October 22, 2007

November SC report

Yui told me about this earlier, and I've read about it at a Japanese blog now. It's the blog of a fan who attended the November Shokura recording at NHK Hall.

Just a few things, 'cause unfortunately I don't understand all:

+Major presence of HSJ as expected.
+新ユニットも誕生しているよーなー していないよーなな・・ 加藤冠、野沢、亀井、真田、はっしー
a new unit apparently (?) with Kato Kan, Nozawa Yuki, Kamei, Sanada Yuma, and Hasshi.
Well, that would be good news for Kamei and Hasshi fans.
Good news for Hasshi fans again: Hasshi and Tottsu read letters to each other on the Anata ni o-tegami kakimashô segment. Some Hasshi pimping. That's nice to hear.
Shoon sang too. I wonder what this means. He sang solo? He sang a part in a medley? Either way it makes me hopeful to know he was there.
However... Taiyô... wasn't there. T__________T It's going to be so damn weird and depressing not to see Taiyô there. ;___; I remember the SCs in which some member of Ya-Ya-yah was missing, it was just so strange, no matter who it was. Perhaps he's not in this SC but will be in the next one. Oh, God, please let it be so. ;___; It's also going to be so strange to see Yabu and Hikaru together with the rest of HSJ and Shoon... apart. .____. I should be feeling somewhat happy because Shoon is going to be there, but I'm not. This is just too damn surreal. U__U *hugs Aki, Yungboy, Rin, Alei and all the Taiyô fans out there*

PS: Will answer all the unanswered comments tomorrow.
[edit] PS2: Medetaikaru has posted a translation of a more complete report he's found. (Thanks for telling me!) Apparently Shoon sang Hoshi wo mezashite with HSBest and he was wearing a different outfit from the rest and looking quite lonely. T___T I'm so NOT glad about this even though he was there. .__. Shoon-kun, ganbatte! *hugs Puppet*