February 27, 2008


山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
EDIT: I've added a couple of screencaps from Sweet Den of Premiere. =]

I really, really wanted to go to Japan in May to see Shoon’s play, but I’ve checked and it clashes with my work schedule. I’m translating a book series and I’ll have a deadline to meet by that time. T___T ごめんね、パペット。I feel as if I’m letting you down, Shoon, because this is so important for you -__- ... BUT I’m sure this play is going to be a great success, and I’m hoping there will be others, so I’ll be there for the next one. =] ヤクソク!(You have my word!) And Yui is going, so I’m counting on her to share with us a full, first-hand report. ^3^

So I won’t be able to be there, but it’s still so exciting to see this dream taking shape! =] Dream, yes, because I’d been dreaming of Shoon having a chance like this for such a long time! It’s really exciting to little by little find out new details about this play. [The pic below is the official logo of the play]

At first I thought it was a good chance for Shoon —especially in the situation he was left in after HSJ’s debut and Ya-Ya-yah’s break-up—, but not as big a chance as West Side Story was because Arashi starred in it too. Now I’m starting to think that this play might not be as big a thing as WSS was, but it looks like it will be a better chance for Shoon to demonstrate his acting skills. Why? Well, most of us wondered if the fact that his name was placed before Kazama’s, Yonehana’s and Machida’s meant anything, and it appears it does: Shoon has the leading role in the play! *dances* Not for any special reason, really, just practical reasons, script requirements actually, but the point is that being the leading actor in the play he’ll have a LOT more lines than he had in WSS, and he’ll get the chance to shine more, of course, as the focus will be on him. ^__^

What are those script requirements? Okay, I’m getting to that now. At first when I learned the title was “Full House” I immediately thought of the American 90s sitcom, and I thought: “nah, that can’t be.” Then I learned there was a manga/anime titled “Full House Kiss”, and a Korean drama titled “Full House”, but neither seemed to fit with a play with 4 male characters. Well, none of those have anything to do with this play... because it’s is an original play, meaning that it isn't based on any book or TV series, and it hasn’t been staged before. The Fuji TV site has a section about the current and upcoming theatrical events and “Full House” is listed there now. ^o^ There’s a short summary of the play (see below), which loosely says that it’s about a high-schooler who gets stuck with three young men who don’t know where their lives are heading. It says “明日が見えない三人の若者”, which literally means “three young people who don’t see tomorrow”, but that makes no sense, so I’ve opted for assuming they’re having an existential crisis or something because later it says they are standing at a crossroad in their lives (“人生の岐路に立つ三人の若者”. It also mentions the names of the four characters: 理編, the high-schooler (I think that’s pronounced Rihen?), and the 3 young men are called 聖矢 (Seiya), アンディ(Andy), and ケムマキ( Kemumaki). I wrote "gets stuck" because apparently they get stuck together in a cabin in the mountains or something like that according to a longer description of the story from the Tokyo Globe site that I need to read slowly because I don't get all that is said there. ^^;;;


[edit] (thanks to Sohee for helping with a translation of this! ^__^) Three young men who can't see a future for themselves; a high-schooler that gets stuck with them...
"Our lives... really... are they what they should be?"
"What they should be... no, they aren't, but... Well, what should we do???"
"Full house" is an absurd story about three young men (Seiya, Andy, and Kemumaki) who are standing at a crossroad in their lives, and a highschooler (Rihen) who gets stuck with them. [end of edit]

So if there’s a high-schooler in the play that has to be Shoon because Kazama, Yonehana, and Machida are all older than him, and Shoon graduated from High School just a year ago. =] Perhaps he’ll be wearing a school uniform in the play. ^3^ That would be cute, wouldn’t it?

Other thing that makes me excited is the promotion this play should entail. To begin with, it seems that last night, at a show called Sweet Den of Premiere (プレミアの巣窟), they aired a pre-recorded clip with Shoon promoting the play!! I’m so hoping somebody recorded it and it will pop up at some clubbox or something. *__* I’ve been checking, but no luck yet. If you remember, last year this show aired a short report of the Daibouken.

[edit] SORA, a Japanese blogger who is a fan of Massu, Ya-Ya-yah, and Shoon, watched the show and took a couple of screencaps. Shoon looks so grown up and handsome and proud. ^3^ Oh, and what I read on a Japanese blog about his having a new pendant/necklace is true. I have a feeling this one is a Goro's one too, or actually it might be the eagle one with a different type of chain/necklace. Hmmm... Shoon do you want to drive me crazy with so many necklaces/pendants in so little time? [end of edit]

And hopefully this is just the beginning. There will probably be articles in Wink Up, Duet, and Potato —what about you, Myojo?— with joint interviews with Shoon, Kazama, Yonehana, and Machida, like there were joint interviews with Tôshin and Shoon, or Shoon and Sakurai Sho for WSS. Hopefully there will also be interviews in magazines like Top Stage and others, there’s going to be a pamphlet of the play of course, which apparently will be B5 size and cost 800 yens. If the TV Tokyo folks were the nice guys I think they are, they should air a little promotional snippet or something of the play in the Hi!Hey!Say! show, just for the sake of old times, because Shoon was almost 5 years in the Ya-Ya-yah show, but I’m afraid this is just wishful thinking on my part. Oh, well, hopefully other shows will promote the play like Sweet Den of Premiere? Please? *makes puppy eyes* Since I can’t go, I need to have some form of audiovisual memory that Shoon was in this.

Oh, and I have hopes for the April Shounen Club as well. Back in 2004 Shoon and Tôshin read letters to each other in the Anata ni o-tegami kakimashô! segment, which was obviously to pimp them a bit as they were going to star in the WSS musical that year. So hopefully in April we’ll have another Anata ni o-tegami kakimashô! with Shoon. With whom? I’d love it to be Yabu or Hikaru, but if it happens most likely it would be Reon, which would be more than fine with me too. ^___^v

And on a bit of a sour note... Why are some fans so mean? Since the news of this play came out I’ve been checking Japanese blogs for more information and reactions. I’m checking not just Shoon-related fanblogs, but also Kazama fanblogs and MA fanblogs, and these are not always kind to Shoon. Some complain that he’s too young as “he isn’t even 20”. Please, he’ll be in ten months; what’s the big deal? *rolls eyes* Some MA fans are upset Shoon and Kazama are in it instead of the other two MA members. Okay, I can understand that, because if only Yabu and Hikaru had been chosen to star in Stand by Me that would not have been fair, but MA has had other plays together, haven’t they, and interaction with other people is always enriching, so why not? Shoon will surely learn a lot from Yonehana and Machida, and I’m sure Kazama and Shoon are happy for this chance to work together again. And finally, another thing that stings, is seeing some of these fans complain that Shoon doesn’t have enough acting experience. Well, that’s hardly his fault, is it? And how on earth is he going to get it if he doesn’t get any chances? Bleh. I suppose it’s just better to ignore these people.

Oh, and I almost forgot: JE has finally updated their site with info about this play (click on the screencap on the left). About time too. They really are slow. ^^ The other screencap is from the Fuji TV site and it has all the necessary info too if you want to get tickets for the play (for 8000, 7000, or 5000 yens at the Globe Theatre, and for 8000 or 7000 yens at the Hyogo Performing Arts Center).

johnnys.net info essential_info

PS: Sorry I have so many comments to reply. m(_ _)m I’ve been very busy with work.

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February 22, 2008

Shoon in a play!!!

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
I'm so happy and excited that my heart is thumping in my chest right now. ^________^
Shoon is going to be in a play in May!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The title of the play is "Full House" (フルハウス), and ex 4TOPS Shunsuke Kazama (風間俊介) and Yonehana Tsuyoshi (米花剛史) and Machida Shingo (町田慎吾) from Musical Academy are starring in it too. =]

5月2日(金)~5月11日(日) 東京グローブ座(7日休演日)
From May 2nd (Friday) to May 11th (Sunday) at the Tokyo Globe Theatre (no performance on the 7th)
5月30日(金)~6月1日(日) 兵庫県立芸術文化センター
And from May 30th (Friday) to June 1st (Sunday) at the Hyogo Performing Arts Center.

10049923813_s 10049923339_s

This is so wonderful! Finally something for Shoon. =D I'm so hoping this is just the beginning. ^____^ This might also mean articles in magazines like TopStage and others. I just hope he won't have to be absent from Shounen Club because I don't want to stop seeing him during that time. This is a good chance for him. Congratulations, Shoon! 翔央くん、おめでとう!=D

The pic on the right is a handwritten note from Shoon telling readers from some magazine about it, but it's so small I can't read it well. All I get is the beginning "Hi, this is Shoon!! I'm going to star in a play called "Full House", and then just bits like it's going to be a 4 actors play, and it's a comedy, and at the end he asks people to go and see it. Can somebody translate it? He sounds very excited and he's drawn little stars and a smiley at the end. ^______^ So wonderful.

edit: Sora, a Japanese blogger who is a fan of Massu and Ya-Ya-yah has typed a transcription, so I was able to understand more of it, and thanks to Shoon_love, who has left a comment, I managed to understand the last couple of sentences, of which I wasn't very sure. Thanks!!! ^3^

こんにちは 山下翔央です!!
今回「フルハウス」という舞台をやらさせていただくことになりました。およそ3年ぶりの舞台で話をきいたときはびっくり+嬉しかったです。今回は登場人物が4人しかもコメディー作品ということで 気合が入りまくりです!!笑いあり謎あり感動ありの作品でみんなに楽しんでいただける舞台になるよう心機一転!頑張ります!絶対 見にきてくださいね。=D

Hi! This is Yamashita Shoon!!
I’m going to star in a play titled “Full house”. (little stars) It’s been almost 3 years since the last time I took part in a play, so this has been a surprise for me, and I’m very happy. This time it’s a 4 characters play, and it’s a comedy. The play will be full of laughter, mystery, and drama. I hope everyone will enjoy it. I’ll do my best! Please do come and see the play! =D

I'll try to find out more about this. ^__~b

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February 21, 2008

the perfection of imperfection

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
I’m a little worried about Hikaru. Yui told me Fiona, Happy Town’s webmistress, had mentioned on her site that Hikaru’s done something to his teeth. I don’t speak a word of Chinese, so I translated her 2 latest entries with Babelfish... and didn’t understand much more than she was upset and that she was going to wait for the April issue of Myojo to see if it was true. ^^ So today she has uploaded scans of it, and Hikaru is only smiling in a couple of pics, and you can’t see his teeth very well ‘cause he’s in the distance in those, and in the rest he is... Well, I had never seen him like this. <=(

It must be true that there’s something about his teeth, because he usually smiles in photoshoots, even if it’s a forced smile. I don’t know if he’s unhappy or just uncomfortable —my guess is that he’s wearing brackets, perhaps? They might have asked him not to smile so that the brackets wouldn’t show in the photos?

In the automatic translation from Fiona’s posts it said “teeth removed”, but I think that would be too extreme, wouldn’t it, removing his double teeth. I remember when Emma Watson (Hermione in the Harry Potter movies) had to wear brackets at one of the premieres, and she looked rather uncomfortable, trying to hide it. Well, teenagers are self-conscious about those things.

But then, Hikaru never seemed “ashamed” of his teeth; much on the contrary. He said they were one of his charming points, and I think they were. Once I referred to Hikaru’s smile as “the perfection of imperfection”, and that’s where I want to get at. It was a really cute smile. Sure his teeth were not perfect, but Nature is full of imperfections. And they were like... Hikaru’s trademark.

So if he didn’t want to have his teeth fixed... why would he have them fixed? It could be a teeth problem, perhaps. Like there’s not enough room for his wisdom teeth to grow or something?

The other possibility is that JE “suggested” him that he had his teeth fixed. These things happen in the entertainment world. Here in Spain a young female singer was advised by her record company to get her teeth fixed to have a better image.

If that’s the case... it would be very sad, wouldn’t it? It would be like... a price to pay for fame. I hope Hikaru is okay.

And how is Yabu doing these days? Well, he seems to have put a little weight. Not much, but he doesn’t look as skinny as he used to. Isn’t that great? =] And he’s handsomer than ever. It’s such a waste to have two idols as beautiful as Shoon and Yabu and not have photoshoots of them together. *shakes head* JE is blind. But he seems to be still in need of hugs. It’s a good thing Chinen doesn’t seem to mind indulging him. Myojo is evil for posting this photo. It made me think how cute it would be if Shoon and Yabu married and adopted Chinen. XD

And this is very random, but it made me happy. I think Hydee and her Ya-Ya-yah exhibits are to blame. XD When I saw this pic I noticed Yabu and Hikaru are wearing Shoon’s and Taiyô’s colours. ^3^

All the Yabu-Hika scans from this issue can be found here.
And speaking of Taiyô... I’ve made a special folder in the album just for him, where I’ll post official and paparazzi pics of Taiyô. =]

Here are the first I’ve uploaded. Credits go to Erika87643 who was the person who scanned them. =] Ah, these bring so many memories, don’t they?


And just so nobody is missing... I've also scanned the March Duet page of Shoon and Reon, with the text, and two small pics of them at a very high resolution because their smiles are just wonderful. ^___^

SCANNED BY IREA - yayayah8.blogspot.com SCANNED BY IREA - yayayah8.blogspot.com SCANNED BY IREA - yayayah8.blogspot.com

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February 20, 2008

me? jealous? um, yes ._.

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
I've been going through a sort of Ya-Ya-yah/Shoon "faith" crisis these days. I've been worrying that I'm not doing a very good job as a lighthouse keeper lately. I should have posted already the Yabu and Hikaru March scans, but I haven't; I should —perhaps?— at least download and watch the HHS livestages and post about them, but I don't; I should have made a post about Hikaru's solo on the latest SC, but I haven't yet; I should make some post about Taiyô, but I haven't since his birthday. The list goes on and on. ._.;;;

I've also been having some scary thoughts of abandoning the fandom altogether —but I've chased them away, don't worry. =] There are moments when I feel so jealous of other juniors (both debuted and undebuted) who are getting so much more attention than Shoon. It makes me feel petty, but I can't help it. I've never hidden the fact that I don't like Yamada that much —yeah, I belong to that 0.5% of the fandom—, but watching the latest SCs I've found myself rolling my eyes at Senga and Takaki too for behaving like divas *points at clip on the right* [Senga, you'll break your neck if you're not careful, and... um... Takaki, you're starting to scare me ^^;;;] and fuming at how completely unknown fresh juniors seemed to have overtaken the theme medley in the last 2 or 3 SCs. I understand that JE is preparing the way for the new generations (from Hasshi downwards) after HSJ’s debut, but the theme medley was the only shot Shoon was having of getting some decent screentime, like he had with Pikanchi. Oh, well. .__. Hopefully Shoon will get more screentime some other way soon. Please? :3 *makes puppy eyes at the SC staff*

The thing is that when I downloaded the 2nd SC of this month I felt murderous. 3 endless weeks of waiting to see Shoon again, and then all you get is a few miserable seconds. ;__;

I actually felt rather upset as well when I watched the 1st one, but after rewatching a dozen times Shoon's bit in Dreaming Blood and his smile I felt better. It's amazing what a smile can do. ^^

Going back to the March SCs, though... A couple of days ago I read a report from a Shoon fan that went to the recording. For the first episode he didn’t appear until the ending song, Hurricane. It’s depressing, but good to know in advance, because that way I won’t be pulling at my hair while watching it. At least he was wearing his black suit. ^3^ On a cute note, apparently Chinen was standing behind him, and Shoon pushed him gently forward.

It seems he fared better in the 2nd episode. Shoon got a solo part in the opening medley, which is quite nice. He sang a bit of the Kinki Kids song Ao no Jidai (青の時代) and he was wearing the Himawari outfit —the blue and white one. He also took part in the Junior League. Apparently Yabu patted his head and they shook hands firmly. I'm not going to get overenthusiastic about this until I see it with my own eyes. Last time the Japanese fans said Hikaru and Shoon leaned on each other during the ending song of the 1st episode, and they were just standing next to each other =/ And they said Yabu and Shoon stood next to each other during the ending song of the 2nd episode and they were hardly even close to each other on the stage. <=/ So, yeah, let's wait and see, but if that really happens I'll be one happy fangirl. Yabu patting Shoon's head. ^3^ In this segment Shoon was wearing his white suit.

And finally he appeared in the closing song, Vanilla, for which he was still wearing the white suit and he stood at the center of the stage —probably just because HSJ were not on stage.

So it seems there’s a pattern: if he gets more screen time in one episode, he hardly appears or doesn’t appear at all in the other one. If he gets less screentime, he appears in both. I’d love to know what’s the criteria for alloting screentime to the different juniors. I guess that after 6 years in SC and 5 in the Ya-Ya-yah show JE deems Shoon is popular enough so he doesn’t need as much pimping as other juniors do, but still... And I understand that it’s hard for them to find where to place him now that he doesn’t have a group, but there’s the Junior ni Q segment, there’s the Junior League segment, there the MC segment, and there’s the Anata ni o-tegami kakimashô segment. Can’t we get to see him in one of those a every once in a while and not once in a million years? I also understand —well, I don’t, but... *shrugs*— that lots of people like Yamada and that JE wants to please them, but wasn’t it a bit too much that in the latest SC he was the producer, he had a solo, and he had the Anata ni... segment all to himself? ¬¬ Just like in the junior ranking in one of the March magazines. To begin with, why was HSJ in the junior ranking? And why was Yamada “hogging” the first place in almost all the categories? Okay, people are crazy for him, I know. But really. Ah, don’t mind me; it’s just the mean and jealous side of me; I can’t help it. I can’t deny I’d be delighted if it were Shoon. But I do know that if I had taken part in the ranking I wouldn’t have voted for Shoon for each and every category. O_o Not even I am that biased. Shoon is the best for me in many things, but he’s not the best in everything.

Speaking of which... I’ve always thought Fujigaya’s rapping is better than Shoon’s, and I know comparing people is not fair, but to me Shoon’s rapping when Ya-Ya-yah sang Yorokobi no Uta on the Ya-Ya-yah show sounded better than Fuyigaya’s in the 2nd SC of this month. O_o What do you think?

Anyway, I’ve been thinking that instead of just complaining about the lack of Shoon in SC I’ll do something about it. Japanese Shoon fans are doing this, so I’m going to do it too. They’re sending letters to Shounen Club asking for Shoon to produce another episode and sing a solo. I’m going to add a request for the Anata ni... segment too. I’ll send one letter every two weeks... until they cave in. XD


[requested producer: Yamashita Shoon]


[requested theme: “Akiramenai” (“Don’t Give Up”) – Shoon’s motto ;-)]


[requested song: Shoon’s solo – not my favourite, but it’s his only solo ^^]


[request for the “Anata ni...” segment: ShoonxReon, ShoonxYabu, or ShoonxHikaru]

If you want to join me, you can send your letters to:
BS "The Shounen Club", NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation 2-2-1 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-8001 JAPAN
[〒150-8001 東京都 渋谷区 神南2-2-1日本放送協会 NHK-BS「ザ少年倶楽部」係]

In other news Yabu is going to sing his new solo next month in SC, as you probably already heard from Kamichan. =] Which reminds me I still have to make that post about Hikaru’s new solo from the latest SC. ^^;;; I don’t think I’ll ever get used completely to Hikaru’s new cool image, but I love his voice and his dancing was superb — especially in the second half of the song. ^__^b

And to end this long-ish post... fan corner. ^___^ When I feel like giving up you guys give me strength. Sometimes I get really passionate and enthusiastic e-mails and LJ messages from fans from different countries. It’s very touching and I always feel humbled when I read them. =] Other times it’s different fan tributes to Ya-Ya-yah that some of you want to share with the rest of the fandom, and I’m very happy that this place can serve as a sort of... speaker’s corner or microphone for you all. ^__^

For example Hydee (bakahachi on LJ) has put together another Ya-Ya-yah mini-exhibit, as beautiful and original as the first one. ;-) Please go visit. I promise you won’t regret it. ^_^v

Also, here are some really, really cool drawings Stevenica made for Yabu’s, Taiyô’s, and Shoon’s birthdays. I think Shoon’s and Yabu’s eyes look exactly the same as in reality. O__O And Taiyô’s drawing is my favourite. ^3^

yabu18bday01312008_small430 shoon19bday12202007_small766 taiyo17bday01182008_small296

Aaand we also have four colourful and pretty birthday banners by ShoonMassu. =]

Untitled-3 shoon
397703319_011f111adb_b 492221110_fd9b8d6502_b

PS: You can find more info about the March SCs at this post in Kamichan’s blog.
PS2: New header to celebrate Yabu’s graduation from High School. ^^ It looks very lonely compared to the one I used for Shoon last year. -_- When I read on a Japanese blog that Yabu had had his graduation ceremony already I remembered Shoon’s graduation last year, and remembered a magazine article from that time. Yabu said there that he was going to miss seeing Shoon in their school uniform, that it was going to make him feel lonely. That surprised me back then. I had never thought Yabu would admit such a thing. Of course immediately he was embarrassed and he laughed at himself, saying he sounded like a granny, but if he admitted he was going to miss such a small thing... I wonder how much more he must miss other things. *sigh* Then I thought how this year there won’t be any Ya-Ya-yah articles with Taiyô, Hikaru, and Shoon congratulating Yabu. ;__; Instead of course there will be HSJ articles and he’ll “share” them with Takaki, who has graduated this month too. Somehow these things made me all emotional and I felt like crying. .___.

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February 07, 2008

does Shoon shop at Goro's?

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
Seeing this just made my day: [the pictures below are from 2008.03 Potato]

  SCANNED BY IREA - yayayah8.blogspot.com
The fact that Shoon wears these Indian pendants makes sense because of the man who designs them and the philosophy behind them. That man is called Takahashi Goro, and he's quite a legend, it seems.
He's a Japanese of red Indian descent, and he started his own Indian accessories label, Goro's [ゴローズ], in the 1980s.

According to the info I've found, apparently "every single accessory is handcrafted and you have to queue up and wait for your turn before being ushered into the shop, which is located in the Harajuku district, in Tokyo". The picture on the left is from the shop, and the one on the right is a screencap from a website that has an article about a book on this man, and also info about him, photos, and info about the shop. If you click on it you can visit the site.

4 5

So this man started his own label, but it seems he lives in a humble cottage like a true hermit, devoted to perfecting his craft. He also seems to have a love for motorbikes. LOL Gotta love him.

This Takahashi Goro looks like the sort of person I'd love to meet, because he seems so bohemian and interesting. I'm sure Shoon would love to meet him too... especially because his crafts include not just jewelry, but also leatherwork! And we all know Shoon likes leatherwork -it's one of his hobbies in fact. It wouldn't surprise me if Shoon actually admired this guy. Seriously, the man makes the most beautiful things! Just a few examples:

R0014111 R0014113

If I ever go to Tokyo I know a place I'll stop by for sure. ;-)

PS: In the Potato article Shoon says he wants to go abroad. Shoooon, come to Spain! ^o^ You'll love it... and Spain will love you too. ^__^v

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February 02, 2008

the eagle pendant again

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
Do you remember the pendant below, on the left, and the entry I posted about it some weeks ago? And do you remember the new pendant Shoon was wearing on the February magazines? (the 2 small pics)

Well, I'm 98,5% sure now that it's the same pendant, or a very similar version of it, like this one:

Why? Well... Remember this other oval-shaped pendant he used to wear not so long ago?

I had always wondered what on earth that was. Until today.

Does that design ring a bell? It's an eagle with its wings sticking close to its body, a sun shining on its back, and a small shape of an eagle inside it. All these are from the same jewelry line, just like this other pendant Shoon used to wear recently too:

I really can't wait to see a clear picture of Shoon's new pendant -hopefully in the March magazines?

PS: These pendants belong to a jewelry line inspired in the designs of the Hopi Indians. The reason for the eagle inside the sun is that the Indians thought there was a close connection between eagles and the sun. They believed eagles were the only animals capable of looking directly at the sun, and considered eagles as a symbol of wisdom and leadership and their feathers a symbol of peace and friendship. It was also said that God had chosen the eagle as his messenger and that the eagle carried the prayers of humans to him.

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February 01, 2008

Pandora's box

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
Before I go to the actual point of this entry... January 30th was the deadline for submitting an entry for Yabu's birthday contest, and now I need your help to decide who will be the three winners. =]

Contestants had to answer a short questionnaire made up of these 6 questions:

1) If Yabu was...
... a time of day, he would be...
... a season, he would be...
... an animal, he would be...
... a flower, he would be...
... a kind of weather, he would be...
... a sound, he would be...
... a place, he would be...
... a taste, he would be...
... a scent, he would be...
... a color, he would be...
2) How do you see Yabu? (make a short description of Yabu with his virtues and faults)
3) How has Yabu changed from 2003 to now?
4) Is Yabu leader material?
5) Do you think Yabu has an important role in HSJ, or a lesser role than he had in Ya-Ya-yah?
6) How do you think Yabu has taken the break-up of Ya-Ya-yah and his debut with HSJ?

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Okay... the actual reason for this post: Hottakky told me she was going to get the One! DVD, and I asked her if she would mind cutting the bit in which Takki talked to Yabu and Hikaru and uploading it. Well, she's been so nice that she's uploaded that one and many others with Yabu and Hikaru in them. I'm just going to post a streaming video of that infamous moment. To download this and other clips, please go to her LJ. You'll need to ask her to friend you, though 'cause it's a friends-only entry.

滝沢: Ya-Ya-yahいつから二人なったの? [Takizawa: Ya-Ya-yah itsu kara futari natta no?] Takki: When did Ya-Ya-yah become two people?
薮: いや、四人ですよ。 [Yabu: Iya, yon nin desu yo.] Yabu: No, no, we are four people!
滝沢: あ、ヨンニン?[Takizawa: A, yon nin?] Takki: Ah, four people?
薮: はい、はい。 [Yabu: Hai, hai.] Yabu: Yes, yes.
滝沢: あ、あ、ほかの二人は・・・・出てない?[Takizawa: A, a, hoka no futari wa... detenai?] Takki: Oh. Oh. So the other two... don't take part in this? [*detenai (from the verb "deru") literally means "not to go out/not to leave", but I've seen it used as "not being part of/not appearing in a show" as in 先週の翔クラに翔央くん出なかったとき少し心配になりました。("I got a little worried when Shoon didn't appear in Shokura last week"), so I imagine Takki was asking if Taiyô and Shoon were simply not taking part in One!]
光: はっはい。 [Hikaru: Ha-hai.] Hikaru: Y-yes. [meaning "yes, they don't"]
滝沢: 色んな?があるん・・・[Takizawa: Iron na ? ga arun...] *I'm not completely sure of what Takki says here - I suppose it's something like "I imagine there are reasons", as Princekira wrote on her LJ.*
光: そっそうです・・・ね。[Hikaru: So-sou desu... ne.] Hikaru: Hmm... yes, I... guess so.
薮光: まー、まー [Yabu & Hikaru: Maa... Maaa...] Yabu & Hikaru: Em... well...
(after this Takki apologizes and changes the subject asking Yabu if they've had fun, etc.)

I had a knot in my stomach when I watched this, and it just got worse every time I rewatched it. x_x I really don't know what to think. It doesn't look to me like Takki was playing the fool (i.e. trying to be funny). It looked like a very intentional question. Plus it was his own show. Didn't he know who was in it and who wasn't? O_o Poor Yabu's and Hikaru's faces when he asked about "the other two" and paused... And Hikaru even wiped his palm in his trousers as if it was sweaty from the nerves. And the looks of the other juniors... The older ones were dead serious, and the younger ones, like Daiki and Kamei just smiled and laughed nervously. Honestly, what an awkward moment. @_@;;; It felt as if Takki had opened Pandora's box.
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