November 19, 2007

the cuffs have to go!

Some people thought it was an exaggeration on my part when I said that JE was going to try and erase Ya-Ya-yah from the fans minds. Well, they're actually trying so hard that it makes me laugh. JE is even more ridiculous than I thought, and they've also proved me right on another thing: how important the symbolism of colours is for them. I don't know if the Japanese fans will actually pick up on the idea of wearing coloured t-shirts to the recording of the January SCs after the banning of uchiwas and sign boards. I don't think this little speaker's corner has that much power. However, I do know that JE would get the message. Loud and clear. ;-) Why? Case in point: The live stage of Hi! Hey! Say! from November 10th.

Yabu and Hikaru sang UMP (Ultra Music Power). First time I managed to listen to that song without a fist squeezing my heart, first time I managed to actually enjoy the song. Only Yabu and Hikaru could work a miracle like that. =] When I write my letter to Santa this Xmas, I'm going to ask for many more Yabu-Hikaru live stages on the show. I've always loved how nicely their voices blend, and if my wild dream of Ya-Ya-yah reuniting one day proves impossible, they should re-debut as Y&H. I'd totally buy their CDs. ^_^v

Anyway, back to what I was saying... I didn't notice this when I watched the clip on Kamichan's blog, but Yui made a post about it on her blog and I couldn't believe my eyes when I downloaded the live stage and watched it again, because she was right! Remember the white Ya-Ya-yah outfits? The ones that are like the one Yabu wore every time he sang Arashi no Carnival? Well, Yabu and Hikaru sometimes wore theirs with the cuffs rolled up, and if you remember, the cuffs had white, red, and blue stripes. This is very important because those colours represented Ya-Ya-yah as a group, and it wasn't a coincidence that they were on the logo of their show. Actually that's the reason why my blog's layout is blue, red, and white - even the scrollbar. ;-) I think this might have something to do with the American flag since Mr.K. lived in the States for some time, and it might also explain why Yabu and Hikaru's colours are red (red=leadership/power - that's why JUMP's outfits are red) and blue (co-leadership). In fact the white-red-blue colour scheme is noticeable in many SC performances through the colours the different groups wear.

Shoon's and Taiyô's jackets were apparently identical to Yabu's and Hikaru's. You can see the lining of Shoon's jacket in this picture, and it too has white-blue-red stripes.

Interestingly though, Shoon and Taiyô have never worn the cuffs rolled up like Yabu and Hikaru, or rather they wore them rolled up sometimes, but never with the lining of the sleeves showing.

I don't know how to explain that, but I hope you know what I mean. I think that was so because Shoon and Taiyô were not the group leaders, so they were not "allowed" to wear the cuffs that way. JE are real control freaks; they don't leave out the smallest detail.

If you still think I'm exaggerating, look at the picture below. That's a screencap from the 2007.11.10 Hi! Hey! Say! livestage. Yabu and Hikaru are wearing the same white suit but the cuffs are no longer striped but silver.

Honestly, don't you think that's a bit too much? XD They were worried the cuffs of the jackets would remind people of Ya-Ya-yah!! It's kind of hilarious. If they go to these lengths, I don't think it's that far-fetched that they would actually "forbid" the boys to mention their former group name and many other things we can't even imagine because of how ridiculous they are. It's not going to happen, but if the fans went to the next SC recording wearing blue, white, and red t-shirts, I think poor Mr.K. would have a heart attack. LOL

I'm really late on posting this, but if somebody hasn't seen it yet, I've reuploaded Fiona's .vob version. =] I like Hikaru's rapping. He really is a versatile guy that isn't fazed at trying new things, which I think is great. He has to practice his backflips some more though, but the girls at the studio didn't seem to care, judging from their cheers. We fans are too easily won sometimes. XD And Yabu... well, Yabu is as annoyingly handsome as ever. =p I think out of the four he's the one that has changed the most from what he looked like as a kid.