February 07, 2008

does Shoon shop at Goro's?

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
Seeing this just made my day: [the pictures below are from 2008.03 Potato]

  SCANNED BY IREA - yayayah8.blogspot.com
The fact that Shoon wears these Indian pendants makes sense because of the man who designs them and the philosophy behind them. That man is called Takahashi Goro, and he's quite a legend, it seems.
He's a Japanese of red Indian descent, and he started his own Indian accessories label, Goro's [ゴローズ], in the 1980s.

According to the info I've found, apparently "every single accessory is handcrafted and you have to queue up and wait for your turn before being ushered into the shop, which is located in the Harajuku district, in Tokyo". The picture on the left is from the shop, and the one on the right is a screencap from a website that has an article about a book on this man, and also info about him, photos, and info about the shop. If you click on it you can visit the site.

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So this man started his own label, but it seems he lives in a humble cottage like a true hermit, devoted to perfecting his craft. He also seems to have a love for motorbikes. LOL Gotta love him.

This Takahashi Goro looks like the sort of person I'd love to meet, because he seems so bohemian and interesting. I'm sure Shoon would love to meet him too... especially because his crafts include not just jewelry, but also leatherwork! And we all know Shoon likes leatherwork -it's one of his hobbies in fact. It wouldn't surprise me if Shoon actually admired this guy. Seriously, the man makes the most beautiful things! Just a few examples:

R0014111 R0014113

If I ever go to Tokyo I know a place I'll stop by for sure. ;-)

PS: In the Potato article Shoon says he wants to go abroad. Shoooon, come to Spain! ^o^ You'll love it... and Spain will love you too. ^__^v

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