April 26, 2008

happy Irea = looong entry

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
photograph by ggriffit1 - click to see this picture in full sizeI'm afraid this entry is not going to be very coherent because I can't be very coherent nor orderly when I'm in a good mood, and today I'm in a great mood. =) This morning was fun. According to the wheather forecast we were going to have a cloudy, grey Sunday, but before midday the wind blew the clouds away and we've had a beautiful sunny, Spring-like Sunday. My eldest sis and I decided to go for a walk along the Paseo del Prado, and we ended up visiting the Archeological Museum (click on the pic on the right to see bigger image). The entrance is free these days as the museum is undergoing renovation works and some parts are closed to the public, and we hadn't been there in ages (me since my last year of highschool!).

photograph by varekai1 - click to see this picture in full sizeIsn't it a shame that we usually think that the monuments and museums in our city are just for tourists? Of course I visited all of Madrid's tourist sites with my parents or the school when I was younger. But being taken to a place is not the same as going there of your own will. Just like I hated studying History at school, but now I love reading history books. I was going to say that you also enjoy those things more when you grow up, but... Well, this morning we saw a couple with their kids at the museum and the father sat on one of the benches and told his oldest son: "Go with your mother and look at those jars [some ancient Roman jars]; they're really interesting". ... LOL Fortunately we saw good dads too. Oh, and we saw Alex de la Iglesia when we entered the museum's shop! O_O He's a Spanish film director - you might have heard of his latest film, The Oxford Crimes, starring Elijah Wood and John Hurt. He was with a woman and two little girls, but I don't know if his married, so I can't say they were his wife and daughters.

Monumento al Descubrimiento de América - click to see this picture in full sizeThe pic in the paragraph above, on the left, is another view of the Archeological Museum's building from a different angle of Colon's Square (Christopher Colombus square). The concrete blocks on the photograph are a modernistic monument to the discovery of America. It has several inscriptions carved on it, like the names of different people who played a part in Columbus journey, and among them there's the name one of my ancestors, a nobleman. Those of you who know my surname should be able to find it on the pic on the right. ;-) That's a photo of the monument from the back part. Unfortunately none of these beautiful pictures are mine, but taken from the Internet. I want a digital camera! *pouts* =(

Later we had lunch at an Italian restaurant and... Anyway, it was fun. =) I don't talk about my private life often, and this is not a personal blog, but I felt like writing about it, perhaps because it added up to the good mood I've been in lately thanks in part to all the pimping Shoon is getting these days because of Full House:

TV appearances:
+ February 27th - Sweet Den of Premiere - they showed a clip of Shoon on his own promoting the play. =)

+ March 18th - Sweet Den of Premiere again. This time he was on the studio with Machida and Yonehana, and they show clips of Kazama and Murakami, the play director.

+ March 22nd - Shoon appears in Hadaka no Shounen with Uesato Ryota. He hadn't been on this show since 2004, during the promotion of West Side Story. He was adorably talkative and hyper in this. ^3^

+ March 29th - Shoon appears in Hadaka no Shounen with Ryota again. (not posting a clip of this because nobody has uploaded a HQ version yet and the one I have is crappy =_=)
+ April 8th - Shoon appears in Hyakushiki. He gets quite a lot of screentime too: 2 funny skits with Fujigaya, he explains the meaning of the kanji that make up his name, and at the end of the show they air a promotional clip of Shoon inviting viewers to go and see Full House. =)

+ April 15th - Hyakushiki again. In this one he didn't have that much screentime.
+ April 22nd - Sweet Den of Premiere yet again. This time they showed a clip of Kazama, Machida, Yonehana, and Shoon rehearsing and talking about the play. =)

+ April 22nd - Hyakushiki once more. Lots of screentime again. ^__^ And he'll be on the show next Tuesday as well - outside the studio too. =D

Also, speaking of Hyakushiki... Shoon appears in the June issue of Myojo on a page about the show with Fujigaya, Sanada, and Kato Kan. This is not a minor thing either, because he hasn't been featured in Myojo since December of last year! It makes me wonder if he's going to become a regular in the show, and he'll be featured again in Myojo - properly, I mean, with his own page. Mabel has bought the magazine and took a picture of that page. Click here to see it.

Written media:
+ Full House article in the April issue of Potato (apart from his solo page)
+ solo interview in the Hokkaido evening newspaper (北海道夕刊新聞) (2008.04.21) [click to see a picture]
+ solo interview in the Gunma newspaper (群馬新聞) - April
+ solo interview in the Jômô newspaper(上毛新聞) - April
+ Full House article in the May issue of Duet (apart from his solo page)
+ Full House article in the May issue of BiDan, a fashion magazine
+ Full House article in the May issue of Look at Star
+ Full House article in the May issue of The Theatre Guide (I haven't yet been able to get clippings of this). ;__;
+ Full House article in the June issue of Look at Star
+ Full House article in the June issue of Top Stage

All this attention he's getting makes me sooooo happy. ^___^ It makes me worry a bit too about what will happen when the play ends, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. I've set up a counter on the menu bar that will count down to the first night of Full House - May 2nd, at 7 in the evening. Time does fly. It seems it was yesterday when we found out he was going to be in a play.

For Shoon scans and downloads, please visit the fansite I'm building or the LJ community. =)

On to other things now, today I'm fulfilling a promise I made to Mandy (beargirl86). She asked me to put together the previous headers I've had for this site, and they can be found here now: Ya-Ya-yah Obse-shoon headers set. There have been more, but I've only uploaded those that are significant or took some work. There are a couple you haven't seen before because I never got to use them, and if you read the description that accompanies each header you'll learn what I wanted to convey with them. And speaking of headers... I made a new one. =) *points to the header*

The text is from the fic I'm writing about Ya-Ya-yah's break-up (Maybe your Love), like last time, and I intend to make a header for each of the Ya-Ya-yah members. Taiyô's and Shoon's will come after Full House ends, though, because I want to have a Full House header for the time the play is being staged. =)

Moving on to something different, a few days ago I scanned some old Ya-Ya-yah clippings. One is a rare page from 2002 about the rehearsal for the filming of one of Ya-Ya-yah's PVs: Winter Wonderland.

Everybody was so cute in that PV. ^3^ You can find the scan here, with other random/unsorted scans: various/unsorted folder. I've also uploaded the clip for those of you who might not have watched it and perhaps want to download it.

download this clip [2002 Winter Wonderland (17.48 MB)]

I also scanned two old sets from 2002 magazines: 2002.05 duet and 2002.04 wink up, of which you can see previews below. Taiyô looks sooo young in the Wink Up one! That one if you notice has only Taiyô, Akama, and Yabu, so it's a bit of a rarity as well. To dowload them click on the links above. Feel free to use them for icons, graphics, and translations (no need to credit). If you want to repost them somewhere else, just credit me, and no hotlinking, please. Thanks ~ =)

The 2002.05 Duet set has a bit (see pic on the left) in which Shoon explains the reason for one of his childhood nicknames. If you've read Shoon's profile in the Ya-Ya-yah LJ community, you probably have read this: "Nickname: Shot, Yama, Shoon, Koon-kun (by his classmates) Mayo (childhood nickname)" Well, I had always wondered why on earth anybody would call him Shot. O__o??? It seems the nickname wasn't "Shot", but "Shô-T", the explanation for that being that the T is for "tea" because as we all know he loves tea. ^^ One mystery solved. =)

And to finish this weird mish-mash of an entry, I'm going to go against what I said in a previous entry and post a Yabu and Hikaru livestage from HHS. Blame Yabu and Hikaru - and Fiona too for uploading a HQ version of it too to her Gogobox. I just wish they hadn't sung you-know-what-song at the end. =_=

2008.04.19 [HHS] LS.vob (192 MB) .001 .002 [credits: HAPPYTOWN]

And for those who still think Yabu is not handsome, well... an image is worth a thousand words, or however that goes. Here go two screencaps from this performance. The second one made me LOL because at first I thought his T-shirt said "YABOO". XD That's the way an LJ friend of mine calls him.

click for full size click for full size

PS: same old, same old ~ meaning I'm still in the process of replying comments. Please bear with me. ^^
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