January 13, 2008

hugely relieved

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
I can't very well tell you how happy I was too see Shoon is on today's SC. It was such a huge relief when he appeared all of a sudden with Tsuka-chan and Tottsu in the theme medley! I was already dispairing by then because at the opening of the show ALL the other "main" juniors were introduced -even Taiga and Shintarô- but Shoon wasn't. ;___; Why the hell is that? Has he become a pariah that cannot appear with the rest, or what? Seriously JE, I hate you so much for things like this.

Oh, well, it's ironic how little it takes to make me happy. But then, with all that's been happening lately it's understandable that I'm expecting very, very little from JE these days. So yes, I was already dispairing he wouldn't be there... to the point that at first I thought he was Kawai or Goseki and it took me a second to recognize him! @__@;;; Well, the three of them were dressed in red too: Shoon was wearing that awesome red outfit Ya-Ya-yah wore in the very last concerts. For some reason Shoon wasn't wearing the black handkerchief/tie that goes with it, but he was handsomer than I've ever seen him, I swear. *___* He had a bit more screentime in this, or rather it wasn't like a lot of screentime, but it was quality screentime, which is better, and he made the most of it. Such a great performance and dancing, all three of them. Shoon was so sexy as well. *smiles happily* It's such a waste that he doesn't get more attention, seriously. *shakes head*

And when they backflip at the end... Shoon does it without using his hands, while Tsuka and Tottsu leave their microphones on the floor and use their hands. Curious. Being ABC I imagine they can backflip without using their hands too. I can't recall if I've ever seen them backflip that way because I'm not an ABC fan so I don't look that closely when they perform, but I'm sure they can. I wonder if they let Shoon do his trademark backflip (without the hands) like that so that he could show off a little in the few minutes of screentime he gets now. :)

And right before Shoon appeared on stage Reon sang Change the World with other juniors. I was so excited to see him holding a microphone and actually getting a bit of screentime. ^_____^ *is proud of Reon-chan*

I wasn't planning on updating today, but I just had to share my relief and happiness with you. ^^B I'll try to edit this post later if I can, and upload the whole medley (here's the Reon and Shoon part), because it was quite nice - Taiga and Shintaro got to sing too, and I love both. =]

PS: I love that Shoon still wears his Ya-Ya-yah outfits. As somebody said in the comments to one of the previous entries, Ya-Ya-yah won't be dead as long as Shoon is still there. =]

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