January 12, 2008

please vote! (and Taiyô rumour)

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
First of all, THANKS SO, SO MUCH to all all those who have submitted contest entries and tributes to Taiyô! ^___^ They're all wonderful, and so varied and original! =D As you know the deadline for the contest was yesterday, but you can keep submitting tributes to Taiyô. They'll all be reposted at A Tribute to Taiyô, the permanent tribute site to Taiyô. What follows is a list of the entries submitted for the contest. Please go through them and leave a comment saying who you'd choose as the 3 winners.
1st prize - entry #___ , 2nd prize - entry #___ , 3rd prize - entry #___

All comments will be screened, and unscreened on the day of Taiyô's b-day, Jan. 18th. =] Good luck to all contestants!

+ entry #1: +The Smile That Drives My Heartbeat+, submitted by Aki
+ entry #2: +Sayonara+, submitted by ange113unny
+ entry #3: +Sunshine drawing+, submitted by fuzz__ball
+ entry #4: +a drawing for Taiyo+, submitted by sakinah95
+ entry #5: +the boy who lives up to his name+, submitted by bakahachi
+ entry #6: +letters to Taiyo from Ya3 and me+, submitted by glowingmoon630
+ entry #7: +Taiyo icons+, submitted by sue_ya3
+ entry #8: +chalk pastel & watercolor drawing+, submitted by savergirl
+ entry #9: +happy birthday, Taiyo! (fanvideo)+, submitted by lil_chihime


PS: I'm sorry I haven't answered yet the comments from the previous entry. Will do later if possible. m(_ _)m

PS2: About Taiyô supposedly not having really quit JE... I'd love to believe it's true, but I don't want to give anybody false hopes if in the end it's not. The official "version" when a johnny quits is almost always that he wants to focus on his studies. That's what they said when Macchan quit and he hasn't come back. Admittedly the same was said when Asaka disappeared for a while and then reappeared, but I think we should take this with a pinch of salt. When the Ya3 show's name was deleted from the schedule at the Johnny's Net site, a Japanese fan called TV Tokyo and they too told her the show was not going to be cancelled, but it actually was. It's also rather fishy that Taiyô should decide he needs more time for his studies right after the HSJ debut was announced. =/ To those who haven't read it, I'll post here the comment Stevenica (hi! Thanks for telling us! *waves*) left on the previous entry: [This piece of news was taken from this entry of Japanese fanblog - you need to scroll down a bit] Some Taiyo fans saw a sketch of TaiyoxYabu in Duet and they called the editors of Duet as well as Wink Up to ask if Taiyo's still there (otherwise the sketch wouldn't have been published)...and they got the same answer: that Taiyo has not left JE!!! According to that Japanese fan, none of the Taiyo fans who subscribed to J-web received any text message so far notifying them! (they always send a notification mail to fans if their idol has really left JE)

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah