November 28, 2007

YabuHika scans and contests

I've uploaded to the album the Yabu-Hikaru scans from the December issues of Duet and Wink Up; the ones that were missing, and also from the January issue of 2008.

This time I've tried something different for all the small "please-love-us" pictures XD ... I made a collage with them instead of having to upload a dozen separate pics.

There's a picture I haven't included in the album because it's a group pic, but it amused me, so I just have to mention it here. *points to the picture below* "HSJ is very happy". It's just part of the photoshoot theme (there's also "HSBest is very cool", and "HSJ is very cute", etc), but it brought to my lips a wicked smile. I couldn't help it. It sounds like a subliminal message. LOL


Credits to ZANSANHANE for these scans. =]

2007.12 duet
2007.12 wink up
2008.01 myojo

On to other important things... It's Hikaru's birthday on Sunday! I've put two image links on the navigation bar. One will take you to a page where -if you have a microphone- you can record a b-day message for Hikaru. If enough people leave messages I'll put together all the clips (my own included) in one and post it here on Sunday. =]

The other image link will take you to the info page about Hikaru's birthday contest. I've updated just now the prizes section. There will be one prize, and it will be the following sets of Ya3 tear-outs: (for some reason I hadn't uploaded the 2007.02 Duet set to the album, so I did it today as well). Please take a look at the info page of the contest if you're interested. ^__^

2006.03 Duet + 2006.04 Wink Up + 2007.02 Duet (only the main Ya3 pages) + 2007.11 Duet

Also, please remember that the deadline for Shoon's b-day contest is December 14th at midnight GMT. ^^ Speaking of which a couple of days ago Akgla, who co-mods with me the Shoon LJ comm., posted another contest entry at 101 Reasons to Like Shoon. =]