March 10, 2008

yamabu exists

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
Yesterday was both a great and an awful day for me. Great because Shounen Club made me happier than it has made me in a very long time.
Awful because we had presidential elections yesterday here in Spain, and before midnight we learned that the joke of a government we've had for the last 4 years is going to remain in power for the next 4 years as well, which is downright depressing. I'm typing this in gray so you can skip this part in case you find it boring. When I was in my teens I used to think politics was horribly boring. Then, when I grew up I realized that politics is something everybody should keep up with, even if it's just to choose the lesser of two evils. Spain is facing many serious problems right now -like terrorism, draught, growing radicalism, a poor educational system, and an impending economic crisis-, but apparently half of the country doesn't even care. They're too busy hating the other half for a civil war that took place in the 1930s and a dictatorship that ended in 1975.

Oh, well, at least there is fandom. =] Sorry I've been absent this long, and sorry I haven't been able to reply so many comments from the previous entries yet. m(_ _)m Work is to be blamed for that, as well as the existential crisis I'm going through. You know, the "where is my life heading to?" sort of crisis we all have from time to time. ^^

Anyway. In the last weeks fandom has been so wonderful: Hikaru's new solo, Yabu's new solo, Yabu in Dream Boys, the announcement of Shoon's play in May, Shoon's pages in the April mags... and then yesterday's Shounen Club was so awesome I was elated until the elections results dampened my good mood.

First off, Shoon's singing. I had really missed listening to his voice alone since the last time Ya-Ya-yah performed Baby Babe on SC last year. And perhaps it's because of how much I missed it, but it sounded soooo beautiful. It's just five or six words, but his voice sounded so incredibly warm and caressing. *__* He may not have a versatile voice, like Hikaru, or such a distinct voice as Yabu does, but... God, I could listen on repeat to those eight seconds and never get tired of it. I wish they'd let him sing solo at least once more before he stops appearing on SC -which I hope will be as late as possible, needless to say. ^^

For those of you who haven't seen it... Oh, and notice how the audience squeals in delight when Shoon sings. ^_____^ I wish I had a squeal-o-meter to measure the squeals, but I counted the seconds and the squealing usually lasts longer than for anybody else. XD JE, take note of this, you hear? People want to see more of Shoon, dammit, and so do I. =p

And then the Junior League... ^______^ Shoon was so spazztic. It just shows how excited and happy he is about the play. =] And one of the things I like best about Shoon is that he's so unpredictable. I mean, with Hikaru you're always expecting funny faces and jokes, but with Shoon you just never know how he's going to act.

And he was wearing his white suit with the jacket sleeves rolled up -he knows all too well where his charm lies ^__~, doesn't he?- and his new red necklace. So handsome. ^3^


In the first part of the game... how cool was that bit of improvised dancing? =D Hikaru was as dorky as always, moving his hips like that. LOL

Yabu fails for choosing Kitayama for the 2nd part of the game. =p He should have remembered when back in 2003 Shoon was the one who scored highest in that game in which they had to shake those fluffy tails on the Ya-Ya-yah show. I remember because it annoyed me how Midori completely overlooked Shoon's achievement. ¬¬

And Shoon demonstrated he could have probably beaten Goseki. XD That was so funny and unexpected too. I love Shoon's spazztic outbursts, seriously. ^3^

And then came ALL that Yamabu love... How amazing was that after months without even eye contact between them? ;___; And it was so much more than I had expected too! Japanese bloggers said Yabu "patted" Shoon's hair and they "embraced" and "shook hands". I'm so glad I decided not to get too excited about it. Imagining something you read about and then seeing the actual thing is disappointing sometimes, but in this case it was so much more amazing! ^o^ For starters I love how Yabu went all the way to where Shoon was and reached out to grab him before he started caressing his hair. *__* "Patting" is what Kitayama did later. XD Anybody who likes Shoon loves that soft-looking hair he has, and it had always been a fantasy of mine *naughty snigger* to see Yabu touching Shoon's hair. It looked a bit awkward because Yabu is left-handed so it would have looked better if he had been standing on Shoon's right- I know, I'm picky XD - but it was so cute anyway! And it was not just the hair. ^__~ I love how naturally possessive Yabu seems about Shoon: the way he grabbed his shoulder, then put his hand on his chest, then on his arm... And when Shoon grabbed Yabu's arm too! XD I really have no words for how much love this was. ^3^ Not to mention Shoon's mega-adorable pout. And it didn't end at that of course. ^o^ After the last part of the game, when Koyama tells the two teams that they are tie and have to settle it with a jan-ken-pon (rock-paper-scissors) game, Shoon gets angry and Yabu pacifies him again by touching his hair and all. So cute!! *squeals* And then Shoon shakes Yabu's hand to wish him luck in this so very masculine way of saying "you better make 'em pay". XD

So yes, Yamabu exists, and don't you dare deny it. ^__^v I also hope YabuxHikaru fans are green with envy *is mean* and that JE will notice how much the audience squealed during the Yamabu moment. =D

I loved it so much that I just had to take lots of screencaps of it. XD

vlcsnap-163006 vlcsnap-163254 vlcsnap-164221 vlcsnap-164364 vlcsnap-164469 vlcsnap-164788 vlcsnap-164945 vlcsnap-165225 vlcsnap-165392 vlcsnap-165781 vlcsnap-166407 vlcsnap-167554 vlcsnap-167244 vlcsnap-168063 vlcsnap-169087 vlcsnap-169579

And Hikaru was so funny in this too! I just love how he started yelling at Goseki while cheating at the same time, shaking the counter thingy. LOL And he really makes the best faces. =] Come on, JE, when are we going to see Hika in a drama? Speaking of which... There's a new section called "movies" at Johnny's Net that says "coming soon". Wonder what's coming soon. ^^

Oh, and... have you checked this piece of news on Kamichan's blog? It's about an article called About Ya-Ya-yah’s Termination... The Abandoned People of Johnny’s Jr published at the site of an online Japanese newspaper.

As Kamichan himself points out it doesn't say anything new, but it's so awesome that finally some Japanese media is questioning the way JE does things. Juniors have feelings -and so do the fans- and they are not just pawns the jimusho can make use of at their will. Please do go and read Kamichan's translation if you haven't.

It ackowledges that Ya-Ya-yah were pushed vehemently and that they were expected to be the next debut candidates after KAT-TUN left the Juniors. Reading this is such a comfort. It wasn't just our imagination. The Japanese media was convinced of it too, and it was evident from how much they were being pimped.

It also acknowledges Taiyô's and Shoon's predicament after HSJ's debut, about Taiyô's decision to quit and how a second chance for Shoon to debut seems very unlikely. I must say I agree on that. I don't see them putting Shoon in a new junior group or in Kisumai or ABC, and Reon still has a long way to go compared to Shoon for a brother unit like Golf&Mike.

I also like how they mention J.J.Express as well. =] And speaking of junior groups... is it me or does JE seem reluctant to make new junior groups? I mean, it's been a while after HSJ's debut and at first it seemed we were going to have a 6 members unit with Hasshi, now it looks like a 3 members unit, there also Shintarô with Taiga... but nothing definite yet. I wonder if they've learned the lesson after how strongly the fans reacted to Ya-Ya-yah's disbandment. I hope so. It's so cruel for the juniors. Or maybe for them it's just too soon to make new groups?

*wanders off to answer comments*

PS: Hikaru's teeth do look a bit different, but it doesn't seem his double teeth have been removed or anything. That's a relief. =]

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