September 21, 2007

duh, another Kitty

Quick post to let you all know that, as Fiona points out at her site, HappyTown, the new group will actually be a group to support the Women's Voleyball Cup. So duh, another Kitty. XD See? No reason for worrying. ^___^ *is happy*
Now make your bets! Who will be in this time? *hopes for Shoon, Yabu, or Taiyô* ;-) And then there are two other things I wonder about: who will be GYM this time? Perhaps T&T if this has anything to do with the Takki project (unlikely, ne?). And... shall we have another YOUtachi show afterwards? *hopes for Shoon to be in this time with all her might*
edit: learned from Kamichan just now that NEWS were supporters for the Voleyball Cup too, and then they didn't dissolve. Jeez, I had no idea. I'm not so sure now I want any Ya3 members to be in this. ;__; Let us hope it will be something like Kitty and not NEWS then.
edit 2: let's make bets =D Here's mine:
ABC - Kawai
Ya3 - Shoon and/or Yabu
JJE - Takaki
KMF2 - Fujigaya
Why? Same choices from the Kiss de tsutaete performance. ;-) I noticed that they are the 2nd most important members from their groups. They obviously didn't want anybody from Kitty that time. Perhaps Takaki was not an obvious choice because I see Daiki as the 2nd most important member in JJE, but I think they chose him and not Daiki because Daiki is really short. Why they chose Shoon is another mystery to me. Either it was because after Hikaru he's the next most important member in Ya3, or because he's a really good dancer. Yabu was probably included just because he's the junior leader.