November 18, 2007

voice post!

Thank you all so much for the comments in the previous entry. =D You've cheered me up a lot. What follows is... oh-my-God, a voice clip! XD My friend Scribe is to be blamed for it. I recorded something for her and was so appalled at the results -I sounded like a veritable idiot- that I felt the need to record something else to convince myself that I don't sound that bad, and came up with this. The clip starts with me introducing myself in German, English, Japanese and Spanish... because I always wanted to do that, like they do in those city bus tours! 8D *is silly* LOL I don't know if there are any other Germans around apart from Kamichan, but I love German, even though my German is more than a little rusty. I sound really serious in Japanese for some reason ^^? and I don't like how I sound in my mother tongue! XD At the end of the clip there's also a bit in Spanish for Sue and my other Spanish-speaking readers. =] *hides under her desk*