October 12, 2007

bon appétit!

Fiona has uploaded last Saturday’s show already! The guys are divided in pairs, as usual, but there are moments in which they are all together too. They help prepare a three-course meal for a man and a woman who hold some record for eating huge quantities of food in a really short time. I’ve always thought those contests are disgusting and stupid. They don’t even enjoy the food; they just eat like pigs. *shakes head* Anyway, in this show there’s 3 cooks who prepare —with the aid of Ya3— three monster dishes this man and woman have to eat. That’s not interesting at all, but watching somebody cooking is always fun. What? I like cooking and I like cooking shows! XD Also, Ya3 are the handsomest kitchen assistants you’ll ever see and they look so domestic shopping and cooking! *kidnaps Shoon to have him cook for her* [note: I’ve cut all the parts in which the man and the woman eat —which have no interest whatsoever— to make the clip 10 minutes long]