October 14, 2007

notice & puppies

edit: it seems that a lot of people had been requesting another onigokko game on the Ya3 TV show, and on the official site there's a note saying we'll get an onigokko episode on the 20th of this month. I wonder if the guys were in the mood for it. ^^ It also mentions there will be a report about the Taiwan tour of NEWS... which means no livestage. Damn. =(
2007年10月20日放送 「鬼ごっこ」がパワーアップして復活!今回はリクエストの多かった大好評企画「鬼ごっこ」がパワーアップして復活!制限時間は60分!広大な大学を舞台に薮・光・翔央・太陽をお笑い軍団9人が追い詰める。果たして4人は逃げ切ることが出来るのか?また先日行われたNEWSの台湾ツアーの模様もお届けします。お楽しみに!

Due to work I won't update again till Wednesday or Thursday. ^^ In the meantime, I'll leave you with scans of some tearouts of the 5 member Ya-Ya-yah from the Taiwanese edition of 2003.04 Wink Up. =] These are different from the Japanese edition and I bought them from Princekira. I'm a cat person, but these photos of Ya3 with puppies are so cute! Comments are love. *wink-wink* [all image links open in a new window]

PS: If you love smexy Yamabu half as much as I do, you MUST go and read Thixophobia's fic Pay Attention II. Even if you haven't read part 1, which is awesome too. 8D You won't see Arashi no Carnival in the same way after reading them. XD

PS2: Because Shoonmassu has asked this in the comments and I think other people might like to know this...

[from Shoon's Japanese Wikipedia page] 名前の「翔央」(しょおん)の由来は「神様からの贈り物」という意味で、さらに「伸びやかに羽ばたけ」という意味も含まれ名付けられている
Namae no "Shoon" [name in kanji] (Shoon - name given in hiragana for correct pronounciation) no yura wa "Kami-sama kara no okurimono" to iu imi de, sara ni "nobiyaka ni hanebatake" to iu imi mo fukumare nazukerarete iru.

More or less it says that the origin of the name "Shoon" can have the meaning of "God's gift" or "comfortable/carefree wings". Those are possible meanings based on the kanji that make up Shoon's name. However, Shoon himself mentioned in a magazine article that his mother worked as an stewardess (air hostess), so she speaks English (in fact it seems his parents spoke English to him until he was 5 yrs. old) and she gave her sons English-sounding names. Thus, "Shoon" is actually "Sean", and "Reon" is "Leon". In fact, if you watch the clip below, there's a moment (at 00:00:54) in which Shoon holds a cardboard with his name written as "Sean". The kanji of his name were chosen not only because of the meaning, but also because of the phonetic similarity: Sean [pronounced "shon" with a long o] is similar to 翔 - sho 央 -on. Some years ago I met a Japanese girl called "Marie" because her mother was a Catholic (i.e. the name was a variation of "Mary", the Virgin's name), but she wrote her name in kanji like this: 真理江. That is: 真 - ma 理 - ri 江 -e. =]

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