January 22, 2008

catching up

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I'm feeling horribly restless. Since Christmas I've been unable to catch up with so much stuff I have to do and things I want to write here. x__x

This is going to be like... the big "catching up" entry, so please forgive the fact that some things have no connection with others.

a late announcement

I think I’ve made an announcement of the countdown to Yabu’s 18th birthday everywhere except here on my own blog. ^^;;; So I’ll do it now: a group of friends and I are holding a 10 day countdown to Yabu’s 18th birthday (Jan. 31st). You only turn 18 once in your life, right? =] We’re releasing a little surprise on each day (Yabu-related goodies), so if you haven’t yet checked the LJ community at which we’re holding the countdown, please go and take a look by clicking on the banner below. ;-) [oh, and... did I tell you about Yabu’s b-day contest? ^^ Can’t remember if I did. I’m giving out lots of old and recent Ya-Ya-yah clippings, and all you have to do is answer a few questions. ^__^ Click here to know more.]

about the comments

I finally found the time to start replying, but I still have a lot to answer and I want to reply them all because I really appreciate your reading and commenting. ^__^ Please bear with me. m(_ _)m

Taiyô’s b-day entry and Shoon’s 7th anniversary in JE

I still have to write Taiyô’s b-day entry -__-;;; —I wonder if you can guess what bird he is ;-) — and I need to write another entry to congratulate Shoon properly for having... survived 7 years in JE. *hugs Puppet* I wanted to post that entry yesterday (and Taiyô’s one last Sunday) but I just found the time to make a header. *points header*

big small things that made me happy in the last days

+ The February episodes of Shônen Club were recorded yesterday, and apparently Hikaru and Shoon were standing next to each other on the stage in the ending song, and leant on each other's shoulder when they were singing!!! *spazzes* It's funny that some months ago, before the HSJ debut, that would have been a perfectly normal occurrence, but in the current circumstances it seems something short of a miracle. I mean... in the last SCs even at those rare times they were both on the stage at the same time they didn't even make eye contact. I wonder if the audience cheered. I hope they did. I would have squealed. 8D I probably will when I see it with my own eyes. Now, if something similar happened with Yabu and Shoon... *dreams*

+ What a great success the Taiyô contest/tribute project was thanks to you guys. =] My friend Tina submitted a beautiful fanvideo and she offered to upload it for those who might want it (the original is a 640x480 clip and obviously much better quality than the streaming clip below). Click here to download it.

+ The curious... coincidences? that makes you think somebody in NEWS wants to keep Ya-Ya-yah alive: First my friend Aki made a post on her LJ about the logo of the Pacific concert tour, a smiling face with NEWS inside the mouth. Not only are those the colours of the Ya-Ya-yah members; the colours are also in the order JE used to arrange them (red-Yabu; blue-Hikaru, orange-Taiyô, green-Shoon). Apparently it was Massu who designed it. Makes sense. Ironically enough HSJ were guests at a recent NEWS concert and they wore t-shirts with that logo. *scratches head*

And then, according to a Japanese girl who has a link to my blog and is a Ya-Ya-yah and NEWS fan, it seems that Massu has mentioned Ya-Ya-yah not once but twice at their latest concerts, thus breaking the taboo that seemed to have fallen upon the very word. He said it once referring to Tegoshi and their playing dodgeball in the Ya-Ya-yah show, and the second time it was to answer a question somebody asked him about where he was last year, at the beginning of the year, and he replied he was filming on location with Ya-Ya-yah. Okay, so maybe they're just coincidences, but it’s great nevertheless to know Shoon’s “Honey” will still mention Ya-Ya-yah so freely. ^___^

Oh, and then of course, as Kamichan mentioned on one of his latest posts, there’s the title of their song Taiyô no namida which could be translated both as “Tears of the sun” or “Taiyô’s tears”. I too thought it was a curious coincidence, and if Koyama had a say in how many e’s “Weeeek” (is that right?) should have, perhaps somebody in NEWS proposed giving the song that title in reference to Taiyô? Okay, maybe not, but... who knows? I think it might make sense. After all Massu, Koyama, Shige, and Tegoshi were in the Ya-Ya-yah show from the beginning. There’s a very close bond between them and the Ya-Ya-yah members, and they are in a way indebted to Ya-Ya-yah.

+ learning from Quin that it was the webmistress of the Korean Ya-Ya-yah site Moonlightboy.com, the person who sent that postcard to SC requesting they aired the Te wo tsunaide yukô clip. I think Yabu and Hikaru were probably moved that somebody requested for that song, and the things she said in the postcard about it being a song that warmed her heart when she was feeling sad, so it would warm “these cold days” and so on. What they don’t know is what a big fan of them she is, and that she’s been a fan of them from the very beginning. I felt very happy for her when Quin told me. =]

things that made me sad in the last days

+ Fiona, the owner of the Chinese site HappyTown, a site that had been formerly a Ya-Ya-yah fansite, finally changed the header to a HSBest header.

+ Upon being criticized by some fans for doing so and for not having made any mention of Taiyô’s resignation, she deleted all the messages from the BBS and deleted the Shoon and Taiyô icons so now you can only choose Yabu or Hikaru icons. I don’t think it’s fair of other fans to criticize her —after all she was the one who had been uploading the Ya-Ya-yah show every week all this time—, but I think that was a bit extreme. <=( I know she’s always being more of a Hikaru fan than a Ya-Ya-yah fan, but still...

+ A few days ago I checked the profile of the Ya-Ya-yah LJ community for some info, and the number of members has gone down from well over 1000 (I think it was at least 1500 last time I checked) to 900 and something. ;____; Does that mean some people are no longer interested in Ya-Ya-yah now that JE broke the group up? I mean... the Beatles are no longer around but people still listen to their music and all, right?

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