit is from this segment too, and the guys had a hard time trying to identify the music from Kanjani8's Sukiyanen Osaka. That's one of the first JE songs I listened to... back when I didn't even know what JE was. Shoonie-kun was, it seems, a little distracted and didn't realize Tottsu had said the same title before he did. XD Cute.

And to finish this entry... the scans, as promised. =] You know what they say, that you should be careful about what you wish? ;-) Well, it seems you should also be careful about what you write. A few days ago I started a fic with these lines... When Shoon left the bathroom amidst a cloud of steam, a towel riding low on his hips, Taiyô and Hikaru were nowhere to be seen.
Yabu, eyes glued on a paperback worn by mistreatment, was lying on his stomach on the bottom bed of the bunk bed he was sharing with Taiyô.

...and then I found these pics on the Wink Up October scans. LOL

It seems those pics belong to a Ya3 show episode -yay! XD Anyway, I don't have much to say about the pics from this batch of scans other than the guys look very handsome -as usual- but you can see that for yourselves. =] The pic of Shoon below is more than enough proof though. XD