August 20, 2008

home again

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I'm back in Madrid! ^__^/ The 6 days I spent abroad on vacation were lots of fun, but exhausting as well. ^^ We didn't just stay in London; we also went to visit Hampton Court palace, in Surrey, Windsor castle, and Oxford. =) I want to go back already. ^0^ There were so many places we didn't get to visit!

The first three days it was a bit cold and very windy, and we had dark clouds and light rain showers, but in the last three days it was sunny most of the time and even a little hot.

Before going there I was aware of the difference in habits of British people, but some things still seemed curious to me even after six days. XD The "keep left" signs in the underground (here in Spain we always keep to the right when walking), the three-pin plugs (here they have only 2), bus shelters facing the façade of the buildings on the street instead of the road (it's the other way around here), the fact that many shops and tourist atractions closed at 5-6 PM (here they close around 8 PM)... It felt a bit like the world turned upside down. LOL But I loved it there anyway, and people were all so kind and nice. =)

I didn't have the proverbial fish 'n' chips, but I did try the beef and ale pie with potato mash and peas. When we visited Hampton Court I learned something curious: In Henry VIII's time people didn't eat the whole pie. They ate the meat inside and left the crust pastry. The baked pie was a mere serving dish, as it was made of flour and water and thus not very tasty.

A few photos. =D I finally bought a digital camera and I'm so happy with it. ^__^v Took lots of pictures. XD

IMG_0043 IMG_0169 IMG_0182

The first one is from our visit to Hampton Court. The tour guides were dressed in medieval style. She was really witty, and I loved listening to the history of the palace, which was very interesting. =) The second and third pictures are two views of different parts of Windsor castle. It's HUGE! =O It's a pity photographs are not allowed inside the buildings, because St. George's Hall in particular is so amazing!

IMG_0260 IMG_0257 IMG_0266

The picture on the left is from Magdalen College, in Oxford. It is so beautiful, and it was so peaceful there! ^^ The second picture is a stained glass window from Christ Church's cathedral, in Oxford too, which shows Edith Liddell as St. Catherine. Edith was the younger sister of Alice, the Alice for whom Lewis Carroll wrote "Alice in Wonderland". I'm a big fan of Lewis Carroll's works. =) When we visited Christ Church college I was more excited because Alice and her family had lived there, at the deanery, and because Lewis Carroll had taught Mathematics there than because some scenes of the first 2 Harry Potter movies were filmed there. XD Oh and there was "Alice's Shop" as well, the place where supposedly Alice bought her sweets as a kid, there in Oxford. =) Now it's a shop that sells "Alice in Wonderland" related souvenirs. I bought a couple of very cool things there. ^__^v The third picture of course is the Big Ben.

IMG_0080 IMG_0275

The picture on the left is St. Paul's Cathedral. We were so lucky we had a private guided tour with a Spanish volunteer guide. =D She was really nice and friendly. The picture on the right is a view of Westminster Abbey. I absolutely loved Westminster Abbey. It's so amazing... and Gothic. ^-^ I love Gothic architecture. =) And I was so impressed by the ancient treasures it holds - like the coronation chair (also known as "King Edward's chair") from the 13th century.

IMG_0264 IMG_0251

The picture on the left is a monument to the Celtic queen Boadicea, who led her people against the Roman invaders. You literally stumble upon this monument when you go out of the Westminster undergroung station. The picture on the right is the famous "Harry Potter" starcaise at Christ Church college in Oxford that leads to the dining hall.

IMG_0243 IMG_0240

And these are two views of Christ Church from outside. =) The buildings and the gardens were so beautiful!

IMG_0094 IMG_0096

And these are from Shakespeare's Globe theatre. It's a reconstruction, but it still felt magical to be there. =) And the guide's talk was so interesting. I really want to go back to London and see a play staged there. =D

IMG_0065 IMG_0055

And finally these two are from Hampton Court. ^__^ The one on the left show two other guides that were dressed in medieval clothes too. XD I wouldn't mind doing that sort of job. =) The second one is a picture from the kitchen's area. I love seeing those sort of recreated scenes, so you can imagine what the place was like centuries ago. ^__^

PS: This entry will end on a sad note because this afternoon there was a terrible accident at Madrid's airport, Barajas. There was a plane crash and more than 140 people died. Only about 26 people survived, and many of them are injured. I feel so bad for all those people and their families. ;___; I also feel incredibly lucky it was not us.

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August 10, 2008


Why, oh, why do I have to go to bed now? ;___; To get up at 5 a.m. tomorrow to be at the airport at 6, I know. (I'm leaving for London! =D I'm spending a week there on vacation! \^0^/) But I want to stay up and watch the last part of today's SC and post an entry! T___T Today's SC is so great for so many reasons: Shoon being introduced on his own at the opening; Shoon is the king of skirts; exhibitionist!Shoon is just... hfjfeigasgf H___H um, yeah, nosebleeding; Shoon rapping; Reon gets some screentime, even though he's just backdancing and being an assistant in the Jr. League segment again (yay!)... and his dancing has improved immensely! go, Reon!! ^0^ ; Shoon is so cute being such a scaredy cat; Yabu as surprise guest!!! ^3^ pity they didn't show Shoon being surprised =( Anyway... unfortunately I really don't have the time to type a proper entry, no matter how much I want to T___T ...but as the entry title says, 言葉はいらない (kotoba wa iranai - no words are needed, right? I hope so at least XD That's my excuse to turn this post into a clips post. XD Talk to you in a week! Will reply comments when I get back. Take care! *hugs everyone*

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August 04, 2008

yesterday's SC

山下翔央, Yamashita Shoon, Ya-Ya-yah
First of all... thanks to those of you who congratulated me on my birthday yesterday. =) When I was younger I always looked forward to my birthday and always wanted to celebrate it in a big way; now I prefer just a small celebration with my family. I don't like aging. Have you noticed how you're "growing up" until you get to your twenties and then you start "aging" past your twenties. That's so unfair. Sounds like it's all downhill past your twenties. =( In the Middle Ages, when life expectancy was 20-30 years old, anybody past their thirties was considered an old person, but now life expectancy is well past sixty years old, so being thirty-three is not being too old, is it? ^^

Anyway. Yesterday's Shounen Club was not as great as I had expected it to be. I really should stop reading Shounen Club recording reports, because it's disappointing when the cameras do not show certain bits mentioned in the reports and when you realize the camera time your favourite johnny gets is not half as much as you had thought it would be. The opening medley had too much Koyama and Shige. Also, Sanada and Nozawa were wearing some new outfits that were very cool, while Shoon had to wear his old blue and white outfit which is... well, not so cool. =/ And he didn't get much screen time in that part. Nor did he get much at the ending song either, which not only had to have Koyama and Shige in it (???) but also HSM (Hey Say "Mix" - no, that's not a new group, it's just that there were some random members: Daiki, Yuto, Yamada, and Chinen). =(

And I was disappointed by Tsubasa's photos of my country as well. What the...? =__= He visits Spain and they just show a typical street in a Southern town and a bridge at night? Gah. ^^

Oh well, at least Shoon appeared in the Junior League segment, in which he had his fair share of screen time, and he was really funny. That goes to show how well suited he is for comedy. He really is amazing, the way he seems to become a different person when he acts, leaving behind his shyness. =) And he has such a wide range of expressions. I just wish my understanding of Japanese was better. =_= [edit]Forget about that. Our wonderful NEWShFAN has subbed the whole SC!!! O____O Is that amazing or what? So here's Shoon and Akun's part; subs thanks to NEWShFAN. You can download the whole thing here. ^______^ Man, Shoon is the best. XD


I couldn't help myself and took lots of screencaps. It's not everyday you get to see Shoon looking like Hermione Granger in the first two Harry Potter movies. XD The huge cell charms and the glittery phone itself were so ridiculous. LOL
vlcsnap-210669 vlcsnap-207522 vlcsnap-207405 vlcsnap-207096 vlcsnap-206104 vlcsnap-205841 vlcsnap-204289 vlcsnap-203970 vlcsnap-203625 vlcsnap-168629

So this SC was not as good as I had expected, and there's one other thing that hasn't made me too happy: HS7 singing 勇気100% (Yuuki 100%) at Summary. =( I know it's not an original Ya-Ya-yah song, but Ya-Ya-yah recorded a single of that song in 2002, and it's one of the songs Ya-Ya-yah is best known for. For those who don't know, it was originally sung by Hikaru Genji and it was the opening theme song of the anime series 忍たま乱太郎一 (Nintama Rantarou - Ninja Rantorou), while Sekai ga hitotsu ni naru made was the ending theme song. Below you can watch the original opening with Hikaru Genji's version, and on the right the one with Ya-Ya-yah's version.

In any case for me the true Yuuki 100% will always be Ya-Ya-yah's version, either the 5 member Ya-Ya-yah version (with Yabu, Akama, Taiyô, Shoon and Hoshino), or the "adult voice" version Yabu, Hikaru, Taiyô and Shoon sang in the 2005.10.16 SC first, and then in the 2006.03.05 SC. The first one has grumpy Shoon -he didn't smile very often in that period- and Taiyô and him didn't do much except backdancing and singing the chorus part, but I love the part in which each of them dances surrounded by small groups of chibikos. =) And the second one... well, the second one has them wearing their "Power Rangers" outfits. XD When you find Shoon sexy even in that outfit, like I do, you know you have it bad. ^^;;; But what I really love about that second performance is the little bit in which they sing a line with the word "taiyô" (sun) and Hikaru gestures towards Taiyô. ^3^


[DOWNLOAD CLIP - 37 MB] - [DOWNLOAD mp3 rip]

Mabel, who is in Tokyo, sent me an e-mail now, telling me about the dangerous acrobatics Shoon is doing with A.B.C. [Yes, he's taking part in Summary after all, performing with A.B.C. =) Good for him; otherwise he would have felt left out.] Shoon, be careful, please. m(_ _)m Oh, and congratulations to the Kisumai and A.B.C. fans as there's going to be a Kisumai-A.B.C. concert in October!! =D About time too! Both groups deserved it. =) Wonder if Shoon will appear with A.B.C. ^^

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