October 22, 2007

words of love and wisdom

Ever since I joined the Ya-Ya-yah fandom, I've been visiting regularly the Korean Moonlightboy.com website, and also the blog of the webmistress, Yuuna. I've always been fascinated by her site because she seems to have been a Ya-Ya-yah fan from the very start, back in 2001-2002 and has so much rare stuff. I don't understand a word of Korean -how I wish I did!- but I always had a feeling that what she writes on her site and blog is deep and meaningful. It couldn't be otherwise seeing as she has followed them from the very start.

Unfortunately she doesn't speak much English either, so my attempts to communicate with her have been fruitless, though she has been quite kind and replied to the messages I left on the BBS of her site and we exchanged a couple of polite, short e-mails acknowledging that we visit each other's sites -that's why I know her name.

So, anyway, the thing is some days ago she made a lengthy post on her blog, of which I only understood a few Japanese sentences she used, and the names of the four Ya3 members, which I've learned to recognise in Korean after some time [야부 코타 (Yabu Kota), 아유카와 타이요 (Ayukawa Taiyô), 야마시타 쇼온 (Yamashita Shoon), 야오토메 히카루 (Yaotome Hikaru)], and I thought it had to be interesting, what she said, so when I found out one of the readers of my blog, Quin-tessen-ce, is fluent in Korean, I asked her if she'd mind reading it and telling me more or less what it said. ^^

She's been so kind that she has translated the whole post, and I'm so thankful to her, because it's very beautiful and moving, and I think we have much to learn from this Korean girl. You can read Quin-tessen-ce's translation of that blog-post here. It has cheered me up a lot, and it has made me want to support Ya-Ya-yah even more.