October 10, 2007

happy 20th b-day, Masaki!

The former Ya-Ya-yah member Hoshino Masaki turns 20 today. Happy birthday, Masaki-kun! =D

The Japanese Ya3 fans call Shoon ハニカミ王子 (hanikami ôji) -the "bashful prince"- because of his shyness, but I think that title fits Hoshino very well too. I don't know about you, but I love shy guys. I think shyness in a guy is really cute, and it makes them so endearing too! ^__^ Probably this has some biological explanation like we feel motherly towards them because they remind us of lost puppies, but whatever the reason, shyness in a guy is a charming point for me.


So what could possibly be cuter than two shy guys together? XD Watching Shoon and Hoshino in the old Ya3 shows and SCs is just adorable.

It seems they were truly close, and Shoon turned quite moody when Hoshino was kicked out of Ya-Ya-yah and left JE. Some people think the change in Shoon, from the happy, enthusiastic kid he was, to the moody Shoon he became later is just the result of maturing, of growing up. I really don't agree with that. We've all seen in the last months a happier Shoon we hadn't seen for sometime, more similar to his younger self of 2003-4. I think it was a hard blow for him when Hoshino left, and then, without a doubt, being pushed to the background, becoming little more than a backdancer, didn't sit well with him at all.

We shy people (yes, I'm part of the club too LOL) often forget about our shyness when we are with somebody we feel comfortable with, and that's what happened when Shoon and Hoshino were together. It was something wonderful to behold, and I wish so many times JE had let Hoshino stay for the happy Shoon he brought out just by being there!

There are some rare performances I treasure, precisely because of how rare they are, like the few times Shoon and Taiyô have performed together, and this is one of those: Shoon and Hoshino in front, with Taiyô, Yabu, and Akama behind them. I also love how Yabu is smiling, as if happy to see his two older bandmates so happy, being for once in the spotlight. =] This clip is from the Sekai medley of 2003.12.07 SC (thanks, Kamichan for telling me! - I don't even know what I have on my external disk ^^;;;) You can download the whole clip and its mp3 rip here. Mental note: I need to find some time to update Never Stop the Music properly. ^^

Kawaii, ne? ^__^ Anyway, a couple of Hoshino scans to celebrate his birthday (the first one (the one I've used for the header) is from 2003.07 Myojo, and the second one is from the 2002.08 issue of Myojo. The other 3 scans are the one I used for the support-Ya3 header, which is from a TV magazine called TV JON (2004.05 8th-14th May issue), and then the two last thumbnails are scans by MIMINI from 2007.11 Myojo, a short report of the Daibouken concerts. [all image links open in a new window]

[edit: if you missed Hoshino's b-day header you can still see it below.]