May 16, 2008

Koyama onii-chan

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
Just to let you know that I'm alive -busy but alive ^^- and to post a short something I found today on the blog of NoA, a Japanese friend and Ya-Ya-yah and Shoon fan fellow. =) Apart from being a NEWS fan and a Massu fan.

Koyama's entry on the J-Web,「メンバー愛」(Menbâ Ai - love (comradeship rather) between the members of a group/unit) Loose translation by me. Please feel free to point out any mistakes. ^_^

(Today) I had lunch with Yabu and Hikaru.

『Hi! Hey! Say!』のスタッフさんがお食事会を開いてくれたんです!!
...because the Hi!Hey!Say! staff held a party!! (i.e. a party with food and drinks)

It was the first party we had with Yabu and Hikaru since the show started

And all of us started bringing up nostalgic memories!!

When they played a prank on me, when we stayed the night in Osaka and got up to tape the show on location...

The conversation just didn't run out.

This show was the starting point for me!

I've made a promise to Yabu and Hikaru: we'll make a more enjoyable show of it

俺熱く語るの好きでさー 薮と光にはうざかったかな笑?
As for my fondness of making passionate speeches... Yabu, Hikaru... Did I annoy you? LOL

Please forgive me. It's just that your "onii-chan" (older brother in a figurative sense) loves his job too much.

Anyway, it was a great get-together!!

...with the two best little brothers!!

(the brown one is for Koyama. ^__~) Even though he says "Hi!Hey!Say!" because that's the name of the show now, it's obvious that the memories he's talking about refer to Ya-Ya-yah. =) I'm glad he's there for Yabu and Hikaru, and it's very touching that he says that the show was the starting point for him.

PS: note to self - must try and find the time to answer all the comments piling up. ^^;;;

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