October 19, 2007

Edo era arts&crafts

Have you downloaded last Saturday’s show from Fiona’s clubbox already? [If you can’t use CB I suppose Kamichan is uploading it and will post links soon at his site. ^_^] This time it was Shoon and Taiyô with Shige as MC and a comedian who doesn’t seem funny at all. =/ Oh, well, at least he was pretty quiet most of the time and didn’t hog screentime from our Ya3 guys as others do.

It was a very enjoyable show to watch, especially if you like arts and crafts as much as I do. =] There’s a mechanic doll that can write with a brush! So amazing! And all the little “props” the doll has! So beautiful! And then there’s this guy that makes the most incredible cut-outs with a sheet of paper and scissors in just a few minutes and telling stories at the same time! Sugoi! And Taiyô is so much love in this episode! <333 Again no livestage ;____; A report about a Kanjani8 tour instead. No fair! -__- Oh, well, enjoy the episode in case you haven’t downloaded it yet. =] It’s not the whole show of course; I cut the boring parts. ^^