April 06, 2008

when Shoon held the Sun

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
I felt a bit cheated by the so-called "solo" the handsome guy on the left performed on today's Shônen Club, Way of Life. Not because of Shoon, of course - he was just wonderful, as always ^3^ -, and not because of the coreography, which I think was very nice. I enjoyed every single second of it, but I wasn't expecting him to have 8 juniors no less backsinging for him. =( Sometimes I hate my favourite number for appearing this randomly to annoy me. I wanted to listen to Shoon's voice only, not to Shoon's voice mingled with other 8 voices. *pouts* Oh, well, at least he had a solo line at the end. *sigh* And what a beautiful line that was. *__* Ah, I want to hear Shoon sing a whole song on his own again. ;__;

I must say his entrance and the lighting were great though. And gosh, I loved how the audience screamed in delight when they saw it was him. ^___^ When he was coming forward in the shadows and it was hard to see him well I was wondering what outfit he was wearing and squinting at the screen. In just a few secongs my first thought upon seeing it was "oh, man, not that outfit again!, this is like a curse -_-". Some people call it "the Sgt. Pepper outfit", while in an affectionate way I call it "the puppet outfit". I love and hate that outfit at the same time. Love it because it's so Ya-Ya-yah. Hate it because it's the most uncool outfit possible, and the damn SC staff have the annoying habit of making him wear it on the performances I look forward to the most. ;__; Yes, it's still fresh on my mind when he last performed his solo, Bad★Nice, on the SC he produced, and he had to wear it.

The second thought I had was "I thought we wouldn't see him wearing that one anymore". As I said... it just screams Ya-Ya-yah. Well, looks like I was wrong. JE just doesn't stop surprising us, does it. ^^

My third thought: "ZOMG!! That's not his jacket, that's Taiyô's!! O__O". Now, this is something that most likely only us, Ya-Ya-yah fans, noticed because it's just the tiny difference that in Shoon's the colour of the jacket's body was gold and not silver.

Obviously it's not the boys who choose which outfit they're going to wear for the performances, but the staff. They all have to match with the other boys on the stage. However, the fan in me wants to believe that Shoon chose to wear Taiyô's jacket instead of his own as a little tribute to him, or at least as a way of having Taiyô on the stage with him, in a way, when he realized he had the chance.

Of course there's the boring and plausible possibility that the staff thought the silver one would match better with the other boys outfits, but I choose to believe Shoon had a reason for wearing Taiyô's jacket and not his own.

I think Shoon is the type of person for whom symbolism is important. Just take for instance those Native American Indian accesories he wears, like the eagle one. Apparently in the May issue of BiDan, in which he's featured with Kazama, Yonehana, and Machida, he speaks for the first time about his love for this kind of accesories.

So, whichever the reason, I was very much moved when I realized Shoon was wearing Taiyô's jacket. I wonder if Taiyô watches SC. I wonder if he watched this SC and saw Shoon wearing his jacket. I wonder if he smiled. He probably did. =] I did.

In fact, I always thought the silver one would fit Shoon better and the golden one would have fitted Taiyô better too. After all Taiyô means "sun", and Shoon... well, I sort of associate Shoon with the moon, and hence with silver. I think it's because he's so elfish. ^^

[download this clip] [download mp3]

And speaking of outfits... I really must learn not to mind seeing other juniors wearing Ya-Ya-yah outfits, because it's going to happen whether I like it or not, and I don't mind much seeing Hasshi and others wearing those cowboy-like black and red outfits, but seeing this Nakata Daichi from Hey!Say!West wearing the white Ya-Ya-yah outfit, which happens to be one of my faves, was a bit too much. Okay, I guess they just gave him that one so he would match with the others and at the same time stand out because he's from another unit and a Kansai junior too, but... -_-;;;

Other things put a smile on my face, though, like seeing the moment I've captured below. It amused me so much. XD Two fans taking notes for the Shokura reports they'd type later on their blogs, and the two next to them totally oblivious to anything that wasn't Shoon. I'm a blogger myself, but I would have been one of the latter. LOL

I'm also going to post here a clip of the performance that closed the show, of Takki with all the juniors, firstly because Shoon was in it, and secondly because it was very cute. <3

PS: Random note - in the Junior ni Q segment, the camera focused for a moment on Shoon's answer to the day's question: "The origin of my name!" (ぼくの名前の由来 - boku no namae no yurai). Shoon's paper says his came out of a Sean Penn (ショーン・ペン) movie. O__o ... Um... okay. XD??? Eto... Shoon... Your mother watched a Sean Penn movie and thought Sean would be good name for you? Well, I would have liked it better if it had been a Sean Connery movie. ^^

PS2: As Tina, Kel, and others of you have noticed, I changed the header to congratulate Akama on his 17th birthday. I was thinking of writing an entry, but in the end I didn't find the time. I think he was a sweet kid, and I would have liked to have seen more of him to get to know him better. He had a good voice when he was a child, and what I liked best about him was how fond he was of Yabu, and in general what a loving and respectful guy he seemed. =]

PS3: Still replying comments. I'm a very slow replier, sorry. m(_ _)m

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