November 06, 2007

the 2nd Nov. SC and b-days

RE-EDIT: This is being a crazy evening, but in a great way. Why on earth didn't the Wink Up official site list Taiyô and Shoon in the December issue if they're there? ?___? Ah, who cares? I'm so happy! ^___^ Please scroll down again for another scan. =]

EDIT: Something told me I should wait a littl to make this post... and I didn't listen my inner voice. ^^;;; I've added A HUGE and MUCH AWAITED surprise at the end of this post, and the name starts with "Shoon" and ends with "Taiyô". *wink, wink*

I was replying to some comments just now, and I translated this for Yuuriki, so I thought I'd post it here as well for everyone else. It's part of an entry from the blog of a Japanese Shoon fan who went to the recording of the November SCs. Medetaikaru's report was more complete, but this one, being from a Shoon fan, mentions every moment in which Shoon was on the stage. So these are the moments he was on stage in what will be aired as the 2nd episode of the November Shônen Club:

◆「罠」は途中から登場。たぶんソロパートがありました!ダンスが美しくて感激 翔央のダンスって雰囲気ありますよね。
Here she says that Shoon took part in the performance of Wanna (罠) and that there were many solo parts. Not sure whether that means that Shoon had many solo lines, or that the song had many solo lines that were divided among the juniors in the performance, Shoon among them. She also says that his dancing was beautiful.

◆POWERメドレーではステージ前の段上で他のJr.3人(横尾くんしか覚えてません)と一緒「Tulurira」、その後ステージに移動して「Non STOP, Don't STOP」。 衣装は黒のキラキラスーツにチェンジ。この衣装好き~♪ 「Tulurira」を歌っているときの、ニッコニコ笑顔がすっごくかわいかったですー! あぁ、翔央の笑顔が好きすぎる…
Here she says that he also took part in the Power medley. "Power" is the theme of the 2nd November SC episode, so that medley will open the show. She also says that Shoon sang Tulurira with other 3 juniors, but she can't remember who they were except for Yokoo (Wataru) from KMF2. She explains that the medley moved on, and if I understand correctly Shoon left the stage and came back to join with others in Non Stop, Don't Stop, because she says he had changed into his black suit (the Underworld one) which she says she loves - who doesn't? XD She also mentions that Shoon smiled very cutely in Tulurira. =]

◆エンディングには2回ともいました。「バニラ」ではニカちゃんとの2ショットがアップに♪ 今回の翔央くんは、色んなJr.との絡みがありましたよ。
And finally she says that he re-appeared for the ending song, Vanilla - Burn it Up, in which he sang two lines with Nika while standing up, with the rest of the juniors knelt down on the stage. Then she says that he mixed with the other juniors.

And on to a completely different thing... Yabu will turn 18 in January, and I want to organize a 10 day countdown to his b-day as Akgla and I did last year for Shoon's 18th b-day. You only turn 18 once in a lifetime, right? =] So the thing is after last year's experience I've realized it's a lot of work for two people, and even more for one, so I'd be crazy to do it on my own. Wonder if anybody would like to help? This is what I'd need:
+ 1 person who's good at making layouts(namely blogspot layouts)
+ 1 or 2 people who can translate from Japanese to English (it would be just a couple of pages)
+ 1 person who is good with Photoshop (this doesn't involve any creativity - just placing text on some images)
+ 1 or 2 subbers
+ 2 persons who are good at making graphics
+ 5 impartial judges for a contest
+ 1 fic writer
+ 1 person who is good at googling and composition writing

Akgla reposted yesterday another entry for Shoon's b-day contest at 101 Reasons to Like Shoon, and I'm also preparing a little big something for Taiyô's b-day with the help of Marz, but we're going to keep that hush-hush until Shoon's b-day passes, and I have an idea for Hikaru's b-day as well. Oh, and before I forget... I've added something to the rules and requirements of Shoon's 19th b-day contest, something we had forgotten:
When you post your entry at the Shoon community, you must put it under an LJ cut as you already know. Well, the default text for the LJ cut is “read more”. Please change that to the title you want your contest entry to have [example: (read more) => (he’s just adorkable)] That will help us a lot when we repost them at 101 RtlS. Thanks. ^__^ I'll post this too at the community later.

We were all waiting for this weren't we? ^____^ *squeals* Credits for the scanning as always to, who else, the wonderful ZANSANHANE, whom I love to bits. Somebody, build a shrine to this girl, please. =] In Duet Taiyô is back to sharing a page with other 2 tall guys, like he did a couple of times in 2005. Shoon and Reon's photoshoot couldn't be cuter, and wow, Reon looks like he's done a bit of growing since we last saw him on a mag! Potato's photoshoot is so much Shookawa love!! ^^BBB Oh, and... Taiyô's smile beats the sun. =]