September 25, 2007

I want Ya-Ya-yah to go on

Feelings are universal. It doesn't matter if you're a 14 year old fan or a 32 year old fan. It doesn't matter if you live in the US, in Europe, or in Japan.

I've been browsing Japanese Ya-Ya-yah BBS (forums) lately, and it's funny how they say the same things you hear in the English speaking fandom.

At the Hey Say JUMP thread some fans express their concern for Shoon and Taiyô, others are just in shock...

翔央と太陽、今どんな気持ちなんだろ。 今日、初めてジャニーさんを憎んだ。
How must Shoon and Taiyô be feeling now. Today for the first time I hate Johnny-san.

Ah... I think I died from the shock

others are sending support and complaint messages/letters to Johnny's web, the Ya3 show and the Johnny's net site

I sent a message to Johnny's web and to the Ya-Ya-yah show. I think I might send one to the Johnny's net site too.

Others are confused as to why Ya-Ya-yah got a new song recently (Baby Babe) if they were not meant to debut.

Baby Babeはなんのためだったの?
What was the sense of Baby Babe then?

Others say they won't buy the CD even if Yabu are Hikaru are in HSJ.

Even though Yabu and Hikaru are in it, I honestly don't want (to buy) the CD.

At the Johnny's Jr. Hey Say 08 concert thread people are just as confused as we are as to what kind of concert this is.

1 名無しさん  2007/09/25(Tue) 15:32 12/22(土)17:30~ 東京ドーム 楽しみ~☆
1. anonymous Dec 22 (Saturday) 17: 30 at the Tokyo Dome. Enjoy!

5  名無しさん  2007/09/25(Tue) 16:53 これはジュニア魂なんですか?
5. anonymous Is this a junior concert then?

6  名無しさん  2007/09/25(Tue) 16:58 Jr.コンです
6. anonymous It IS a junior concert.

8  名無しさん  2007/09/25(Tue) 17:10 Jr.魂じゃなくて平成ジャンプ初単独魂じゃないの?
8 anonymous It's not a junior concert. It's Hey Say JUMP's, isn't it?

9  名無しさん  2007/09/25(Tue) 17:19 サイトには「ジャニーズJr.平成8」とか書いてある
9 anonymous On the official site it say "Johnny's Jr. Hey Say '08".

And then you can find looong comments at the 20-40 yrs. old fans thread (I wish my Japanese was better), much along the same lines.

悲しいかな. あの事務所はファンの気持ちなんて一切無視ですよ.
This is so sad, isn't it, how the jimusho (JE) disregards completely the fans feelings.

How could Johnny-san do something like this?

On this thread somebody proposes fans to send support postcards saying: Ya-Ya-yahを続けたい - I want Ya-Ya-yah to go on. I think I'm going to do that. *sighs and tries to cheer up*