October 06, 2007

I "hate" HSJ

Yesterday Yui and I were commenting on how painful it is that JE seems to be killing us slowly, stab by stab. First the HSJ debut announcement, then the Ya3 show is cancelled, yesterday a notice comes up at the Ya3 show official site regarding the new show, Hi! Hey! Say!... and today, at Yahoo!Japan auctions I find this:

Those are pics of the November issues of Duet, Potato, and Wink Up magazines. In the last months Ya-Ya-yah had been getting up to 5 pages in the mags sometimes. In the November issues of these 3 magazines they only get 3. The WU one is particularly irritating as well because Yabu and Hikaru get 1 page each, while Taiyô and Shoon share the third page. There we go, pushing them into the background again. So nice.

Since Yabu and Hikaru get more pages thanks to being in HSJ now —see the orgy of overpopulated pages below—, wouldn’t it be fair that at least Shoon and Taiyô should get 1 page each?

The way things are going, this makes me wonder if next year we’ll even be lucky enough to get 1 page of Ya-Ya-yah in the mags, like poor ABC. I swear I’m trying to be positive and hope for the best, but it’s harder by the day, and I grimace everytime I see an HSJ picture. I think I'm developing a serious case of HSJ allergy.

Every time I see a HSJ picture I want to drag Yabu and Hikaru out of it and think “No! You belong in Ya-Ya-yah!”. ^^;;; Actually I’m starting to understand the webmistress of the Korean Ya3 site Moonlightboy.com.

Many of us feel bad for the way Akama and Hoshino were kicked out of Ya-Ya-yah, but I don’t think we can say we feel attached to them in the same way we feel attached to Hikaru, Shoon, Yabu and Taiyô. It’s natural, after all, because we only got to see them in the first few shows —playing some real, active part I mean. Then, little by littl they were pushed into the background, till in 2004 Akama disappeared completely from the scene, to be followed by Hoshino shortly after.

The Moonlightboy webmistress seems to have followed Ya-Ya-yah from the very start —she has some really, really rare stuff that dates back to 2001 and 2002—, and it seems she felt very attached to Akama and Hoshino.

I can now imagine how she must have felt when all of a sudden someone decided to put Hikaru in Ya-Ya-yah, and little by little Akama and Hoshino were pushed to the background. As a matter of fact, if you take a look at the galleries on her site, you’ll find no Hikaru solo pictures and in some pictures he’s even been cut from them (a bit extreme, really ^^;;;). Now however she seems to be finally accepting him as part of Ya-Ya-yah, because she’s not doing that anymore.

Of course it’s stupid to blame or hate Hikaru for Akama and Hoshino being kicked out of Ya-Ya-yah, but us fangirls are many times somewhat irrational.

To show the absurdity of it, Kamichan compared, a couple of days ago, hating the HSJ members —does anyone really hate them? O_o?— to hating a friend who moves to another town because his father has been transfered because of his job.

As I said I don’t hate the HSJ members, but in a way, yes, I guess I “hate” HSJ, and I can’t help it. Using “hate” in this context does not necessarily imply the literal meaning of the word, though. When you say “I love sausages”, does that mean you’re in love with sausages?, that you want to marry them? =p No, of course not. So when I say I “hate” HSJ, it only means that I dislike the group (not the members) strongly because its coming into being might —still clinging to a desperate hope, yes— mean the end of something I love. And if you want a comparison, think of a kid whose parents divorce and his mother or father remarries. The kid at first will most likely “hate” his stepfather or stepmother, not on a personal level, but as the change that has been suddenly imposed upon him.

Changes in Nature are normally smooth, the result of the passing of time or millions of years of evolution, but the changes in our lifes are more often than not sudden, abrupt, and hard to get used to. We humans have a tendency to cling to the things we know and love, and it’s hard to let them go.