October 11, 2007

Baby Babe livestage

Last Saturday's livestage has put me in a good mood that I hope will last me at least till Fiona uploads the whole show. Since this was recorded looong ago, everybody is happy and relaxed. Such a contrast with last Sunday's SC! Shoon's smile in mid-performance has worked wonders in my mood too. =]

If you want to download this, please head to Mitsukai's site Singin' for You.

PS: What does Yabu say at the very end, when he's kneeling on the floor? XD?

PS2: Saw just now that hottaky has uploaded this performance too. I was typing a comment on her LJ asking her if she'd like to help Mitsukai with Singin' For You since she's been uploading them every week for some time now and it's silly that both of us are uploading the same thing. Then I remembered there won't be that many more livestages to upload, so I stopped typing in mid-sentence and deleted the comment. We only have 3 shows left, and somehow I'm afraid hoping for 3 livestages in those would be expecting too much. <=( I still haven't got used to the idea that in 3 weeks the Ya-Ya-yah show will be history. *sigh*