October 03, 2007

till whenever!

I thought I was done with crying, but it looks like I’m not. Yes, I admit it: I’ve been crying again. But not because of the confirmation we had yesterday that the Ya-Ya-yah show will soon come to its end. No, I was prepared for that. I saw it coming. In that respect I feel... just numb. I only hope that at least the last show will be some kind of special, with all Ya3 together, in recognition of the five years the Ya3 show has been on air. I'd hate it to end without a word of goodbye or something. -__-

The thing that made me cry again is the wonderful fanfic Mousapelli posted yesterday at the Ya3 LJ community: Itsumademo (Until Whenever). She’s managed to write a very moving story without getting sentimental at all, and that’s something I admire and envy. It made me smile too; a lot. She has a knack for humour.

Actually itsumademo means “for always”, or “forever”, but the concept of eternity is a bit too big for the human mind. I mean, how can we even grasp the idea of eternity when our life is as short as a sigh, compared to the millions of years the Earth has been in existance? “Until whenever” is so much more honest. We have no way of knowing what’s going to happen in a year, or in a month, or even tomorrow, so yes, “until whenever” is a much more beautiful idea.

I had started an entry for today, which was getting absolutely depressing, but after reading Mousapelli’s fanfic I remembered a comment Kizuite left a couple of days ago. She asked me to cheer up because she felt even more down than she was when she read my posts. When I read that I realized I had to make an effort and try to cheer up for those of you who follow my blog.

I owe it to you all. To those who leave comments regularly (Sue, Yuki, Rin, Maya, Kyuri, Alei... you’re too many to mention here). To those who have been silent lurkers for a while but left the shadows to comfort me in the past days. To Yui, who has been so wonderfully generous she offered to pay for the shipping of 18 Yuuki 100% CDs to engage other fans in actively supporting Ya3. To the people who have ordered one or more CDs even though they already have it. To Yungboy, who has been uploading SC clips for months to help me with Never Stop the Music. To Aki, for being so generous and loving Taiyô so much. To Luma, who’s thinking of writing a Yamabu fanfic to cheer me up ^^B and has been sharing so many scans she should enter the Guiness Book of Records. To Yuantim, who generously donated many, many scans to my album —I still have quite a few to upload. To Akgla, who co-mods with me Shoon around-the-Clock, and helped me so much with his 18th b-day project. To NEWShFAN and Fahlyu, who helped make that project come true too. To the people who sub Ya3 clips and translate Ya3 articles. To Kamichan, for often making me question my views and beliefs —a healthy exercise for the mind, really. To Mitsukai, for creating Singin’ for You. To Scribe, Bree, Mousapelli, and all the other people who write fanfics that make me smile, cry, and laugh. To all the people who have read my own fics and encouraged me to write more. To Esther, for making me laugh so much with our Yamabu-Shookaru “fights”. To Quin_tessen_ce for starting a new Ya3 support project by encouraging people to send postcards or letters. To Theo-chan, for writing the funniest, most complete SC reviews. To Akarirei, whom I miss but I think is still around as her LJ account hasn’t been deleted. ...

That’s a long list, isn’t it? So yes, I think I owe it to you all to try and cheer up. The Ya-Ya-yah show will soon be no more, we don’t know what’s going to happen with Ya-Ya-yah as a group, nor with Shoon and Taiyô, but I’ll still be blogging about Ya-Ya-yah... till whenever.

In a few weeks there won’t be any more new Ya3 shows for me to comment on, but then I’ll comment on the old ones. There’s so many little things I’ve always wanted to comment on about those and haven’t been able to due to the lack of time and the urge to comment on the latest ones!

If Ya-Ya-yah breaks up there won’t be any new Ya3 scans for me to share or any new Ya3 SC performances for me to upload either, but I’ll just keep on sharing old ones that haven’t been shared yet till there are no more to share. And then I intend to take up my Japanese again so that I’ll be able to translate each of those articles. Perhaps when I’m fluent enough I’ll even start subbing the old episodes that haven’t been shared yet.

I’m also going to get myself busy with special posts for the boys upcoming birthdays, and projects for Yabu’s 18th b-day —anybody up for a countdown?— and Shoon’s 19th. As a matter of fact I’m thinking of a special contest for Shoon’s b-day this year... and this time there will be prizes as now I have two copies of several Ya3 tearouts. =] I love Crescent Shop. I decided to bid through them at Yahoo!Japan auctions and have won over 260 tearouts that arrived yesterday. Can’t wait to scan and share many of them with you! ^__^

This will always remain a Ya3 blog, so it’s unlikely I’ll ever post about Hey! Say! JUMP nor about Hey! Say! Best... unless one day I’m actually capable of watching one of their performances without having a knot in the stomach. To this day I can’t even watch a full HSJ-related clip on Kamichan’s blog, so that’s how hard it is for me to accept all this. However, I’ll post about the Hi! Hey! Say! show if Taiyô and Shoon are featured there as well.

You can also expect me to keep posting any Shoon-related news unless one day he leaves the jimushô for good or goes back to being an anonymous person —which I’d understand and respect even though it would break my heart as it would mean never knowing about him again. ;__; Above all else I’m a Shoon fan, and whatever path he chooses to take, be it theatre plays, dramas, or anything else showbiz-related, I’ll support him and follow closely his career.

And to show that I mean all I’ve just said, here go three scans: an old one, and two I’d never seen anywhere else before. The first one is the page that was missing from the 2002.11 Myojo set, remember? That set was among the 260+ tearouts I received yesterday and it was complete. =] The other two scans are part of what I’m going to call the “Stand by Me files”. XD Among the tearouts there’s a whole batch of SbM-related articles from different non-JE magazines, and these two reflect the Ya3 I don’t want to see and the Ya3 I want to see.

I don’t want to see Ya3 all serious in the bleak corner of an uncertain future, as in the second scan. Jeez, the mag photographer was not in a very cheery mood that day, was he? ^^;;; I want to see Ya3 together —till whenever— and happy, as in the third one. =]

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