January 30, 2008

happy birthday, Yabucchi!

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
Today I’m releasing a fourth bird, a bird called Yabu. [And if you're still wondering what I mean by that because this is your first visit or one of your first visits, please check this other post]

You already know what bird Yabu is though because I told you in that post about Shoon's new pendant, remember? =]

Yes, Yabu is an eagle.

Eagles look so proud and regal... and a bit scary too, let's admit it. XD Were it not for the fact that I know Yabu has an adorable naughty and childish side, I'd say he's a little intimidating. I swear I'm sure Shoon was downright intimidated by him until not so long ago. XD But especially when they were young. I think it was particularly evident in that old Ya3 show in which they went on the JAWS ride at the Universal Studios theme park. aguilaYabu and Shoon were sitting next to each other on the ride, and Yabu feigned ...maybe not XD he was scared of the mechanical shark and clang to Shoon's arm. ^3^ Poor Shoon though was so stiff. LOL I think he was more scared of Yabu clinging to him than of the fake shark. LOL If you don't know what I'm referring to, check this animated gif by Fahlyu. [opens in a new window]

And yet, even though Yabu is a bit intimidating, just like eagles are scary, he's also quite fascinating, like eagles too are. I'm sure he's quite scary when he gets angry too. I wouldn't want to be near Yabu when he gets angry. Perhaps it's the attractive of danger. XD Yuu compiled for the 8th day of our countdown to Yabu's birthday characteristics that supposedly apply to Yabu from 4 different horoscopes - numerology, Western astrology, Chinese zodiac, and Celtic horoscope. [It's amazingly accurate and very curious; you should go and check it if you haven't. ;-)]

Well, incidentally, in the Celtic horoscope Yabu is the Cypress - which is just perfect because the cypress is the most serious/severe-looking tree, just like Yabu LOL - and it says that people under that sign attract the opposite sex (well, and the same sex too, I imagine) because of their mysteriousness. It also says that "the partner would have to be strong and tolerant", which as Fahlyu said in the comments to Yuu's entry totally fits Shoon. ^3^ OTP, OTP, OTP! *gets bricked*

Back to the eagle... Not that I know much about eagles, but I think they're smart birds, and Yabu is remarkably smart too. Remember that Ya-Ya-yah show in which he took some kind of IQ tests and did so amazingly well in every question? I was so much in awe after watching it.

And he's a quick learner too. I think it helps that he has a huge confidence in himself. He has his moments of awkwardness now and then because he's rather shy [and now Hikaru would mention for the umpteenth time that he never looks anybody in the eye ;-)] and he had those often for a while after his growth spurt, but most of the time he's the Yabu that is so sure of himself he seems a little arrogant.

That said, though, I don't think he's arrogant at all, and though it's evident he loves getting attention and being in the limelight [and all johnnys do to some extent - they're showbiz people after all], he doesn't seem particularly anxious to lead.

I think he gets impatient with people who don't grasp things as fast as he does [thinking of the handbells Ya-Ya-yah episode now - I'll explain that in another entry], but just like eagles it seems to me he prefers doing things solo; on his own. There's an old Ya-Ya-yah article from the 2005.12 issue of Myojo that has a ShoonxYabu talk, and they have to say one thing they would change about the Ya-Ya-yah show. Shoon says he would like to have more livestages outdoors, like livestages at the beach in the Summer - typical Shoon, ne? ^__~ Yabu, on the other hand says he would have liked the show to have a solo corner for each member. He quickly adds that for example Shoon could have had a fashion corner. Seeing it from a Yamabu point of view I'd say that was a bit of Shoon fanboying on Yabu's part LOL , but being more realistic I think Yabu would have actually liked to have his own solo corner. =P

Ah, this is getting a bit long, isn't it? XD;;; I never thought I could ramble on and on about Yabu like this. Anyway. Our dear Yabucchi is now all grown up and long gone are the days in which people called him an annoying "mushroom head". Yeah, because of his mushroom haircut, you know. XD Which he wore well into early 2006 at least. Some have only realized how sexy Yabu is after his voice broke and had his final growth spurt and the JE stylists did something decent with his hair, and honestly, that puzzles me a little. Yabu has had the sexy in him for quite a while. You know, there are things in potency, and things in act. Yabu is sexy in act now, but he has been sexy in potency for some time. If you don't believe me just check this 2005 performance of Mayonaka no answer from the Ya-Ya-yah show.

This is one of my favourite Yabu solo performances, but I love even more when he joins Hikaru later to sing Kuroi asa, shiroi yoru. I love that song too, and Hikaru's voice, and I so want Hikaru to sing it again! *__* And Hikaru looks and sounds so young in this clip, doesn't he? Their voices blend so well, and with such a nice contrast. I don't know how to explain it, but I love the way their voices sound together. [this performance and 2 other Yabu solos can be downloaded in HQ at the countdown community]

I've said this before, but I had always hoped they would debut as Y&H if a Ya-Ya-yah debut was not possible. Well, what can I say? You can't always get what you hope for. Yabu is in HSJ now, and I wish things were different, but I'm slowly learning to be happy for him. He has always thrived under the attention, and he's the type that loves challenges, so it's understandable he's excited about all the chances he's getting now, even though this debut must have been bittersweet to him.

Fly away, dear Yabu, fly as high as you can and soar the skies, because that's what eagles are meant to do. =]

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