December 05, 2007

YabuHika LS & readers corner

Not the SC entry I promised. ^^ Haven't had time to cut the clips, so this entry is a bit of a mish-mash of other things. Firstly... last Sunday's Yabu&Hikaru's live stage on HHS. Well, Ikujinashi again for starters. This time together, which was nicer. And then their solos, Gentles for Hikaru and Arashi no Carnival for Yabu. Is it just me or was Yabu rather serious? He didn't smile once. <=( Arashi no Carnival is not the same without Yabu's adorkable smug smiles, and it's not the same with him in red and not white. =_= No Takaki, Daiki, or Inoo around. Hmmm... Could it be that JE has caught on the fact that Ya3 fans are not very pleased with the changes and that's why they're having Yabu&Hikaru singing their old songs, or maybe it's just the lack of HSJ songs? I'll say HHS livestages are enjoyable when I see Yabu and Hikaru enjoying themselves. So far they don't seem to.


By the way, I completely forgot that I had uploaded the full version of their previous livestage: .001 .002

A correction: in a previous entry I said that, in the Ya3 show, when Yabu and Hikaru were taking part in Takki’s Enbujô, life-size, cardboard cutouts of them were placed at the studio, but that I doubted they would have done the same if Shoon or Taiyô had been absent for some reason. Well, Kamichan left a comment telling me that they actually did that for Shoon when he was doing West Side Story. Thank you! It was in the 2004.12.26 episode, and he's provided a couple of screencaps as well. =]

Well, I must say that was a very nice gesture of the TV Tokyo guys, so... gomen ne, TV Tokyo. m(_ _)m You're not as mean as I sometimes think you are, I guess. XD Still, I can't believe I didn't remember this, and it must be that I haven't watched that episode till the end or something. That... or I'm losing my memory or something. *worries* @__@

Other things... readers corner! =D
Stevenica sent to me some wonderful drawings she made for Hikaru's b-day, and also a nice banner: (click on them to see them full size - the HHS doll is the cutest thing ever!)

17Bday_HikaruDolls 17Bday_HikaruSketch_BIG 17Bday_HikaruBanner

Iris has made a very beautiful tribute to Taiyô on her Xanga site:

beargirl26 posted in the comments to the previous entry a nice poem from Kingdom Hearts that as she says sums up the way we are feeling right now, and what we want for our dear Sun:

Thinking of you, wherever you are.
We pray for our sorrows to mend,
And hope that our hearts will blend
Now I will step forward to realize this wish.
And who knows? Starting a new journey may not be so hard...
Or maybe it has already begun.
There are so many worlds, but they share the same sky:
One sky, one destiny.

And to finish this entry... another poem. This one is by Aki, who is a Taiyô fan too. Marz and I are still working on Taiyô's b-day contest, but Aki has submitted this poem as her entry for the contest already. (Thanks again!) I think it's very beautiful and heartfelt. It's very sad too, but in life there are moments for happiness and moments for sadness, and I think escaping from sadness would be like denying our feelings instead of honoring them. So if you feel sad and need a shoulder to cry on, here you have one, and if you need a place to talk about your frustration/anger/sadness... feel free to do it here. This is Taiyô's home, and it's your home too. This Shoon fan here loves you Taiyô fans very much, and I want to see you happy again, but I understand that it will take some time. *hugs*

The Smile That Drives My Heartbeat

I never liked the color orange
Until you came into my life.
But the sun was always special
And you showed me the reason why.
Now the sun has set upon me
And my world is void of light
I find myself still searching for you
Though I've lost my will to fight.

If only I could know the reason
Of why you live inside my heart.
Why it hurts to live in darkness
And why we are so far apart.
I know that if you had a way
You would show me where you are.
But I must learn to live without you
Hang hopes on another star.

Though you're the one that shone most brightly
Dimmed by clouds that you couldn't see.
I hope your strength far exceeds mine
And you'll be all that you should be.
The wish to see you hurt so much
My heart crumbled in defeat,
But you are the Sun that lights my way
The smile that drives my heartbeat.

The smile that drives my heartbeat.
The smile that drives my heartbeat.
The smile that drives my heartbeat.
The smile . . .

PS: I want to change a little the image link for the recording of the January SC (the t-shirts thing). We can't bring Taiyô or Ya-Ya-yah back unfortunately, so instead of it being a "support Taiyô/Ya-Ya-yah" it could be "a tribute to Taiyô/Ya-Ya-yah". I'm also going to make a "Taiyô's corner" on my blog. I don't know if it will be a regular post I'll make on a certain day of the week -might be SUNday (pun stolen from Kamichan- or a fixed section on the nav bar, but definitely I'm going to do something to keep Taiyô's memory alive. =]