January 26, 2008

One! clip and lots more

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I'm almost done with catching up with unanswered comments. Speaking of which... Some of you don't have an LJ account so you don't get a notification when I reply, so here are links to my replies, because some of these go back to 3 or 4 entries ^^ :

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On to other things... Somebody nicknamed Rod from one of the Chinese forums I visit has uploaded a clip from the recently released DVD of the 2006 musical One!, the History of Takki in which Yabu and Hikaru perform Ikujinashi, so I thought I'd share it with you. For those of you who don't know, Taiyô and Shoon were not involved in this musical, so they don't appear in this clip. The only part Taiyô and Shoon had in Ikujinashi was a bit of backsinging in the chorus, but every time I watch a performance of that song with just Yabu and Hikaru, I'm always expecting to see Shoon entering mid-song with that impressive acrobatic bit he did, and Taiyô entering from the other end of the stage to join in too. ^^ So yes, even though their part in this song was small, any performance of Ikujinashi without them, even if they add some juniors to backdance, like in this case, is not the same. ^_~


Taiyô and Shoon not taking part in this musical, just like they didn't take part in Takki's 2006 and 2007 Enbujô is one mystery that has always made me wonder. I mean... it's decidedly weird if you think of the fact that the other junior groups -ABC, KMF2, and JJE- were there in full. It wasn't Tottsu and Kawai from ABC, but the 4 of them, and it wasn't just Kitayama and Fujigaya from KMF2, but all of them, etc. Why just Yabu and Hikaru from Ya-Ya-yah? And of course, like other times, they were there not as "Yabu and Hikaru", but as "Ya-Ya-yah".

I'd even started thinking if Takki was behind the decision of leaving them out of those events, as after all they were his shows, but it looks like it wasn't him after all...

One of my LJ friends, Princekira, who bought the DVD and is fluent in Japanese, posted an entry on her LJ about it and mentioned that at one point Takki, when introducing Yabu and Hikaru, he asked "Since when does Ya-Ya-yah have only 2 members?".

I don't know whether to love him for that or not, because she also mentioned that Yabu and Hikaru looked very uncomfortable when he said that.

Did he say that on purpose, as a kick in the gut to whoever had taken that decision, did he say it as a joke -if it was... lame joke for those involved ^^;;;- or did he ask it in a completely innocent way?

At first, upon reading it I thought it was a joke, like in one of the last SCs of last year Yabu and Hikaru were talking to Koyama and Nakamaru on the MC segment, and they had to describe Ya-Ya-yah with one word. Hikaru flipped the board and read what was written on it: "almighty", and explained it was because they had done virtually everything: a stage play, musicals, etc. And then he added: "Shoon says so." Koyama, Nakamaru and the audience laughed and either Koyama or Nakamaru asked: "and why didn't he himself come out here to say this?" I was like: "yeah, sure *rolls eyes*, like they are the ones to choose who will be in the MC segment. Pfft!" And then they joked saying that he was very shy, and yadda, yadda.

However, it seems Takki wasn't making a joke, because Princekira says that, after he saw how uncomfortable poor Yabu and Hikaru looked, he was like "Eh? Shouldn't I have asked? Well, I'm sure there are reasons", and that he was smiling but that it was pretty obvious he was uncomfortable as well.

Hmmm... Interesting to say the least, isn't it?

Other things... Are you following the countdown to Yabu's 18th b-day? ;-) If not you might want to go and check it for the surprises (Yabu/Ya-Ya-yah-related goodies) we've released so far: scans, a HQ clip of Kinou no tsuki ga mieru koro courtesy of Yungboy (thanks again for that wonderful present, Tina! ^3^ as you can see I waited for a special occasion to share it ;-)) from a 2004 SC that is the cutest thing ever, wallpapers, icons, a couple of fluffy Yamabu one-shots by harunomasu and a wonderful 2005 SC clip subbed by NEWShFAN that consists of a little MC segment in which KAT-TUN's Ueda talks to Shoon, Hikaru, and Taiyô while Yabu gets ready for the Anata ni o-tegami kakimashô segment, in which he and Jimmy Mackey read letters to each other, and finally there's a Ya-Ya-yah performance of Kaze ni notte. ^___^ Oh, and you can also leave a b-day message at the b-day guestbook if you want. ;-)

What else? ^^ ... ah, yes, Shoon-things to come. =D I've been bidding on more stuff at the Yahoo!Japan auctions, and hopefully they'll be arriving shortly, so I'll be posting scans of them at the Shoon LJ community. [Why not here too? Because I want the Shoon LJ community to have a reason to be, and the members of the community to get some benefit for being part of it. ;-) So if you're a Shoon fan, and you're not yet a member of Shoon around-the-Clock, what are you waiting for? =p] The pamphlet from the West Side Story musical Shoon starred in, and an article from a 2004 issue of Top Stage about it too. ^___^ The last picture is from a previous issue of Top Stage about a Shonentai version of the play that was staged the year before. I thought it was interesting because I knew Ikuta Toma had played Shoon's role (A-Rab) in that one, but I didn't know Tôshin had been in it too (playing the same role as he did the year after (Baby John). It's also interesting to see what a different A-Rab Toma's A-Rab was when compared to Shoon's. =] And I love that Shoon was given the role that was Toma's the year before. I want him to follow in Toma's steps. ;-) [oh, and I think the third pic proves that Shoon is much sexier with his hair color than blond ^3^]

More things! Yes, this post has a lot of different things, because I still need to catch up on all the things I need to share with you, and now it's Saturday I have time to do so. ^^ It's fancorner time! ^3^

bakahachi has the most original and beautiful Ya-Ya-yah tribute exhibit [From Here to Fourever] at her LJ! Please take a moment to go and visit. Click on the banner below. [Hydee: I love the background coloured thing you made that goes from red to green to blue and yellow! ^3^ and I love the pic you chose for the banner too]

It may not bring back yesterday, and it may not also change tomorrow...


And last but not least, here are four cute drawings beargirl26 made of the four Ya-Ya-yah members. ^___^ I love that she has included little details like an eagle for Yabu, Shoon's trademark wink, his new pendant... =]

MyDrawing-1 MyDrawing-3
MyDrawing-2 MyDrawing

PS: Taiyô's proper and belated ^^;;; birthday entry tomorrow... because it's SUNday! ^___^

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