December 09, 2007

wish upon a star

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
Today's Shounen Club theme was 願い (negai), which means "wish". What do you wish for?

I wish JE wasn't so rigid in its schemes. Then maybe they would introduce Shoon, Hasshi, and Kamei at the show opening too, like they deserve, even if now they're isolated juniors without a group.

I wish JE wasn't so rigid when alloting screen time. Then maybe Shoon would have sung in the theme medley, like he did in the previous SC. It feels as if somebody had said: "he'll take part in the junior league; there's no need for him to be in the theme medley too". Yes, he was in the junior league segment, but that was in the latter half of the show. It felt more like a step backwards than a step forward.

I somehow wish Shoon hadn't appeared in the junior league segment at all. I now realize that it's still too soon, that things are still awkward, that he's not very much in the mood for games even though he did his best to smile and act cheerful.

When I was watching this part I wished I could be there to give Shoon a hug. I wished Taiyô was there with him. I wished Yabu or Hikaru had made eye-contact with him even just once at least.

After watching SC today I half wished I was an ABC fan. I read a friend's LJ entry about the show, a friend who is a huge ABC fan, and she was so happy. ABC are finally getting the spotlight they so much deserved. Actually I almost wished I was a Kisumai fan, or even a HSJ fan, because they must be really happy today too, but I'm not going to escape the pain that brings being a Shoon fan and a Ya-Ya-yah fan these days. Shoon is going through a rough time right now, as I imagine Taiyô is, and most likely so are Yabu and Hikaru in spite of their smiles and apparently nonchalant behaviour.

I'm going to do my best to remain positive, to wish that things will soon look up for Shoon. I read once that when you wish for something hard enough, banishing all negative thoughts, it creates a vibration. These vibration waves turn you into a giant magnet that pulls what you are wishing for toward you. So getting what you want takes 3 steps: wish for something, believe, and receive. This is based on the idea that whatever you are thinking about, be it good or bad, you will attract it. If you think positively, good things will happen to you; if you are negative, bad things will happen to you. So yes, I'm going to be positive and send those good vibrations Shoon's way.

[I believe in you, Shoon. Go for it. Now is the time to show them what you're made of.]

I'm only going to post another clip from the show, the ending song, just because Shoon was there. It made me very sad that he had to stand at the back, at one end of the stage, but hopefully next time things will be different. They will be different. They're going to be different. *repeats to herself this mantra*

PS: As it was to be expected and I predicted, Shoon was not at the recording of the Xmas Shounen Club special. Only the groups were there (i.e. HSJ, Kisumai, and I presume ABC and Question too). The owner of the Japanese blog Yamashita-ism, who is a Shoon fan, went to the recording, and reports that there were 2 requests for Ima susumou and Te wo tsunaide yukô clips. The audience cheered loudly, but Hikaru looked rather sad when they played them. I find it interesting that she says: 『Ya-Ya-yah』という名前は禁句になってしまったかと思っていたので嬉しかったです。[rough translation: I was starting to think that "Ya-Ya-yah" had become a taboo word, so I was delighted when they said it.] Good to know it wasn't just me. ^^

PS2: I also wish I could be happy for Yabu and Hikaru having a new song with their new subgroup, HSBest, and I wish I could gush about the performance, but today... I just can't. The lack of Shoon in this Shounen "Crap" has brought me down. I know it's not fair to call it that, because all the boys do their best always, and if it wasn't for what is happening I would have enjoyed the show, but... I'm sorry. m(_ _)m You can watch that performance at Kamichan's blog though.