June 24, 2008


山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
This afternoon I received a message from Medetaiakaru, owner and maintainer of Littlix and a huge fan of Morimoto Ryutarô. The reason he was e-mailing me was that he had found another piece of Taiyô-related news at the Horikoshi website:

It's about a trip Taiyô's and Hikaru's class made to Hokkaidô from May 26th to May 31st. =) And there's a slide-show with a few photos... and Taiyô and Hikaru are in one of them, standing next to each other. ^___^ Akaru, who is a bit of computer whiz has managed to extract the picture. Thanks again!!! =D It's the first good-quality picture we see of Taiyô in months. He looks so nice, doesn't he? A big smile, a good, healthy tan, and a haircut as well - plus he has his natural hair colour back. I think what surprised me the most was the haircut. Quite short and quite short sideburns as well. Very different from the look he had when he was a johnny.

Anyway, it's great to see him so happy and enjoying school life. =) And also to see -not that I ever doubted it- that he and Hikaru are as still close as they were months ago. [click on the pic to see it in full size] [*makes note to self to check Horikoshi's site more often]

Taiyô's & Hikaru's school trip to Hokkaidô

Today's Hyakushiki was a bit boring -the theme was traffic signs-, but there was a very cute bit at the end in which Inocchi-sensei and Shoon showed a couple of original signs made for the show: cheating in exams forbidden, and teachers falling asleep forbidden. LOL And then Shoon talks about a funny sign he stumbled upon once: a heart-shaped sign! XD But the very best comes at the end. On the next episode, Shoon and Fuyigaya make a report at Tokyo Disneyland because of the 25th anniversary of this amusement park. =D And Shoon wore a pair of Minnie Mouse ears with a red ribbon with white dots! Sooo cute! ^.^*

Finally, somebody at the Ya-Ya-yah LJ community was asking for good scans of the 2005.12 issue of Potato and I meant to scan it sooner or later because it's one of my favourites. So many Yamabu pics! Enjoy! Same as always: please credit me if you repost them (either as puppeteer8@LJ or yayayah8.blogspot.com), credits appreciated but not necessary if you just want to make icons, graphics, or translations, and no hotlinking, thanks. =)

*goes back to answering comments. ^^*

2005.12 Potato - Ya-Ya-yah scans

PS: If you have the time, go and check Seca's JE blog. It's an interesting read. =)

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