July 29, 2008

September's SC

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
[edit] I had included this in the entry at first, then cut it because I wasn't sure, and now I'm adding it back. I think the ring Shoon was wearing at the recording of the September SC can be seen on yesterday's Hyakushiki episode. (see screencap below) I had doubts, wondering if if it was just part of the hand piece they were wearing as part of the archery equipment, but Sanada's doesn't seem to have any decoration, so my guess is Shoon put on the hand piece, and then slid the ring back on his finger. If that is the ring it's very cool, with those silver arabesques. =)[end of edit]

First of all, sorry I'm posting so much these days. ^^ I seem to find things I want to blog about every time I post an entry. ^^

Anyway. Neriel has sent me another batch of Shoon pics from the 2003 Pattaya Music Festival. Thanks so much again, Neriel! ^___^ It was a lucky day indeed when our paths met. Click here for the 2003 Pattaya Music Festival folder.

You can see some previews below. The first pic is HUGE, and you need to see it in full size because it shows the most perfect three quarters profile and the prettiest nose you've ever seen. ^__^ The one of him making the V sign on the bus has become one of my personal favourites. =)

fanart by NerielNeriel also sent me this so very cute piece of fanart as well, a chibified pic of Shoon wearing what I call his "Egyptian Prince outfit". ^3^ It made me think of Bre's latest Yamabu fic The Littlest Puppet, which you should read if you haven't because it's beautiful. ^^

Okay, on to other things... There was Hyakushiki today! =D It seems we're going to have two or more episodes about the Olympics, because that was today's theme and it will be next week's theme too. Today there was also a report in which Sanada and Shoon practised archery. =)

Being Saggitarius and an elf in disguise I knew Shoon had to be good at archery. ^___^

Okay, so he needs a little practice, but he did really well taking into account it was his 1st time.

2008.07.29 Hyakushiki - Olympics 1.asf (78.32 MB)

And finally, on to the real theme of this post... September's SC... Shoon-wise. I've been thinking that perhaps the reason why Shoon gets to sing a new song with ABC and they wear matching outfits could be that they are going to perform that same song is Summary. I had my doubts as to whether Shoon might or might not take part in Summary 2008, but I think that the recent events have shown that JE values Shoon as an asset, and they probably were trying to find a way to give him some quality stage time. Not a solo because unfortunately at the moment that seems very unlikely, but something better than one or two lines with other groupless juniors in some medley as has been happening in SC.

Anyway, here's a rough translation of a SC report from one of my favourite Shoon fanblogs: Yamashita-ism.

Opening of the 1st episode: 輪になって踊ろう (Wa ni natte odorô - Let's form a ring and dance) Shoon appears with ABC, wearing a new sparkly black suit that matches ABCs outfits. He's wearing a ring on his right hand too.

MC segment: Kawai, Tottsu, and Shoon. They're wearing new matching red outfits. Each one is a little different design though. Not sure if I've understood this correctly, but I think they talk about the SC theme, "仲間 - nakama" (partner/companion/close friend)... which happens to be the same theme Yabu and Hikaru had for the Shounen Club they produced on the 2006.12.10 episode. Doesn't that show a certain laziness on the SC staff part? ^^ I mean, can't they think of new themes?

Anyway, I believe Nakamaru and Koyama give them sentences with an open ending for them to complete as they choose. Shoon -again if I understood correctly- says that if he was asked by a close friend to accompany them(to stand by them I guess), he would do so forever. And then he adds that even if he was not asked to do it, he would.

Then comes the ABC+Shoon song, of which unfortunately nobody seems to have caught the title. It seems there's a very cool bit of acrobatics at the beginning in which Shoon does his trademark backflip while Tottsu and Kawai help Tsuka-chan do that impressive flip from above... know which one I mean? ^^

Oh, and Shoon gets a solo part in the song, which is nice. ^___^b Finally getting to hear Shoon's voice on its own after so long!

Shoon reappears for the ending song in the 1st episode, 無限大 (Mugendai - infinity)

In the second episode he's introduced with ABC, with whom he's dancing, and Shoon blows a kiss to the camera. ^0^~*

Here comes my favourite part. XD When Koyama and Nakamaru announce that the guest is HSBEST, and Shoon sees Yabu appear on the stage, Shoon, in a little bit of a girly manner (LOL), opens his eyes widely, lifts a hand to his mouth, and seems to mouth あら! ("Ara!" - Oh!) Awww... Yamabu moment! ^0^ Hope the cameras didn't miss that. ^^

Then he reappears for a medley, in which he sings 喜びの歌 (Yorokobi no uta) with a couple of ABC members and Nakayama.

He takes part in the Junior League segment of the second episode. Yay!

Not sure what it was about - I think they had to do a bit of acting? - but it seems Shoon participated a lot and Nakamaru praised him. =)

For the ending of the second episode HSBEST sang "Your Seed", and then the juniors (Shoon included) joined them to sing 冒険ライダー (Bouken Rider - Adventure Rider) It's in this part that Shoon and Hikaru stand next to each other and pass their arm around each other's shoulders and look at each other. Apparently this was quite emotional. I hope the cameras caught that too.

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July 28, 2008

ABC and Shoon

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
Today was the recording of the September Shounen Club episodes. Yeah, it feels weird to talk about September when we are still in July. The owners of 3 Shoon fanblogs I visit regularly went to the recording.

In the first episode Shoon appeared with ABC at the opening song wearing a new black outfit. Can't wait to see it!

And then he appeared in the MC segment with Kawai and Tottsu! Can you remember the last time Shoon appeared in that segment? I think it was the last time Ya-Ya-yah sang Baby Babe last year. It's been ages. ^^

And then... here comes the shocker, it was announced that he would sing a new song with ABC. O___O And the five of them were wearing matching red outfits!!! And no, it wasn't Shoon's red Ya-Ya-yah outfit; it was a new red outfit that all the ABC members were wearing too!

Apparently there were lots of acrobatics during the performance (well, that's to be expected as it's ABC, isn't it?) and one of the bloggers describes the dancing as "very intense". Certainly can't wait to see that either.

I wonder if this could mean something, if maybe JE is testing the waters, seeing if Shoon could fit in ABC. Then again perhaps it doesn't mean anything. When I read all that I started imagining what it would be like, for Shoon to become a member of ABC. Unlike Tôshin, who wasn't an acrobat, Shoon could fit in ABC, with the concept of "Acrobat Boys Club". I wonder how ABC fans would feel about it though. I myself don't know how I'd feel about it. It would be a little awkward at first. Would they (ABC fans) think of Shoon as an intruder? I like ABC a lot, but I think it would take me a while to get used to it. And yet Shoon clicked so well with Kazama, Machida, and Yonehana... Perhaps it wouldn't be that hard to get used to it as long as Shoon is happy. And he does seem to get along with ABC.

It might also mean a turn in Shoon's career. More backdancing and acrobatics. However, Shoon would need to catch up with ABC's acrobatic skills for all the amazing stuff they do at DreamBoys and such. And much though I admire ABC for their awesome dancing and acrobatics, I'd rather see Shoon getting more acting chances. ^^ Oh, well, this is all hipothetical. In JE anything is possible, so I suppose we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

In other news, HSBEST were the guests in the second episode (yay, Yabu and Hikaru! ^3^), and apparently Hikaru and Shoon put their arms around each other's shoulders or something. ^_____^ I want to see that!! It's funny that last year that wouldn't have been anything extraordinary at all, but now it is. XD It takes so little to make a fan happy!

PS: Hyakushiki tomorrow! \^0^/ Shoon will practise archery! Wonder if he's any good. I hope he is or he'll spoil the elf image I have of him. XD
PS2: Shounen Club with lots of Shoon this weekend! That will be the best birthday present for me. ^_______^
PS3: I almost killed myself today in the shower. O_o I slipped, but thank God for my quick reflexes and my elasticity. -.- A nice purplish bruise is starting to grace my arm though. =_= *pokes* And it hurts. *ouch*

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July 27, 2008

scanning day

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
[EDIT] Neriel, from Thailand, has sent me four more pictures of Shoon taken at the 2003 Pattaya Festival. Shoon has such cute expressions!! ^3^ I've added them to the 2003 Pattaya folder [END OF EDIT]

Yesterday I realized I had misnamed the Stand by Me article below as "2004.07 Duet". If you downloaded my scans, please rename them as 2003.10 Myojo (thanks again, Tina! ^3^).

The actual 2004.07 Duet is this other article below, which is a Stand by Me article as well, only it was the 2nd time Ya-Ya-yah staged the play. ^^

After scanning the right 2004.07 Duet I also decided to scan four 2007 sets that were missing from my online album, so now all the 2007 articles are online. With the exception of Kindai, but Kindai is another matter. ^^

2007.01 Myojo :: 2007.02 Myojo :: 2007.01 Wink Up :: 2007.02 Wink Up

[As always, please credit this site or me as puppeteer8@LJ if you repost any of my scans. Feel free to use them for icons, graphics or translations - credits appreciated but not necessary. =) ]

Also, I finally watched the 4th part of the 2003 Pattaya Music Festival, and I thought I'd post this clip as another example of what fans should never be like. This clip contains the final comeback of "the Amazing Bleating Fangirl" at the airport, before the boys left Thailand. Poor Hikaru looked really tired and a bit upset, Yabu was very serious too, and Shoon went through the horde of fangirls at a run with half of ABC, Kame, and Taguchi. That was kind of funny. XD ABC's Tottsu, Kawai, and Goseki deserve a prize for those tired smiles and "thank-you" signs to the fans. Well, they were partly forced, awkward smiles, but, had it been me, I would't have smiled at all. And the bleating fangirl reached the peak of her annoying behaviour when she started calling out to Shoon. =__= Honestly, poor Shoon. Mistreating his beautiful name like that... Actually she sounded more like a goose in agony than a lamb. @__@;;; And he seemed somewhat tense too, no wonder, flexing his neck to one side and the other.

airport.mpg (27.46 MB)

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July 24, 2008

the bleating fangirl XD

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
[EDIT] After reading this entry, Neriel, a Thai Shoon fan, has sent me some pictures of Shoon taken at the 2003 Pattaya Festival and has asked me to share them with everyone. I've also added some small paparazzi pics I had. 2003 Pattaya pictures [END OF EDIT]

It's been some time since my last update, but I've been busy with a course I'm taking in proof editing (fight-o!), and I must admit I've also been defeated by the heat. XD;;; It's not very inviting to seat in front of a computer to blog when it's 38ºC (that's about 100ºF) and you're sweating. ^^ I hate Summer. Quite an irony when I was born in August -_-;.

So anyway, I thought this was worth defying the heat. In case you missed it, wakki_takki has made a post at different LJ communities advertising an upload she and the rest of the Tackey-Tsubasa.net team have made of a 4-disc set of the 2003 Pattaya Music Festival, in Thailand in which Takki, KAT-TUN, K.K.Kitty, ABC, Yabu, Hikaru, Shoon and other juniors took part as invited guests. (I've always wondered why Taiyô didn't go with them. Perhaps his parents thought he was too young to travel abroad?)

I never knew this existed!! How come? ;__; I'd only seen the clips they showed in the Ya-Ya-yah show. I was so happy when I saw wakki_takki's post! ^____^ Especially because I always wanted to see a better version of the clip in which Shoon holds a tiger cub. ^3^ I actually have an LJ icon of that. ;-) Kamichan said once that the first time he saw Shoon he reminded him of Mowgli (from The Jungle Book), and I so agree! =) He would have made the cutest Mowgli at 13. ^0^

If you haven't, go download the whole thing; it's worth watching. ^^v And I laughed so much reading wakki_takki's description of the content of each disc. XD I totally cracked up when I watched the clips and heard the cries of the fan she has baptised as "the bleating “Kame” girl" because she "sounds like a lamb that lost its mother". LOL

There are moments when I wondered how she managed to be near the camera ALL the time, because you can hear her in at least the first 3 discs. ^^;;; Haven't watched the 4th yet. So annoying! D: She has the most irritating voice (and accent) ever, and she keeps calling and calling each one of the guys trying to get their attention: "Takkeeeh!", "Hikarooh!" "Yaboooh!". At some points she even tries the name, the nickname, and the surname, which is kind of funny too. XD "Yaotomeh!", "Kameh!", "Kazuyaaaah!", "Kamenasheeeh!". @__@

She manages to destroy Sekai ga hitotsu ni naru made singing along. =X When I was watching that part I was hoping the security guard would take her away or that somebody would strangle her. XD Looks like poor Hika was having trouble with those trousers. Too big for him. LOL

Luckily there's another part in which you can listen to Yabu, Hikaru and Shoon and not the fans. Shoon was always so energetic when he made the deaf language signs. XD

sekai ga hitotsu.mpg (17.08 MB)

In fact I think somebody should write the Code of the Good Fan Practices, or something like that.

It might be something like this:
#1 Idols deserve their privacy; don't stalk them or harass them
#2 Idols don't have to be single for your sake
#3 Being a fan of an idol doesn't mean your idol has to please you
#4 Idols have good and bad days too; they don't have to smile all the time
#5 Idols are not just a pretty face; make the effort of getting to know more about them and try to understand them
#6 Idols are not exotic animals in a zoo, to be stared at rudely; don't treat them like they are

I'd have to think of numbers 7 to 10, but many of the fans in these clips should read 1, 4, and 6 a hundred times. If they had been allowed, they would have gone into the rest room to keep on screaming and calling to the boys. =_= It's shocking that the boys had to endure all the screaming even when they were having lunch. @__@ It's a wonder they didn't get indigestion. D: I can't help but admire them for keeping their composture. ^^ Shoon was so stoic through the whole thing! He looked like he didn't get all the fuss, and was a little scared, poor puppet. And he looked so pretty. *__* He has fairy-tale-princess lips. ^3^ He reminds me of some delicate, shy bird, and with birds the rule is always to be quiet so as not disturb them and admire them from the distance. My sister C. laughs at me because whenever I see a sparrow or another bird ahead on the sidewalk/path I slow my steps and make a detour so they won't fly away. XD (note: the original clips are .dat files; I converted them to .mpg and changed the aspect-ratio) Hikaru looks half bewildered and half amused.

eating and balcony.mpg(48.6 MB)

And finally my favourite bit, the one of Shoon with the tiger cub. ^3^ Don't tell anyone but I think he was a bit scared of the cub because he was a little stiff. XD Notice the man who tells him how to hold the little tiger for one last photo, because he appears in the bit afterwards, and he annoyed me as well, poking Shoon on the shoulder to tell him with signs to smile more. >=( I'm glad Shoon decided he would smile only if he felt like it. Would you smile if you had to go through a horde of screaming fans at the age of thirteen? I definitely wouldn't; I'd feel awkward as hell.

tiger cub and smile.mpg (14.89 MB)

And speaking of tigers... My younger brother, J., gave me a tiger cub plush last year for my birthday, and he was fooling around with his cell phone this afternoon when I started typing this entry, so I asked him to take a pic of it with his phone so I could show it to you. He took more than one. XD Is it cute or what? I need a name for it. ^^ Any suggestions?

Irea's tiger cub Irea's tiger cub 2 Irea's tiger cub 3 Irea's tiger cub 4

He also took a pic of the notice board on the wall in front of my desk. =) I don't use it as a notice board though. I pin there pictures of landscapes that allow me to escape for a while when I'm tired from work, inspirational quotations like the one on the top-left ("Try and live each day without attempting to solve in a moment every problem you have"), and some picture of Shoon of course. =) I change the pictures and the quotations every week or so. A lot of nature as you can see. I love trees and plants and landscapes... and medieval abbies too. ;-) The winged mouse was a present from my sis C. and the tiny wooden owls a present from my parents.

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July 11, 2008


山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
It's so difficult to find a happy medium in most things, isn't it? For example, being a healthy fan: not obsessed, rational, objective...

A friend of mine thinks being a fan of somebody shows a lack of self-esteem and a tendency to idolize people. She says a fan is so busy keeping track of his/her idol's life that he/she doesn't live his/her own life fully.

I think that's a bit extreme, but sometimes I worry about that, about devoting too much time to the fandom and not enough to myself. In May, whenever I read a Full House report on a Japanese blog - I still owe you a summary of them - I felt very happy for Shoon, but also a little jealous. He was doing something he loves doing, acting, and he was having the time of his life. In the meantime I was... well, busy with a job that isn't my calling.

Unconsciously I keep putting off my dreams instead of fighting for them as hard I should. I seem to have this silly belief somewhere in the back of my mind that one day in a not too distant future I'll get up in the morning and magically write an amazing novel, just like that. But time is like a road and we're travelling in a car without brakes. You can't stop or go back, and the car eats mile after mile, and what was the present soon becomes the past, and what you thought was the future becomes the present. The future is NOW; it's such a mistake of us to waste so much time, as if we were going to live forever.

I need to drill this into my head. For a while I actually had a reminder of this on the wall, in front of my desk; a quotation that goes: "Life is not a rehearsal; it's a one-time performance", but it ended up stressing me, so I took it down. Now I have another that says: "Try and live each day without attempting to solve in a moment every problem you have". Both are wise advise; now I just need to find a balance between the two.

It's ironic that my favourite movement in Art is the Renaissance, which had balance as its basis, and yet I have such a hard time finding balance in my life.

Perhaps you're wondering what brought this about. Well, it was something rather innocent, an anonymous comment on an old entry (Shoon shops at Goro's) a few days ago:

Hey I have to say I admire your feelings and your research into this eagle pendent. Not too many people outside of JP know of Goros... Unfortunately though if you think that this boy or any JP star or idol dresses themselves then you really are living in a fantasy land. Young idols wearing Goros is just another trend that will come and go. I really doubt he even knows where Goros is or could be bothered to line up an hour or two that it takes to get in.

This made me reflect on myself as a fan. Do I come across as naive? Am I living in a fantasy land? Am I idolizing Shoon? Have I fallen for him, or for a romantic idea of him I've built in my head?

Well, let me say in my defence, that when I write fangirly posts I sort of "let my hair down" and allow myself to be a little silly and indulge in what I consider fandom is for: "sharing what you like with others and squeeing together". *winks at Mandy*

I titled the post "Shoon shops at Goro's" not because I actually think he shops there, but because it sounded catchy.

Some of the accesories JE boys wear are their own (for a while Yabu wore a pendant he mentioned Tottsu had given to him, for instance) but I must admit that until a few weeks after writing that entry, I thought that AT LEAST the oval shaped eagle pendant belonged to Shoon. I suspected when I found out so many of his recent pendants are from the same collection, but he used to wear the oval-shaped one a couple of years ago, and then he started wearing it again, so I just assumed it was his. Then one day I noticed a Question? member wearing an exact pendant, and, you know, a part of me wanted to believe that they had both bought the same pendant, but not much later I saw an old V6 scan, and one of the members of the group was wearing the same pendant too. It was rather disappointing. I thought: "So some of the accesories they wear are hand-me-downs too, just like the outfits they wear on stage?".

I must also admit that I don't usually pay that much attention to anybody else's accesories other than Shoon's, but this post on Shotani's LJ was an eye-opener.

It's a shame really. Goro's fitted so nicely with Shoon's love for leatherwork! And the philosophy behind Goro's jewelry fitted the romantic image I have of him too.

However, somehow I guess that I was just closing my eyes to the truth and that deep down I'd suspected all along most accesories are not his. Do you remember the pic on the right? It's been on the navigation bar for a while, and I put it there last December, on Shoon's birthday.

For those who don't speak Japanese, it says (with some probable grammar mistake as my Japanese is not perfect): "Shoon, if you happen to read this, please wear this pendant again. That way us, foreign fans, will know that you know you have our support." I put it there in the hope that, if some day he stumbled upon this blog, I'd have a way of knowing it.

The reason I chose that pendant is because it's the only one that I know for sure belongs to him. I can't remember where I got the pictures below, so please if you see them and they're yours, tell me and I'll credit you. This is a bit from a page of one of the comic books of Ya-Ya-yah ga yattekuru, a shojo manga published in 2005. It's very small, but if you squint really hard, it's the same pendant, and in the text Shoon explains: "It's a present I got for my birthday two years ago from a member of the Kansai Johnny's Juniors, Muro Tatsuki (室龍規) [he's one year younger than Shoon]. I took part in a Kansai concert, we became good friends, and he gave this pendant to me for my birthday. It made me really happy. Since then I wear it a lot. He also mentions that the pendant appears in the manga, as you can see on the right.

And you can see he's also wearing it on another page. In fact he wears it in some 2005 photoshoots.

I took that picture down from the navigation bar a couple of weeks after my friend told me she had managed to give Shoon my letter. In my letter I wrote the URL of this blog, and if he read it he might have visited and seen it, so it made no sense to have it there any longer. I was maybe a bit naive hoping he'd wear it in the August magazines - the July interviews were done in mid-May, and he hadn't been given my letter yet. I kept on telling myself it wasn't going to happen, but I didn't manage to kill that silly little hope, and so I felt somewhat disappointed when I saw he's wearing no pendant at all in the August magazines as you can see below, which is something rather unusual for him. These are from Duet and Wink Up; the pics on the header are from Potato. I'm not posting the scans as I got them from somebody in a Chinese forum who asks not to repost them, but if you want them, leave a comment. I'll post my own scans at the Shoon LJ community in a few days, as soon as I get my clippings.

Well, this could mean that...
a) he didn't read the letter;
b) he read it but didn't visit this blog;
c) he visited but didn't want to wear the pendant - after all he doesn't have to please some random fan just because she asks him to do something;
d) he visited and thought it unnecessary as he mentioned foreign fans in an article last month;
e) he read my letter, visited out of curiosity, thought I was a freak, and decided not to wear any pendant in the August mags. .___.

I hope it was any... except e. I feel so awful thinking I might have offended or hurt him in any way with my letter or something he might have seen here. A few days ago I actually had a nightmare about this. I dream I am with him and it has to be a nightmare... -_- We were in a car; Shoon sitting in front, next to the driver, and I was sitting behind the driver, so I could see Shoon's face. He was reading a letter, he was very angry, and he had dyed his hair at least three different colours. The colours thing is probably because in the letter I wrote: "please don't dye it; your natural hair colour is beautiful". ^^;;;

Maybe I shouldn't have written that letter at all. Maybe I shouldn't write posts like this and wear my heart on my sleeve, as I so often do. I'm passionate and yes, maybe a little naive, and also stubborn and sentimental, but what can I do? That's the way I am.

To laugh is to risk appearing a fool
To weep is to risk appearing sentimental
To reach out for another is to risk involvement
To expose your feeling is to risk rejection
To place your dreams before the crowd is to risk ridicule
To love is to risk not being loved in return
To go forward in the face of overwhelming odd is to risk failure
But the risk should be taken, because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.
The person who risks nothing does nothing, has nothing, is nothing.
He may avoid suffering and sorrow, but he cannot learn, feel, change, grow, or love.
Chained by his certitudes, he is a slave. He has forfeited his freedom.
Only a person who takes risk is free.

I actually didn't mean to make an entry about this. I intended to talk about the August SCs, about how much I'm looking forward to them, about how much Shoon there will be in them, about Reon being a game assistant in Junior League for the first time, about the fact that there's a 4TOPS song (波) in one of the medleys, about how odd that is because no song that belonged to a junior group has ever been sung by other juniors in Shounen Club, as far as I know, about how that might mean that one day (soon?) they will actually sing Ya-Ya-yah songs, about how that might make me feel, but I ended up writing this.

I had also scanned another 2005 set and I will post it. In one of the pictures there's also a tiny hint of that strange awkwardness that makes me a Yamabu "believer". See if you can spot it! I love this set.

2005.11 Potato - Ya-Ya-yah scans

PS: The text on the header is a quotation from Mulan: The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all. It refers to Shoon, of course.

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July 01, 2008


山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
Cinderella's castleWhen I learned that today's Hyakushiki episode had a report on location with Fujigaya and Shoon at Tokyo Disneyland I got so excited. Not just for the chance of seeing Shoon wearing Minnie Mouse ears XD but also because Disneyland holds very special memories for me. Not memories of Tokyo Disneyland, 'cause I haven't visited Japan YET, but memories of Disney World, Orlando, Florida. =) I went there... 15 years ago with my family, in 1993. Oh, God, 15 years ago... that sounds so awful. =_= It makes me feel so old. *weeps* Taiyô must have been like 3 years old at that time. *cries* But I remember it as if it had been yesterday. aarrgh, stop it, Irea! You sound like a granny! Back then I was 17 years old, and still in High School (still trying to forget that period of my life LOL).

That trip to Orlando was probably one of the best holidays of my life. I had so much fun! =) I love fantasy, and there I felt as if I was in a fairytale. ^___^ It felt like home. *__*

I'll probably regret this, but I wanted to post some random pics -just a few; we have 4 albums!-, and in the end I decided that I'd add one or two pics of me, because maybe you'd like to know what I look like. ^^ Well, this is what I looked like when I was 17, but my face is pretty much the same and I even have a very similar haircut to the one I had back then. So after getting to know what my voice sounds like, you'll know what I look like. D: Don't sue me if I look completely different from the way you had imagined me! =p

1. The elder of my 2 older sisters, G. (with sunglasses) and me - I look like Heidi in this pic, with those cheeks. =_= It was taken at the Family Robinson Treehouse attraction. 2. The place was full of little beautiful details on literally every corner, like this statue of Cinderella. So pretty! 3. This one is actually from another place we visited, Disney Studios. It was so cool! =D I love how they made figures with the bushes. This one represents a scene from the movie Fantasia with wizard Mickey and some brooms that spring to life thanks to his magic. 4. Another beautiful example of bushes figures: a dragon and a child. =) That's me sitting in front of it with my other sister, C., who is older than me too, and the dorks in the background are my older brother, P. and my younger brother, J. =_= 5. Another pic from Disney Studios with sketches and drawings for Aladdin. 6. My sister C., me, and my younger brother, J., in Adventure Land. In case you're wondering what my dorky brother is doing there, he's mimicking the totem behind. XD;;; The picture at the beginning of this entry is Cinderella's castle, inside of which there was this cool shop where I bought some beautiful pendants, a wizard brooch, a wax unicorn... I would have bought the whole shop! D:

1. my sister and I - 上のお姉さんとイレア 2. Cinderella statue
3. Mickey and brooms 4. Dragon - 下のお姉さんとイレア、お兄さんと弟
5. Disney Studios 6. Adventure Land

Anyway, that was my experience at Disney World, and what follows are several clips from today's Hyakushiki. Shoon was so cute and funny and adorable that I have no words. And he still has the most beautiful eyes in the world. =) Can't wait for a HQ version of this episode to pop up somewhere. OMG, the ears have earrings too! XDDDD

I recorded the show from TVU, so the quality is not great, but if you want to watch the whole thing, there you go: 2008.07.01 Hyakushiki.asf (80.12 MB) DIVSHARE || MEDIAFIRE

I've also scanned another 2005 set. Everybody looks so great in this one but especially Shoon *__*. Ah, those times when Yabu was still shorter than Shoon! Same as always: please credit me if you repost them (either as puppeteer8@LJ or yayayah8.blogspot.com), credits appreciated but not necessary if you just want to make icons, graphics, or translations, and no hotlinking, thanks. =)

2005.08 Potato - Ya-Ya-yah scans

Oh, and in case anybody is interested, I'm selling some Ya-Ya-yah tearouts (complete sets from 2002-2007) and looking for some pages I don't have. Click where it says "Irea Sales" on the navigation bar on the right if you want to know more. Thanks! =)

PS: I think this is the randomest entry I've ever posted. ^^;;;

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