December 02, 2007

please vote! =]

[edit: I've taken down the b-day header because as you can see there's a SUN eclipse: Taiyô has quitted JE. I'm feeling too upset to write about it right now. *hugs tightly Aki, Tina, Rin, and all Taiyô fans*]
[edit2: took down the eclipse header too (see previous entry). The eclipse has passed and the SUN is shining somewhere in Tokyo... and will continue shining in this blog. ^_^]

Please help me decide the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners of Hikaru's b-day contest. Yes, I've decided to add 2 more prizes, because there were just 3 entries submitted, so I think these 3 wonderful fans all deserve to win something. =]

CLICK HERE TO VOTE (voting via screened LiveJournal comments - anonymous voting allowed as IP are registered, so if you don't have an LJ account you can vote too)