January 02, 2008

dreaming up reality

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
Sometimes weird things happen. Things that make you smile and think: "That can't be!".

I didn't mean to post yet, I wanted to finish answering comments first -and speaking of first... happy New Year to you all!- but this made me smile so much that I just had to share it with you.

As a matter of fact I shouldn't be telling you about this because this was supposed to be part of a fanfic I wanted to write, but...

Some time ago I came up with an idea for a Yamabu pre-HSJ fic in which Shoon gave a very romantic present to Yabu: a pendant that symbolized them both.

I wasn't supposed to let you in on this till Yabu's birthday either, but the bird I associate Yabu with is the eagle, because he's proud and daring as eagles are. In the story I intended to write, Shoon gives Yabu a pendant with the shape of an eagle and explains to him that the eagle symbolizes Yabu and also relates to him because his name, Shoon, is the japanized form of "Sean", which in turn is the Irish form of "John", and the symbol that represents Saint John, one of the four evangelists is an eagle. Um, yeah, I know, that's kind of baroque, but I'm that baroque. XD

So anyway, a few days ago I was googling for an image of a pendant with the shape of an eagle and found this:

This is a real pendant that can be purchased at this Japanese site. I fell in love with it at once, and it also gave me an idea to give another turn to the story. If you notice, the eagle on this pendant has a sun on its back. (well, it doesn't look like a sun, but on the site they explain it's a sun) In fact, after finding those pictures I thought I'd change the story a little to be post-HSJ debut so Yabu would be the one to give the pendant to Shoon so he wouldn't feel alone on the stage because it represents the four of them: him (the eagle), Taiyô and Hikaru (the sun shining - because "Taiyô" means "sun" and "hikaru" means "to shine"), and Shoon himself because of Saint John's eagle.

Shoon is wearing a new pendant on the February photoshoots. Not the one I was hoping he'd wear next *points navigation bar* - well, a girl can dream, ne? - but this made me blink repeteadly:

It can't be the same pendant; it just can't! And I'm sure that once we finally can get a good look at it won't be the same pendant, but they look so much alike, don't they? - from what can be seen of it, at least. XD

It was just so curious I had to share this with you. ^__^ And the scans too! I still have to upload the Duet, Potato, and Wink Up ones for Yabu and Hikaru, and I want to upload some more Taiyô shop pics, but I had been waiting so long for these scans that I just needed to share them with you too. Credits for all the scans go to ZANSANHANE as always, except for the third Wink Up one, for which credit goes to VENDY (thanks, Kozumifan for the tip!). The Duet ones are particularly adorable because they have a double page with Hasshi, Reon, and Shoon!!! ^_____^ The Potato one has Shoon on his own, and it has entered the ranking of my favourite Shoon photos. *____* How can you be so beautiful? The last two ones, from Wink Up, are actually the same page, but I thought I'd edit it so you can stare at Reon's picture as long as you want without having to break your neck. LOL


*goes back to answering comments from the previous entry*

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