July 01, 2008


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Cinderella's castleWhen I learned that today's Hyakushiki episode had a report on location with Fujigaya and Shoon at Tokyo Disneyland I got so excited. Not just for the chance of seeing Shoon wearing Minnie Mouse ears XD but also because Disneyland holds very special memories for me. Not memories of Tokyo Disneyland, 'cause I haven't visited Japan YET, but memories of Disney World, Orlando, Florida. =) I went there... 15 years ago with my family, in 1993. Oh, God, 15 years ago... that sounds so awful. =_= It makes me feel so old. *weeps* Taiyô must have been like 3 years old at that time. *cries* But I remember it as if it had been yesterday. aarrgh, stop it, Irea! You sound like a granny! Back then I was 17 years old, and still in High School (still trying to forget that period of my life LOL).

That trip to Orlando was probably one of the best holidays of my life. I had so much fun! =) I love fantasy, and there I felt as if I was in a fairytale. ^___^ It felt like home. *__*

I'll probably regret this, but I wanted to post some random pics -just a few; we have 4 albums!-, and in the end I decided that I'd add one or two pics of me, because maybe you'd like to know what I look like. ^^ Well, this is what I looked like when I was 17, but my face is pretty much the same and I even have a very similar haircut to the one I had back then. So after getting to know what my voice sounds like, you'll know what I look like. D: Don't sue me if I look completely different from the way you had imagined me! =p

1. The elder of my 2 older sisters, G. (with sunglasses) and me - I look like Heidi in this pic, with those cheeks. =_= It was taken at the Family Robinson Treehouse attraction. 2. The place was full of little beautiful details on literally every corner, like this statue of Cinderella. So pretty! 3. This one is actually from another place we visited, Disney Studios. It was so cool! =D I love how they made figures with the bushes. This one represents a scene from the movie Fantasia with wizard Mickey and some brooms that spring to life thanks to his magic. 4. Another beautiful example of bushes figures: a dragon and a child. =) That's me sitting in front of it with my other sister, C., who is older than me too, and the dorks in the background are my older brother, P. and my younger brother, J. =_= 5. Another pic from Disney Studios with sketches and drawings for Aladdin. 6. My sister C., me, and my younger brother, J., in Adventure Land. In case you're wondering what my dorky brother is doing there, he's mimicking the totem behind. XD;;; The picture at the beginning of this entry is Cinderella's castle, inside of which there was this cool shop where I bought some beautiful pendants, a wizard brooch, a wax unicorn... I would have bought the whole shop! D:

1. my sister and I - 上のお姉さんとイレア 2. Cinderella statue
3. Mickey and brooms 4. Dragon - 下のお姉さんとイレア、お兄さんと弟
5. Disney Studios 6. Adventure Land

Anyway, that was my experience at Disney World, and what follows are several clips from today's Hyakushiki. Shoon was so cute and funny and adorable that I have no words. And he still has the most beautiful eyes in the world. =) Can't wait for a HQ version of this episode to pop up somewhere. OMG, the ears have earrings too! XDDDD

I recorded the show from TVU, so the quality is not great, but if you want to watch the whole thing, there you go: 2008.07.01 Hyakushiki.asf (80.12 MB) DIVSHARE || MEDIAFIRE

I've also scanned another 2005 set. Everybody looks so great in this one but especially Shoon *__*. Ah, those times when Yabu was still shorter than Shoon! Same as always: please credit me if you repost them (either as puppeteer8@LJ or yayayah8.blogspot.com), credits appreciated but not necessary if you just want to make icons, graphics, or translations, and no hotlinking, thanks. =)

2005.08 Potato - Ya-Ya-yah scans

Oh, and in case anybody is interested, I'm selling some Ya-Ya-yah tearouts (complete sets from 2002-2007) and looking for some pages I don't have. Click where it says "Irea Sales" on the navigation bar on the right if you want to know more. Thanks! =)

PS: I think this is the randomest entry I've ever posted. ^^;;;

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