August 10, 2008


Why, oh, why do I have to go to bed now? ;___; To get up at 5 a.m. tomorrow to be at the airport at 6, I know. (I'm leaving for London! =D I'm spending a week there on vacation! \^0^/) But I want to stay up and watch the last part of today's SC and post an entry! T___T Today's SC is so great for so many reasons: Shoon being introduced on his own at the opening; Shoon is the king of skirts; exhibitionist!Shoon is just... hfjfeigasgf H___H um, yeah, nosebleeding; Shoon rapping; Reon gets some screentime, even though he's just backdancing and being an assistant in the Jr. League segment again (yay!)... and his dancing has improved immensely! go, Reon!! ^0^ ; Shoon is so cute being such a scaredy cat; Yabu as surprise guest!!! ^3^ pity they didn't show Shoon being surprised =( Anyway... unfortunately I really don't have the time to type a proper entry, no matter how much I want to T___T ...but as the entry title says, 言葉はいらない (kotoba wa iranai - no words are needed, right? I hope so at least XD That's my excuse to turn this post into a clips post. XD Talk to you in a week! Will reply comments when I get back. Take care! *hugs everyone*

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