July 28, 2008

ABC and Shoon

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
Today was the recording of the September Shounen Club episodes. Yeah, it feels weird to talk about September when we are still in July. The owners of 3 Shoon fanblogs I visit regularly went to the recording.

In the first episode Shoon appeared with ABC at the opening song wearing a new black outfit. Can't wait to see it!

And then he appeared in the MC segment with Kawai and Tottsu! Can you remember the last time Shoon appeared in that segment? I think it was the last time Ya-Ya-yah sang Baby Babe last year. It's been ages. ^^

And then... here comes the shocker, it was announced that he would sing a new song with ABC. O___O And the five of them were wearing matching red outfits!!! And no, it wasn't Shoon's red Ya-Ya-yah outfit; it was a new red outfit that all the ABC members were wearing too!

Apparently there were lots of acrobatics during the performance (well, that's to be expected as it's ABC, isn't it?) and one of the bloggers describes the dancing as "very intense". Certainly can't wait to see that either.

I wonder if this could mean something, if maybe JE is testing the waters, seeing if Shoon could fit in ABC. Then again perhaps it doesn't mean anything. When I read all that I started imagining what it would be like, for Shoon to become a member of ABC. Unlike Tôshin, who wasn't an acrobat, Shoon could fit in ABC, with the concept of "Acrobat Boys Club". I wonder how ABC fans would feel about it though. I myself don't know how I'd feel about it. It would be a little awkward at first. Would they (ABC fans) think of Shoon as an intruder? I like ABC a lot, but I think it would take me a while to get used to it. And yet Shoon clicked so well with Kazama, Machida, and Yonehana... Perhaps it wouldn't be that hard to get used to it as long as Shoon is happy. And he does seem to get along with ABC.

It might also mean a turn in Shoon's career. More backdancing and acrobatics. However, Shoon would need to catch up with ABC's acrobatic skills for all the amazing stuff they do at DreamBoys and such. And much though I admire ABC for their awesome dancing and acrobatics, I'd rather see Shoon getting more acting chances. ^^ Oh, well, this is all hipothetical. In JE anything is possible, so I suppose we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

In other news, HSBEST were the guests in the second episode (yay, Yabu and Hikaru! ^3^), and apparently Hikaru and Shoon put their arms around each other's shoulders or something. ^_____^ I want to see that!! It's funny that last year that wouldn't have been anything extraordinary at all, but now it is. XD It takes so little to make a fan happy!

PS: Hyakushiki tomorrow! \^0^/ Shoon will practise archery! Wonder if he's any good. I hope he is or he'll spoil the elf image I have of him. XD
PS2: Shounen Club with lots of Shoon this weekend! That will be the best birthday present for me. ^_______^
PS3: I almost killed myself today in the shower. O_o I slipped, but thank God for my quick reflexes and my elasticity. -.- A nice purplish bruise is starting to grace my arm though. =_= *pokes* And it hurts. *ouch*

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