December 08, 2007

scans, Taiyô contest, and SC clips

I wanted to finish answering comments before making another entry, but I imagined you'd be as eager as I was to see the scans of the January mags, so I'll go back to answering comments after posting this.

Taiyô isn't in the January magazines, but I didn't want to leave him out of this entry, so here go some Taiyô shop pics. Some of them I saved them from auction pages, others from forums... so I'm afraid I can't credit. ^^


And speaking of Taiyô... Marz and I have finished the preparations for his 17th b-day contest, "A Tribute to Taiyô". It doesn’t matter if you’re not Taiyô’s biggest fan, or if you’re a Ya-Ya-yah fan but more of a fan of Hikaru, Shoon, or Yabu. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t want to take part in the contest. If you care about Taiyô, please submit something to show your love for him. It can be a few words of thanks and good luck, it can be a poem, or a video, or a drawing, or a fanfic, or that entry you wrote on your LJ when you learned he had decided to quit... whatever you want. He deserves recognition and we’re hoping you’ll help us in making a huge success of this tribute to him. Please click on the image below for details. (credits to Marz for the banner below ^^B)

A Tribute to Taiyô - Taiyô's 17th b-day contest

I'm not going to post thumbnails of all the January mags here, because there are too many, just the Shoon ones, which are just four, for the Yabu-Hika scans please click on the links below. Credits to our wonderful ZANSANHANE for all the scans. =]

2008.01 duet :: 2008.01 popolo :: 2008.01 potato :: 2008.01 wink up


It feels really strange to see Shoon without Taiyô, but... thank God for Hasshi and Reon. ^^ By the way... The trousers Shoon is wearing on the last pic with Reon... Aren't they the same trousers he wore in this photoshoot with Taiyô? I wonder if they are his own trousers, or if they get to keep some of the clothes they use in the photoshoots or what. ^^ *is curious*

I'll only say one thing about the Yabu-Hika pics... The HSJ "please-love-us" pics are evil. You know, those pics in which Yabu and Hikaru are acting in a goofy or cute way, and those in which they appear with the chibis as if they were their pets. I found myself wanting to give Yabu babies. ^^;;;

Somehow I always knew Yabu's hugs would be very warm, but seeing him hugging Chinen with that look on his face turned me into a stupid puddle of goo. Yabucchi: you better marry at 23 as you said you intended to, and stop this. =p It's bad for the fans sanity.

And to finish this rather random entry... I finally uploaded some clips from last Sunday's SC! I hate the fact that SC airs on Sundays. The next day it's Monday, and I have to work, and I don't have time to make SC posts on Mondays. ;__; Anyway, just three clips: the medley song, in which Shoon, Hikaru, and Yabu sang bits of songs; the junior league, because guys acting like dorks is always fun XD ; and the closing song, because Shoon is there. I can't wait for tomorrow's SC to see if Yabu and Hikaru will at least make eye-contact with Shoon. I mean, it's so frustrating that in the last 3 or 4 SCs we haven't seen any interaction between them on stage! <=( And when Shoon leaves the stage right before any of the other two enter, or the other way around... it's so frustrating as well! >=( Anyway... here are the clips for those of you who haven't seen them, downloaded this SC, or just feel like rewatching them now. *goes back to answering comments*