February 22, 2008

Shoon in a play!!!

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
I'm so happy and excited that my heart is thumping in my chest right now. ^________^
Shoon is going to be in a play in May!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The title of the play is "Full House" (フルハウス), and ex 4TOPS Shunsuke Kazama (風間俊介) and Yonehana Tsuyoshi (米花剛史) and Machida Shingo (町田慎吾) from Musical Academy are starring in it too. =]

5月2日(金)~5月11日(日) 東京グローブ座(7日休演日)
From May 2nd (Friday) to May 11th (Sunday) at the Tokyo Globe Theatre (no performance on the 7th)
5月30日(金)~6月1日(日) 兵庫県立芸術文化センター
And from May 30th (Friday) to June 1st (Sunday) at the Hyogo Performing Arts Center.

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This is so wonderful! Finally something for Shoon. =D I'm so hoping this is just the beginning. ^____^ This might also mean articles in magazines like TopStage and others. I just hope he won't have to be absent from Shounen Club because I don't want to stop seeing him during that time. This is a good chance for him. Congratulations, Shoon! 翔央くん、おめでとう!=D

The pic on the right is a handwritten note from Shoon telling readers from some magazine about it, but it's so small I can't read it well. All I get is the beginning "Hi, this is Shoon!! I'm going to star in a play called "Full House", and then just bits like it's going to be a 4 actors play, and it's a comedy, and at the end he asks people to go and see it. Can somebody translate it? He sounds very excited and he's drawn little stars and a smiley at the end. ^______^ So wonderful.

edit: Sora, a Japanese blogger who is a fan of Massu and Ya-Ya-yah has typed a transcription, so I was able to understand more of it, and thanks to Shoon_love, who has left a comment, I managed to understand the last couple of sentences, of which I wasn't very sure. Thanks!!! ^3^

こんにちは 山下翔央です!!
今回「フルハウス」という舞台をやらさせていただくことになりました。およそ3年ぶりの舞台で話をきいたときはびっくり+嬉しかったです。今回は登場人物が4人しかもコメディー作品ということで 気合が入りまくりです!!笑いあり謎あり感動ありの作品でみんなに楽しんでいただける舞台になるよう心機一転!頑張ります!絶対 見にきてくださいね。=D

Hi! This is Yamashita Shoon!!
I’m going to star in a play titled “Full house”. (little stars) It’s been almost 3 years since the last time I took part in a play, so this has been a surprise for me, and I’m very happy. This time it’s a 4 characters play, and it’s a comedy. The play will be full of laughter, mystery, and drama. I hope everyone will enjoy it. I’ll do my best! Please do come and see the play! =D

I'll try to find out more about this. ^__~b

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