October 21, 2007

quiet heroism

I didn’t want to blog about this until I knew for sure, but when I saw Fiona had posted at her site, HappyTown, pictures of the December issues of Myojo and Popolo, and there were only HSJ pics I had a bad feeling. I left a comment on her BBS, asking if there was no Ya-Ya-yah article or if at least Shoon and Taiyô had solo pages, like people like Tôshin, Ikuta Toma and others have been having even though they’re not part of a group. She has finally replied, and her answer was no. .__.

I agree with my friend Yungboy that I’d rather see Shoon and Taiyô on TV than a million pictures of them, but this is rather worrying. In JE, it seems, there’s no place for feelings, nor for goodbyes and fare-thee-wells. When a Johnny quits by his own will or has to quit, there’s no official goodbye to the fans that have been following him. He just has to disappear, be it gradually or one day, all of a sudden. There are too many examples that come to mind: Jimmy Mackey, Hoshino Masaki, Macchan... Cold and cruel, but that’s the way JE works. I guess Mr.K. deems his business has to be all about happy, smiling faces and shiny, colourful outfits. No, in JE there’s no place for feelings, nor for goodbyes and fare-thee-wells.

What I mean is that we might be waiting for an “official” confirmation that won’t come. Still, waiting is all we can do, so I’ll wait some more. In these last days I was waiting for those two magazines to come out. Now I’m waiting for the recording of the November Shounen Club episodes. When the SC website is updated, we’ll know if Ya-Ya-yah will still appear or not, or if at least Shoon and Taiyô will, even on their own.

In this gloomy horizon there’s still a bright light, though, shining brighter than ever, and that’s the love and dedication of the fans. Yui sent me an e-mail a while ago, to tell me about something that’s spreading quickly through Japanese Ya-Ya-yah fanblogs. Some of the Ya-Ya-yah fans who are going to attend the HSJ debut concert in December are planning on showing their support to Ya-Ya-yah at the encore by joining their hands and singing together Te wo tsunaide yukô.

We’re in October, and it’s a long way till December, so I wonder if this will hold up until then, but as Yui says, knowing that they’re still trying so hard at this point to make their voices be heard is very moving. I know this is just showbiz and plastic-pop fandom, but in these gray times of materialism, in which there are no crusades and no knights in shiny armours, this anonymous, quiet heroism gives mankind back some of its brightness.

When we go to the Hey! Say! JUMP concert on 22nd December, at the encore, let's hold hands with the person sitting next to us, put our clasped hands up, and sing Te wo tsunaide yukô!!