July 24, 2008

the bleating fangirl XD

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
[EDIT] After reading this entry, Neriel, a Thai Shoon fan, has sent me some pictures of Shoon taken at the 2003 Pattaya Festival and has asked me to share them with everyone. I've also added some small paparazzi pics I had. 2003 Pattaya pictures [END OF EDIT]

It's been some time since my last update, but I've been busy with a course I'm taking in proof editing (fight-o!), and I must admit I've also been defeated by the heat. XD;;; It's not very inviting to seat in front of a computer to blog when it's 38ºC (that's about 100ºF) and you're sweating. ^^ I hate Summer. Quite an irony when I was born in August -_-;.

So anyway, I thought this was worth defying the heat. In case you missed it, wakki_takki has made a post at different LJ communities advertising an upload she and the rest of the Tackey-Tsubasa.net team have made of a 4-disc set of the 2003 Pattaya Music Festival, in Thailand in which Takki, KAT-TUN, K.K.Kitty, ABC, Yabu, Hikaru, Shoon and other juniors took part as invited guests. (I've always wondered why Taiyô didn't go with them. Perhaps his parents thought he was too young to travel abroad?)

I never knew this existed!! How come? ;__; I'd only seen the clips they showed in the Ya-Ya-yah show. I was so happy when I saw wakki_takki's post! ^____^ Especially because I always wanted to see a better version of the clip in which Shoon holds a tiger cub. ^3^ I actually have an LJ icon of that. ;-) Kamichan said once that the first time he saw Shoon he reminded him of Mowgli (from The Jungle Book), and I so agree! =) He would have made the cutest Mowgli at 13. ^0^

If you haven't, go download the whole thing; it's worth watching. ^^v And I laughed so much reading wakki_takki's description of the content of each disc. XD I totally cracked up when I watched the clips and heard the cries of the fan she has baptised as "the bleating “Kame” girl" because she "sounds like a lamb that lost its mother". LOL

There are moments when I wondered how she managed to be near the camera ALL the time, because you can hear her in at least the first 3 discs. ^^;;; Haven't watched the 4th yet. So annoying! D: She has the most irritating voice (and accent) ever, and she keeps calling and calling each one of the guys trying to get their attention: "Takkeeeh!", "Hikarooh!" "Yaboooh!". At some points she even tries the name, the nickname, and the surname, which is kind of funny too. XD "Yaotomeh!", "Kameh!", "Kazuyaaaah!", "Kamenasheeeh!". @__@

She manages to destroy Sekai ga hitotsu ni naru made singing along. =X When I was watching that part I was hoping the security guard would take her away or that somebody would strangle her. XD Looks like poor Hika was having trouble with those trousers. Too big for him. LOL

Luckily there's another part in which you can listen to Yabu, Hikaru and Shoon and not the fans. Shoon was always so energetic when he made the deaf language signs. XD

sekai ga hitotsu.mpg (17.08 MB)

In fact I think somebody should write the Code of the Good Fan Practices, or something like that.

It might be something like this:
#1 Idols deserve their privacy; don't stalk them or harass them
#2 Idols don't have to be single for your sake
#3 Being a fan of an idol doesn't mean your idol has to please you
#4 Idols have good and bad days too; they don't have to smile all the time
#5 Idols are not just a pretty face; make the effort of getting to know more about them and try to understand them
#6 Idols are not exotic animals in a zoo, to be stared at rudely; don't treat them like they are

I'd have to think of numbers 7 to 10, but many of the fans in these clips should read 1, 4, and 6 a hundred times. If they had been allowed, they would have gone into the rest room to keep on screaming and calling to the boys. =_= It's shocking that the boys had to endure all the screaming even when they were having lunch. @__@ It's a wonder they didn't get indigestion. D: I can't help but admire them for keeping their composture. ^^ Shoon was so stoic through the whole thing! He looked like he didn't get all the fuss, and was a little scared, poor puppet. And he looked so pretty. *__* He has fairy-tale-princess lips. ^3^ He reminds me of some delicate, shy bird, and with birds the rule is always to be quiet so as not disturb them and admire them from the distance. My sister C. laughs at me because whenever I see a sparrow or another bird ahead on the sidewalk/path I slow my steps and make a detour so they won't fly away. XD (note: the original clips are .dat files; I converted them to .mpg and changed the aspect-ratio) Hikaru looks half bewildered and half amused.

eating and balcony.mpg(48.6 MB)

And finally my favourite bit, the one of Shoon with the tiger cub. ^3^ Don't tell anyone but I think he was a bit scared of the cub because he was a little stiff. XD Notice the man who tells him how to hold the little tiger for one last photo, because he appears in the bit afterwards, and he annoyed me as well, poking Shoon on the shoulder to tell him with signs to smile more. >=( I'm glad Shoon decided he would smile only if he felt like it. Would you smile if you had to go through a horde of screaming fans at the age of thirteen? I definitely wouldn't; I'd feel awkward as hell.

tiger cub and smile.mpg (14.89 MB)

And speaking of tigers... My younger brother, J., gave me a tiger cub plush last year for my birthday, and he was fooling around with his cell phone this afternoon when I started typing this entry, so I asked him to take a pic of it with his phone so I could show it to you. He took more than one. XD Is it cute or what? I need a name for it. ^^ Any suggestions?

Irea's tiger cub Irea's tiger cub 2 Irea's tiger cub 3 Irea's tiger cub 4

He also took a pic of the notice board on the wall in front of my desk. =) I don't use it as a notice board though. I pin there pictures of landscapes that allow me to escape for a while when I'm tired from work, inspirational quotations like the one on the top-left ("Try and live each day without attempting to solve in a moment every problem you have"), and some picture of Shoon of course. =) I change the pictures and the quotations every week or so. A lot of nature as you can see. I love trees and plants and landscapes... and medieval abbies too. ;-) The winged mouse was a present from my sis C. and the tiny wooden owls a present from my parents.

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