February 21, 2008

the perfection of imperfection

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
I’m a little worried about Hikaru. Yui told me Fiona, Happy Town’s webmistress, had mentioned on her site that Hikaru’s done something to his teeth. I don’t speak a word of Chinese, so I translated her 2 latest entries with Babelfish... and didn’t understand much more than she was upset and that she was going to wait for the April issue of Myojo to see if it was true. ^^ So today she has uploaded scans of it, and Hikaru is only smiling in a couple of pics, and you can’t see his teeth very well ‘cause he’s in the distance in those, and in the rest he is... Well, I had never seen him like this. <=(

It must be true that there’s something about his teeth, because he usually smiles in photoshoots, even if it’s a forced smile. I don’t know if he’s unhappy or just uncomfortable —my guess is that he’s wearing brackets, perhaps? They might have asked him not to smile so that the brackets wouldn’t show in the photos?

In the automatic translation from Fiona’s posts it said “teeth removed”, but I think that would be too extreme, wouldn’t it, removing his double teeth. I remember when Emma Watson (Hermione in the Harry Potter movies) had to wear brackets at one of the premieres, and she looked rather uncomfortable, trying to hide it. Well, teenagers are self-conscious about those things.

But then, Hikaru never seemed “ashamed” of his teeth; much on the contrary. He said they were one of his charming points, and I think they were. Once I referred to Hikaru’s smile as “the perfection of imperfection”, and that’s where I want to get at. It was a really cute smile. Sure his teeth were not perfect, but Nature is full of imperfections. And they were like... Hikaru’s trademark.

So if he didn’t want to have his teeth fixed... why would he have them fixed? It could be a teeth problem, perhaps. Like there’s not enough room for his wisdom teeth to grow or something?

The other possibility is that JE “suggested” him that he had his teeth fixed. These things happen in the entertainment world. Here in Spain a young female singer was advised by her record company to get her teeth fixed to have a better image.

If that’s the case... it would be very sad, wouldn’t it? It would be like... a price to pay for fame. I hope Hikaru is okay.

And how is Yabu doing these days? Well, he seems to have put a little weight. Not much, but he doesn’t look as skinny as he used to. Isn’t that great? =] And he’s handsomer than ever. It’s such a waste to have two idols as beautiful as Shoon and Yabu and not have photoshoots of them together. *shakes head* JE is blind. But he seems to be still in need of hugs. It’s a good thing Chinen doesn’t seem to mind indulging him. Myojo is evil for posting this photo. It made me think how cute it would be if Shoon and Yabu married and adopted Chinen. XD

And this is very random, but it made me happy. I think Hydee and her Ya-Ya-yah exhibits are to blame. XD When I saw this pic I noticed Yabu and Hikaru are wearing Shoon’s and Taiyô’s colours. ^3^

All the Yabu-Hika scans from this issue can be found here.
And speaking of Taiyô... I’ve made a special folder in the album just for him, where I’ll post official and paparazzi pics of Taiyô. =]

Here are the first I’ve uploaded. Credits go to Erika87643 who was the person who scanned them. =] Ah, these bring so many memories, don’t they?


And just so nobody is missing... I've also scanned the March Duet page of Shoon and Reon, with the text, and two small pics of them at a very high resolution because their smiles are just wonderful. ^___^

SCANNED BY IREA - yayayah8.blogspot.com SCANNED BY IREA - yayayah8.blogspot.com SCANNED BY IREA - yayayah8.blogspot.com

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