November 28, 2007

“Ya3” medley on HHS livestage

edit: stupid clubbox stopped and won't continue downloading, so I've uploaded to DailyMotion the bit I managed to download. It's just missing the end, which is the UMPteenth version of UMP, so who cares? (I'll upload the whole thing when I manage to download it completely, but if somebody wants to see this incomplete clip in HQ click here.

I’d read about this on the Japanese Ya3 BBS I visit, but they didn’t say which songs they sang, except for Ikujinashi, and that’s always been mostly a Yabu-Hikaru song, so I decided to wait to know more. I’m trying to download it from clubbox now (, but as usual Clubbox is not helping. So damn slow. Anyway, the girl who posted the link at the Chinese forums I visit posted screencaps, so we can know what songs they sang in the medley: Itoshi no Playgirl, Ikujinashi, Baby Babe, and UMP.

This is Yabu and Hikaru, they are still Ya-Ya-yah for me, and I shouldn’t feel bad, but it’s just so weird to even think of them singing Itoshii no Playgirl and Baby Babe without Taiyô and Shoon. Admittedly they did sing Itoshi no Playgirl on their own at some concert I can’t remember now, but still... I guess it was rather naive of me to think they were not going to sing any Ya-Ya-yah songs anymore. As long as they don’t have enough new songs, it looks like the HHS show might resort again to them for the livestages.

And this is exactly what I meant when I said that for JE Ya-Ya-yah were Yabu and Hikaru. They will sing Ya-Ya-yah songs even if for JE they’re members of HSJ now, but it’s highly unlikely Shoon and Taiyô will ever sing again any Ya-Ya-yah songs on their own if they continue in JE. Yui and I were wondering a few days ago what songs will be sung at the HSJ debut concert as they have so very few songs. After this live stage I’m wondering if perhaps they won’t sing some Ya-Ya-yah songs too. It would be very ironical.

It must have been rather strange for Yabu and Hikaru to sing Baby Babe without Shoon and Taiyô too. I’ve watched a bit of the video with VLC (for those who don’t know you can watch unfinished video downloads with VLC) and they seemed rather serious to me, and Hikaru’s voice sounded a bit strained at a certain moment to me. Then again maybe I’m wrong and I’m just looking too much into it and they’re perfectly happy to be able to sing their old songs? I don’t know; I don’t understand anything anymore. I’ll have to wait and watch the whole live stage to judge. The only thing that’s clear for me right now is that everyday I like less and less the way JE works, or rather the fact that we fans grow so emotionally attached that even these things, that for other people are just unimportant details, hurt. Before becoming a fan somebody should warn you: “Careful, don’t involve yourself too much, and for your own sake, don’t try to understand”.

PS: I’ll edit this when the clip finishes downloading.
PS2: watched a longer bit - the bits of the Ya3 songs they sing are actually very short, and for UMP the rest of HSBEST joins them. It feels to me as if they're trying to say: "See? This was the past; this is the present".