March 26, 2008

I'm back

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
Sorry for having been this absent for so long. Several things have prevented me from updating lately:
1) lack of time
2) I wanted to reply all the unanswered comments before updating, but I've let them pile up and it's become a bit of a daunting task ^^;;; I promise I'm going to reply to all of them though ^^]
3) technichal problems (change from Windows XP to Windows Vista has brought lots of troubles)
4) work problems
5) laziness (yes, I admit it D:)

I've been thinking a lot, thinking that I need to give a complete makeover to this place, that something's got to give because in the last months I've been feeling as if I was being pulled in three different directions: Ya-Ya-yah, Shoon, and Yabu-Hika.

It's no secret that my favourite in Ya-Ya-yah has always been Shoon. No matter which path Shoon's career takes; as long as he remains in the showbiz I'll keep up with him and blog about him. He's the reason this site is called "Ya-Ya-yah obse-shoon", after all.

Out of loyalty to Yabu and Hikaru I wanted to keep up with their careers too, to keep on blogging about them, uploading their solo performances, their scans... Well, for starters there's the "resentment" issue. I just can't get over it. I swear I've tried to be more open about it, but I still don't like HSJ. =_= I used to think I wouldn't mind so much about HSJ being in the limelight if one day things looked up for Shoon. I was wrong. Right now things are going nicely for him *crosses her fingers that this won't be just something temporary*, but I still miss Ya-Ya-yah terribly and keep wondering "why", why did it have to happen. And yes, the resentment is still there. I keep on skipping the HSJ parts when watching SC and avoiding HSJ as much as I can. So trying to keep up with Yabu's and Hikaru's careers is kind of hard for me. Yesterday I was watching a new CM they appear in, with the rest of HSB, and I wanted to take the other three away and bring Taiyô and Shoon in. *sigh* I have a feeling that's not going to change any time soon. It's like... you know, when a friend in your group gets a boyfriend and you don't like the guy. When you meet her, she often brings her boyfriend along and... well, you're polite and all, but things are not the same anymore. ^^ It's like your friend has grown an appendix and you have to accept it because the appendix is not going anywhere. And then the scans... It's a lot of work to edit them to just leave Yabu and Hikaru, and sometimes it's impossible, and most times I feel ridiculous doing it, because really, I don't like HSJ, but I have nothing against the guys individually, and I feel bad editing them out. D:

Besides, I've realized that I've been adding post-HSJ debut Shoon, Yabu, and Hikaru scans to the online album when it's a Ya-Ya-yah album. I'll always consider the three of them as Ya-Ya-yah in my heart, but it's strange to have pictures of Yabu with Chinen or Hikaru with Okamoto, or pictures of HSB there. I think some newcomers to the fandom will be confused as to why they are on a Ya-Ya-yah album.

So I've decided no more post-HSJ debut Yabu and Hikaru scans in the album. I know that sounds a bit harsh. It's been a very hard decision for me to make. ;__; You can always get them from HappyTown though, and if you can't download from Gogobox and want me to re-upload to MF or whatever, I will.

I don't now if I'll upload any more Yabu/Hikaru solo/duo performances here either or blog about it. I know I'll keep on downloading and watching them, but this is a Ya-Ya-yah blog and I want to focus on Ya-Ya-yah.

If I had lots of spare time I'd like to keep track of Yabu, Hikaru, and Shoon individually. Some days ago I was actually thinking of adding info about Yabu's appearance in Dreamboys under "EVENTS" on the sidebar, together with info about Shoon's play, and then if Hikaru got involved in some other project I'd put info about it there too. The problem is that I don't have that much time. So something's got to give. -_-

What about Shoon? Well, of late I've been feeling a bit guilty posting so much about Shoon here, because this is not a Shoon blog. Sure, he's my favourite in Ya-Ya-yah and he's my favourite out of it too, and this is a Ya-Ya-yah blog with its main focus on Shoon, but it's still mostly -or it intends to be- a Ya-Ya-yah blog.

I'm still trying to decide what to do about Shoon. I know most of my readers are Shoon fans, but I also want the LJ Shoon community to have a reason to be, so maybe I'll keep the Shoon rambles for this blog and Shoon goodies (scans, clips, etc) for the LJ community? I don't know, I'll have to think about it. If you want to give me your input on that -or anything else for that matter, it would be great.

You know, it's just that I want to blog about Ya-Ya-yah and I never seem to find the time for it trying to keep up with posting the latest Yabu-Hika and Shoon scans, trying to find the time to post about SC and so on. @__@

And because this is a Ya-Ya-yah blog, how about some Ya-Ya-yah scans? ^__~ These are from 3 different Stand by Me 2004 articles. I won the 2004 Stand by Me pamphlet a few weeks ago on Yahoo!auctions and I got it yesterday. It's sooooo beautiful! *___* I want to scan it, but I don't know if it will fit in the scanner screen because it's a bit too wide. I wish there were fancams of SbM. I love looking at the "behind-the-scenes" pictures of Stand by Me. It looks like it was a great experience for all four of them. And I wish I could have seen the 2003 version and then the 2004 version to see how much they had improved from one year to the next. Looking at the pictures both versions look quite different. Shoon, for instance, looks the part much more in the 2004 version than in the 2003 one. Anyway, a couple of these... I've posted them before, but for those who hadn't seen them, I'm posting them again. 1) TV Guide 2004 (10th July-16th July issue); 2) 2004 TV Pia (different magazine, but the pictures were taken obviously on the same day and in the same place); 3&4) Look at Star 2004 vol.9 - idiot me I forgot to scan the text page the first time ^^; 5&6) 2004 Top Stage Vol. 11

If you repost these, please credit me for scanning them, no need to credit for icons, translations, or graphics, and no hotlinking to the images. Thanks. ^__^

PS: I've changed the header, as you can see. I wanted to blog about this on the 24th, but I didn't have the time. -_- It's been half a year since Ya-Ya-yah disbanded and HSJ came into being. How do you feel about it?, how are you feeling?, how are you coping? I might write about my feelings regarding it on the next post as it would be quite lengthy. ^^ However, they can be summed up with the motto on the header: 半年経ったけど、Ya-Ya-yahを忘れていない (Half a year has passed, but I (we) haven't forgotten Ya-Ya-yah) =]


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