October 08, 2007

surprise visit and SC musings

A Japanese Ya-Ya-yah fan, who it seems found this blog through Daily Motion, left a comment on yesterday's entry, which makes me really happy. =] Now Japanese fans will know that fans outside Japan haven't given up on Ya-Ya-yah either. ^__^

Hi. I've been visiting this site for a little while. I'm a big fan of Ya-Ya-yah.
I know it's a poor excuse (for not having done this earlier), but I don't understand much of what is written here, and I don't speak English, so I didn't comment.
I'm not giving up yet either. Ya-Ya-yah forever! If it's not 4 people, then it's not Ya-Ya-yah.
I want to keep on supporting Ya-Ya-yah as a group! Let's not give up!
I think it's great that Ya-Ya-yah has fans abroad too.
This has made me want even more to see Ya-Ya-yah go on.
Everyone: let's do our best (in supporting them)!

So yes, this has cheered me up quite a bit. =]

I thought yesterday's Shounen Club would cheer me up too because, since it was recorded before the HSJ debut announcement, I expected to see all of Ya-Ya-yah happy -and they were-, but Shoon and Taiyô got very little screentime, so I enjoyed it, but not as much as other episodes with more Ya-Ya-yah.

Watching it, though, I once more had that feeling that there were so many things that would have made anybody think they were in for a debut, like either being introduced in the very first place before all the other groups, like this time (watch clip below), or after all the others, to increase the expectation. Also, unlike ABC or KMF2, they were each introduced by their names, and their performance of Baby Babe was saved for the last part of the show, making you think that they want to hold the show viewers till the end.

It's so confusing that everything seemed to be pointing in one direction and then suddenly Mr.K. gave the steering wheel such a sharp turn. Then again perhaps it wasn't so, perhaps we just misread the signs and Ya-Ya-yah was a kind of red-herring? I mean, things are starting to add up:

+June 16th - announcement that Hey!Say!7 would release a single on August 1st.
+July 14th - a new drama with the Morimoto brothers (Ryutarô and Shintarô) called Juken no Kamisama starts airing
+July 30th - filming of the Sept. SC episodes, in which Okamoto sings with Yabu and Hikaru
+August - Daibouken concerts with an important presence of HS7
+Sept. 17th - filming of the Oct. SC episodes - Ryutaro has a solo (so does Shintaro), Inoo has a solo, HS7 get quite a bit of screentime and sing as a group the beginning of the song that closes the show, and all of a sudden Kamei too gets some screentime
+Sep. 23rd-24th Yokohama Arena concerts - called "Hey Say 07 Johnny's Jrs. Concerts" - again with an important presence of Hey Say 7.
+Sept 24th Yokohama Arena concert - HSJ debut announcement

What I'm trying to get at is that things don't happen for nothing in JE. I think the HSJ debut has been brewing since well before July 30th. Same as it's obvious that Kamei got some screentime on yesterday's SC to promote him because he's going to be in the new Kinpachi Sensei season, I think we'll agree that we all wondered why was that Okamoto kid singing a song with Yabu and Hikaru all of a sudden. Also, I don't think it's a coincidence that Ryutarô and Inoo got solos on yesterday's SC -which was recorded on Sept. 17th- given the fact that both are in HSJ now. I must admit that I like Shintarô better than Ryutarô, but Ryutarô surprised me with his dancing. ^^v

This gives me some hope. If JE has been giving some attention to Taiyô and Shoon, as well as to Ya-Ya-yah as a group giving them new songs, remakes of their old songs, etc., it cannot have been for nothing, right? ^^ Perhaps somewhere along the way Mr. K. decided it was too soon to play his trump card? I still remember when Kamichan discovered that on amazon.co.jp there were two suspicious items that could be preordered: a Ya-Ya-yah CD, and a Ya-Ya-yah DVD. Then, all of a sudden, those items disappeared. Wish I had a link to that entry. I think Kamichan still keeps a screencap (don't you?). Also... remember the Beatles references, Ya-Ya-yah singing A Hard Day's Night and all that? So strange... Oh, well.

So anyway... Shokura. ^^ Ya3-wise the main Ya3 presence was Yabu and Hikaru again on their O-tegami itadakimasu corner, the Junior League segment, their performance of Baby Babe, and the ending song, Days, which they performed with the rest of the juniors.

On the O-tegami itadakimasu Hikaru was cute and funny as always, making faces and voices, but I didn't grasp much of what they were saying. ^^;;; so I don't think it's worth posting a clip of that. Side note: the way they appoint winner Yabu or Hikaru is so random! O_o edit: on second thoughts I'll post a tiny bit 'cause they were both so cute! ^^B

The Junior League segment was quite creative this time. The SCs theme was Anniversary as the guests were Takki&Tsubasa who are celebrating their 5th anniversary of marriage XD as a duo. Hikaru, Kawai, Nakamaru, Takki, and Tsubasa were disguised in long black cloaks with hoods. They were sitting with their backs to the Johnny's Rainbows and Dream Bombers teams, and each had a microphone especially set up so that their voices sounded distorted. The teams had to make questions and find out the real Takki and the real Tsubasa. This was quite funny as well, but I don't think it's worth posting either 'cause I can't explain all they said. Let's hope someone will sub that. =]

Okay, on to the Baby Babe performance. The coreography was very much the same, but even if Ya-Ya-yah performs the same song a hundred times, there are always things to notice, things that make each performance special, like a smile, or a gesture, or a series of steps that one of them performs really well... All in all however, I must admit I liked better their first performance of this song on SC. This time, for some reason, they weren't focused -Taiyô and Yabu almost crashed into each other at the end ^^;;;-, the performance looked a bit rushed somehow, and Yabu changed his microphone from hand to hand in a rather brusque manner. Actually they seemed kind of distracted at some moments with the lyrics and the hand movements.

Finally, the Days performance with all the other juniors. It's a very beautiful song, and it was nice that even though HS7 opened the song, then Takaki and Daiki joined Inoo, Hasshi, and Kamei to sing as JJE, and that then Ya-Ya-yah, ABC, and KMF2 each sang a part too, but in the current circumstances the song has connotations of sadness and uncertainty for me. <=( No, these are not days for melancholic songs, JE.