July 27, 2008

scanning day

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
[EDIT] Neriel, from Thailand, has sent me four more pictures of Shoon taken at the 2003 Pattaya Festival. Shoon has such cute expressions!! ^3^ I've added them to the 2003 Pattaya folder [END OF EDIT]

Yesterday I realized I had misnamed the Stand by Me article below as "2004.07 Duet". If you downloaded my scans, please rename them as 2003.10 Myojo (thanks again, Tina! ^3^).

The actual 2004.07 Duet is this other article below, which is a Stand by Me article as well, only it was the 2nd time Ya-Ya-yah staged the play. ^^

After scanning the right 2004.07 Duet I also decided to scan four 2007 sets that were missing from my online album, so now all the 2007 articles are online. With the exception of Kindai, but Kindai is another matter. ^^

2007.01 Myojo :: 2007.02 Myojo :: 2007.01 Wink Up :: 2007.02 Wink Up

[As always, please credit this site or me as puppeteer8@LJ if you repost any of my scans. Feel free to use them for icons, graphics or translations - credits appreciated but not necessary. =) ]

Also, I finally watched the 4th part of the 2003 Pattaya Music Festival, and I thought I'd post this clip as another example of what fans should never be like. This clip contains the final comeback of "the Amazing Bleating Fangirl" at the airport, before the boys left Thailand. Poor Hikaru looked really tired and a bit upset, Yabu was very serious too, and Shoon went through the horde of fangirls at a run with half of ABC, Kame, and Taguchi. That was kind of funny. XD ABC's Tottsu, Kawai, and Goseki deserve a prize for those tired smiles and "thank-you" signs to the fans. Well, they were partly forced, awkward smiles, but, had it been me, I would't have smiled at all. And the bleating fangirl reached the peak of her annoying behaviour when she started calling out to Shoon. =__= Honestly, poor Shoon. Mistreating his beautiful name like that... Actually she sounded more like a goose in agony than a lamb. @__@;;; And he seemed somewhat tense too, no wonder, flexing his neck to one side and the other.

airport.mpg (27.46 MB)

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